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October 28, 2017 2:16 am

Packed House For Cariboo-Prince George Debate

Thursday, October 1, 2015 @ 4:02 AM
Candidates Sheldon Clare, Trent Derrick, Tracy Calogheros, Richard Jaques and Adam De Kroon attend candidate debate.  Photo 250 News

Candidates Sheldon Clare, Trent Derrick, Tracy Calogheros, Richard Jaques and Adam De Kroon attend candidate debate. Photo 250 News

Prince George, B.C. – The candidates contesting the riding of Cariboo-Prince George in the October 19th federal election were invited to a public candidates debate co-hosted by the Prince George Public Library and Daybreak North.  The theme of the night was Local Issues, Local Representation, and the Keith Gordon Room at the Bob Harkins Branch was packed with a standing room only crowd.

The candidates who attended and answered questions in four categories were Tracy Calogheros (Liberal), Sheldon Clare (Independent), Adam De Kroon (Christian Heritage), Trent Derrick (NDP) and Richard Jaques (Green Party).

Todd Doherty (Conservative) and Gordon Campbell (no affiliation) did not attend.


Question: What role do you believe the federal government has, and will you have, in ensuring a disaster like the one at Mt. Polley doesn’t occur again?

Sheldon Clare: Track the record of companies that are allowed to develop resources, assess a corporate tax penalty for bad behavior and give a corporate tax break for good behavior.  That would help with the economy as well as protect the environment.

Trent Derrick:  Be more pro-active in developing resources and bring back support staff to assist in the monitoring, inspection and scientific experts involved in a development to prevent such disasters, “all of which have been cut under the Harper government.  The NDP will bring these back.”

Tracy Calogheros:  Canada is a resource economy and “we have to look at a triple bottom line and in order to do that we have to look not only at the fiscal component of success, but also the social and ecological components of success.”  Get everybody at the table and talking, “and if you’re going to have a conversation you’d better base it on real science.”  The federal government has to re-fund science.

Richard Jaques:  Regarding the Mt. Polley spill he says the federal government looks after environmental regulation and it has to re-instate better regulations to look after our waterways, our fish and endangered wildlife.  “The Green Party is looking toward putting back our environmental regulations where they belong to protect our environment.”

Adam De Kroon:  Believes in implementing fines for corporations that pollute the environment.  “I believe that Mt. Polley could have been avoided had they taken proper care of it.”


Question:  What role do you believe the federal government should play in assisting BC to address the negative impacts the mountain pine beetle epidemic has had on the forest sector?

Trent Derrick:  “The Harper government  promised a billion dollars which was never received, we got about two hundred million dollars but part of that was we got to develop some strategies and listened to a bunch of experts on what we can do.  Unfortunately a lot of those got put onto the shelf.”  Get the stakeholders back to the table, start listening and implement the strategies and implement funding for manufacturing innovation and research.

Tracy Calogheros:  Where the federal government fits in is looking at diversification, both within the industry and away from the industry.  The  government can come in with research and funding for tech start-ups,  innovation, green energy.  It’s about bringing money to the table to free up those people within the communities that have always worked with wood to find new ways to work with wood.

Adam De Kroon:  Funding is definitely the key and economic diversification will help lessen the impact that the pine beetle will have on our forest industry.  “Also the company I work for, West Fraser, we do use pine beetle wood.  We turn it into hog and other materials that are used for various things, including MDF.”

Sheldon Clare:  The role of the federal government is to make sure that the monies needed to educate people in these communities is properly allocated, and not just sent to the provinces for distribution without some more direction on those transfer payments.  Education is really the key here.
Richard Jaques:  In 2006 the federal government promised a billion dollars and about one-fifth of that actually arrived in the Cariboo.  “When the funding didn’t arrive the trees died.  They lost their value over time.”  “To re-invigorate the industry we’re going to have to process this wood.  Deadwood and dust are dangerous and “we don’t want a repeat of Lakeland or Burns Lake.”


Question:  What do you plan to do as a follow-up to the Tsilhqot’in decision to recognize title for First Nations.  Furthermore, do you plan to fully implement the 94 recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation report?

Tracy Calogheros:  True consultation and negotiation is the only way forward when it comes to any sort of resource or land use development in areas that are unseeded by treaty.   “From a federal perspective I think it goes back to building trust.  There’s a long history of mistrust between First Nations and government, as well as industry.”  The Liberal party agrees with the bulk of the Truth and Reconciliation report and is interested in implementing its recommendations as well as moving ahead immediately with the Missing and Murdered Women inquiry.

Sheldon Clare:  In the Chilcotin there is a lot of mistrust, anger and concern among all parties and a lot of confusion about what the decision means.  There’s a real need for the federal government to look into building bridges with the peoples there about what the decision means for everyone affected.  “There are a lot of people who are concerned about their guide outfitting operations, their commercial operations and their relationship with First Nations in those areas.  The First Nations people are also concerned about how they can develop their title and be able to turn this into economic benefit for their communities.”

Richard Jaques:  “The Supreme Court said in nine separate decisions the word is consent, not consultation.  You must seek their consent in order to move forward with any resource management.”  First Nations in Cariboo-Prince George represent 16.9 percent of the voter base.  “These people cannot be forgotten, their vote will carry the day.”  On the Missing and Murdered Women’s inquiry if elected, on the first day I would implement the 94 recommendations.

Adam De Kroon:  Says there has been a canyon between the federal government and First Nations and the first step is to re-establish communication, listen to concerns and take them seriously.

Trent Derrick:  The First Nations leaders want to be recognized as equals.  They have won nine court decisions but there’s been no action on those decisions.  Tom Mulcair says he will meet nation to nation and will raise funds for education for First Nations.  “We want to implement the Inquiry for Missing and Murdered Women within the first hundred days.  Why a hundred days?  Because it takes time to do things right.  If we’re going to do this we need to do it properly.”


Question:  What is your plan for long-term sustainable investment in local infrastructure?

Richard Jaques:  We are going to take 2% of the GST and convert it into $6.4 billion annually and send it to municipalities for infrastructure upgrades to sewer, water, streets.   We’re dedicating more money to provincial treasuries to upgrade provincial highways.

Trent Derrick:  We’re taking one cent from the Gas Tax to re-invest $1.5 billion into infrastructure.  How it will be spent is up to provinces and local municipalities.

Sheldon Clare:  There’s a need for infrastructure spending in rural areas as well as the cities in the riding.  I’m prepared to work with anyone who is prepared to look at proper funding models to make sure that our infrastructure needs are met.

Adam De Kroon:  We need a government that will ask communities what they need, what is most important to them.

Tracy Galogheros:  We are interested in empowering communities to be able to do the projects that they know are going to serve them best.  So infrastructure funding at $60 billion over the next 20 years, directed to municipalities to be governed by the individuals in the communities and the organizations.


Question:  Why has no one developed a plan to eliminate homelessness?

Adam De Kroon:  Increase the federal Income Tax exemption for low income individuals, all the way up to people who earn $30 to $35 thousand per year.

Tracy Calogheros:  Poverty is systemic and we’ve downloaded a lot of the responsibility for providing social supports to charities and volunteers.  The responsibility on the federal level is to properly fund the social infrastructure to help people get to the point where they can start to break the cycle of poverty.

Richard Jaques:  The number of homeless seniors has gone up to 5.8% and this is unacceptable.  We’re looking at a guaranteed livable income.  We’ll roll the CPP back, roll the Old Age Security back and combine that with the CPP. Along with that is the Old Age Guaranteed Income Supplement and roll that back into the CPP.  Put together it works out to about $18,000 a year.

Trent Derrick:  We need to bring all stakeholders together including those facing a housing crisis.  The NDP plan is to build 10,000 low income housing units for seniors, and place 3400 beds for women fleeing abuse and re-fund the programming.  We also are looking at building universal Pharmacare.  Right now people are choosing between life-saving medicine, paying the rent or paying for food.  As well we’re looking at a mental health strategy for youth and invest in health care services for youth.

Sheldon Clare:  Education and mental health services are needed but we need a way that we can pay for the services.  If we create deficit spending all we’re going to be doing is passing on that debt to our descendants.  Veterans are also affected by this crisis and there needs to be a way that their needs are also met.


Question:  What is your position on the re-instatement of the long form census?

All candidates expressed their desire to have the long form census re-instated immediately, saying it is absolutely necessary in determining what the needs are and allocating funding accordingly.


Question:  What is your plan or commitment to remain a resident of Prince George or other parts of the riding while you are an active representative in Ottawa?

Adam de Kroon:  I will stay here in the riding. I have lived in Quesnel almost all of my life.  I will stay here.

Richard Jaques:  I do plan on residing in the riding, “not near a golf course near the U.S. border.  However if you do want to represent the riding you could at least show up for a debate.”

Tracy Calogheros:  “I hunt here, I fish here, I jet boat here, I’m not leaving.  I love this area and the reason I’m running this time around is because I couldn’t take not having a representative anymore.  I absolutely am not going anywhere.  Yes I would probably rent an apartment in Ottawa.  But my home base is here.”

Trent Derrick:  I love this riding, have investments and two businesses here.  “I’m going to take that sense of pride (to Ottawa).  I’m going to stand up and say we live in the best riding in Canada and this is what we have to offer.”  “Am I going to live here?  Of course, it’s a beautiful place.”

Sheldon Clare:  I think it’s pretty easy to say that yes, this is my home.  I’m not going any place.


Final Question:  Will you hold true to local concerns over party pressures and why should people vote for you?

Adam De Kroon:  He believes the party must take a back seat to the people who elected the MP and says he will consult with the people of the riding about what they want him to take to Ottawa.  He also says he is opposed to government intrusion into freedom and privacy and feels it is one of the big issues in this campaign.

Richard Jaques:  The Green Party is not a whipped party, we vote our conscience.  In Ottawa I plan on speaking your voice.  It’s important that your voice is carried to Ottawa.  We will be the conscience of parliament.

Tracy Calogheros:  Says she will stick to her guns as she has in the past.  She says the Liberal party is about opinion and individual thought and principled positions and are prepared to listen with an open mind.  “So that’s who I am and that’s the voice you’ll get if you send me to Ottawa.”

Trent Derrick:  We are in a party system and have to work within that.  We’re going to change how people are electing, we’re going to change the role of the MP.  “When it comes to me as an individual, I’m a hard worker and I want to go out into the communities and listen and be your voice.”  I want to represent our entire riding, be that voice, stand up for everyone.

Sheldon Clare:  The party system is fundamentally flawed and broken and it does not lead to good representation for communities and people.  The riding deserves a strong voice who will get the attention that this area deserves and needs to be able to make the changes that should happen here.  “I believe I’m that person.”

He says this riding has been ignored for 40 years or more and “it’s not acceptable to elect just another party backbencher.”  “I’m the right candidate in the right place at the right time.”


What we need more than anything is a close race, so that everyone in Ottawa knows that this riding is now in play.

I believe on the Billion dollar pine beetle fund what happened is Harper came to power and assumed we had strong representation in this region with two alliance MP’s, one of whom was a hold out with the new defunct rebel group that I think called themselves the democratic caucus. Jay Hill was a leader of this group that brought down Stockwell Day and brought Harper into power. Naturally Harper assumed this region had great power within the conservative movement and even made it his first stop when running for national office.

Then Harper met Dick Harris, learned more about him… a staunch advocate for austerity that lives as far away from his home riding without leaving the province, and yet gets reelected time after time. Then it downed on Harper that this is a safe riding if there ever was one and the money dried up to feed other areas where they had strong local representation and the riding’s were in play.

On the concern over party power… one only has to look at all the topics candidates are not allowed to talk about anymore to understand we have a very limited and controlled democracy.

Candidates can’t talk about abortion, gay marriage, arms sales to the Saudi’s, Canada’s involvement in the Ukraine civil war, trickle down bankster economics, free trade (and the investor state governance clauses that rob our democracy of its sovereignty), marijuana legalization outside of the medicinal concept, or the grand daddy of them all Israel and all topics related to Israel.

This power over the parties is from the top within all the main parties, as well as from the Prime Ministers Office and the Privy Council. They love nothing more than a sure seat, and or a riding easily manipulated with fear or manufactured divisions (like the naqab). What they fear is a electorate that is not party loyal and seats that are not sure seats, where actual politics counts and accountability rests with the voters and not back room machinations.

I hope PG Cariboo is a tight four way race that goes to any candidate other than the incumbent party, so that our vote means something again, and our MP goes to Ottawa empowered by the citizens in the riding and not the powers that be in unaccountable party headquarters.

Sep 21, 2015 – Cabinet ministers met publicly with KPMG while firm’s tax ‘sham’ under CRA probe

Accounting firm joined revenue minister at speech while fighting court order

Duff Conacher, a visiting professor at the University of Ottawa who teaches on ethics in government, said the Tory meetings with KPMG, while it was being pursued by the government, could raise questions of an appearance of a conflict of interest.

Conacher said the meetings may lead to speculation about what is happening behind closed doors “because anyone who looks at it from the outside says, ‘Hey, wait a second, this case hasn’t been pursued aggressively. I wonder why?’ ”


Sep 30, 2015 – KPMG tax ‘sham’ used by at least 25 wealthy Canadians, document says

Case against KPMG to proceed as out-of-court talks break down

For more than two years, KPMG has been fighting a court order to provide the list of names of multi-millionaire clients who had used what the CRA has alleged in court documents is a “sham” Isle of Man tax avoidance structure. The court file, which had seen virtually no activity for much of that time, had remained mysteriously stalled.”


Well look at this… all the political hopeful’s have all the answers, for all the world’s problems, it’s a miracle.

Doherty posted on his facebook page that he was too busy meeting constituents one on one to bother attending this debate.

I have it on good authority that his truck was in his driveway all night last night. Maybe he was campaigning in his living room?

“Well look at this… all the political hopeful’s have all the answers, for all the world’s problems, it’s a miracle. ”

That’s a great attitude to have. These people are putting their necks out to be judged by multiple communities. Not an easy task.

I would love to see Tracy vs. Todd debate. Tracy was strong last night.

I echo PGJohn’s call for a Tracy vs. Todd debate. 250News, can you stage it?

Cons think they got this riding in the bag…..Not a snowballs chance in hell they do…What have they done in 10yrs?? Nada….made one hell of a mess…did you NO that there are Approximitly 6-10 toxic sites,here in BC, that are going to cost Hundereds of Millions to clean up??
Toad did not show cause PARTY lines doo not allow these stooges to go and speak out of turn the King will do so …harper is History…enuff of his Crap.do you not think?? When you do Vote do not forget to wear your NIQAB….

Andrew171718, I’m sure 250 news could try to organize it. However, I’m thinking Todd is busy that night…

tliotg – speaking of stooges….

That’s a mighty big green sign! I guess it follows the same theory as the little guy driving a 600-hp Corvette.

“That’s a great attitude to have. These people are putting their necks out to be judged by multiple communities. Not an easy task” – running for office is ‘putting their necks out”? Every day you get out of bed , you risk dong the same thing. Oh, and please, stop suggesting any sort of politics isn’t an ‘easy task’.

If you don’t want to be judged, don’t run for office. Not that hard of a choice.

Where else can you be completely uneducated, and get that cushy job , and that pension? Go ahead and let me know, I’ll be waiting.

It doesn’t much matter how many debates that local politicians attend. They are merrily back bencher and the cabinet or Harper will make all the decisions.

Thats rite duffer… conservative Puffer..harper and Co. not done yet…keep ya bent over for 4 more years……SIFYM……d

They won’t even answer there phones over at TDs campain office…..must be waiting for PrepH..to arrive….they are a ROID on this country…..Lets hear from zimmer??

@Fate Your statement regarding Todd Doherty is an absolute lie! He was in Vanderhoof last night for an event. Lying and fabrications should not be tolerated on this site! Once again, all it takes is one call to the campaign office to confirm any BS statements like Fate’s nonsense mind garbage! Its silly season, folks… check your facts!

garbage Veritass…..and you know it…these lie’n Conservaw#*@$*..are not allowed to go to these all Candidates meetings….for the fact of the matter NOY one has showen across this country …do not taske us for stOOpid….looked in the mirror lately???

And he knew long before hand this meeting was taking place…..

@Veritas I work with one of his neighbours, this morning when we were talking about the forum he told me that Todd’s truck was in his driveway all night. It’s not a lie, I simply passed on what I was told. I definitely wasn’t going to call his office to see if he was at home or not last night, I couldn’t care less.

You need to settle down.

btw, anyone else notice Todd’s twitter account has suddenly been deleted? Anyone know why? Maybe Veritas can tell can fact check and tell us why? Don’t settle for some silly excuse like “I’m too busy meeting with constituents one on one to bother with twitter.”

@ tliotg, ….do not taske us for stOOpid…??


Dude, check out “spell check”!

@Fate You couldn’t care less? Really!?! It seems to me that you cared enough to spread a lie! And yes, why should anybody bother “fact checking” when they can just make stuff up. (eye roll)

Can’t trust Fate

I was told Todd was busy last night washing his hair.

@ Digitus I really wish your mom would find something more productive for you to do after school instead of letting you troll this site…

Conservatives leading in poles.

he is unner house arrest now….unner harpers controll…..the masterdeBater……just like those conservaw*##$*..run and hide…need to be Voted into Oblivion……then we can hang em on the 20th….no good bums….Mr J. Trudeau will fix it….screwdrive and wrench….
Hguy you rite can’t fix StOOpid ya no…..

you betcha there muttly….still will not answer phones at the Toads campain office….you can morgage your house zimmer boy will be a no show too..When JT legalizes the Cannabis sum of ya should sit in for a session or 2 ya need it….putty heads….

Since when did we allow people who set up forums to decide when and how candidates would run their campaigns.????

Seems to me the Candidates themselves will decide which ones they will attend, not the people putting on the forums.

Todd will be attending the UNBC forum along with the rest of the candidates, plus he attended forums in Williams Lake, Quesnel, and the Rotary. So any suggestion he is not attending forums is BOGUS/.

“Conservatives leading in poles.”

Are they leading in the polls too?

“Eagleone -What we need more than anything is a close race, so that everyone in Ottawa knows that this riding is now in play.”

So true. We’re sick and tired of being federally ignored.

@ Veritas…..I can not believe you are Grampa Doherty. I mean,….really….. you come off like the spoiled 12 year old in the sandbox.

You support Lyn Hall, Jillian Merrick and Terri McConnachie , which is fine, but the rest of the far right on this site calls them union supported lefties. I’m thinking, you are a rational person. However, you are blinded by the possibility of your family living at the “trough” and having a second home in Ottawa. I appreciate your loyalty to your boy Todd, however….I am not a fan. Get it !

Oh, ….and you blue blind folks made hair an issue, so live with it. :)

PG, auto select or what ever.

tliotg I have never said who I support that will be decided on the 20th.

You seem to be a good example why marijuana should not be legalized.

The polling results came from the CBC so must be true and not arguable. I posted it to reel in the con haters, so easy.

It would be easy seamutt, because they are everywhere.

…these conservaw#*#*# can go to these meetings or there will be brim stone and fire for them …..they have wore out there welcome he can move to isreal..after this election…..Hey mutty I’ll roll a fatty and have one just for you…PP….no pass…you get none go get yer Booze….

Hmmm….I think that Mattyc is back!

“….this morning when we were talking about the forum he told me that Todd’s truck was in his driveway all night.”

He could easily have gotten a ride; his campaign manager, for instance. Provides him with an opportunity to rest after attending all those forums … :-)

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