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October 28, 2017 2:16 am

Central Mountain Air Suspends PG-Calgary Flights

Thursday, October 1, 2015 @ 1:37 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Central Mountain Air will be suspending its Prince George to Calgary service starting Saturday.

The airline company released the following statement on its website:

“Unfortunately this service never quite reached our passenger load or revenue growth expectations,” says Central Mountain Air President, Douglas McCrea. “We have decided to make the difficult decision to suspend this service. The last day of regularly scheduled operation for this route will be October 2nd, 2015.”

The company says flights on select dates after October 3rd may be operated while those who have an existing reservation beyond October 2nd, not falling on a select date, will be provided a full refund.

“Prince George and Calgary continue to be very important destinations to Central Mountain Air’s operations, and we will continue to provide air service through our existing routes to both of those communities.”


Another egg in Stevie’s basket of oil superpower fantasies . Poof !

I’m not too surprised. WestJet has more marketing/brand power. Once they decided to offer this flight, I thought CMA’s service wouldn’t last much longer.

Blah, it ‘s Calgary…

Yes Ataloss; No matter what happens in Canada, or any other nation that may have some relationship with Canada – surely, whatever happens is definitely Steven Harper’s fault. And, if it is positive news, there must surely be a downside that we can paste on good ol’ Steve!

The so called Prince George to Calgary flight was in fact Terrace BC to Calgary with a stop off at Prince George. Once West Jet put in the PG to Calgary flight it was only a matter of time for CMA to shut down its flights.

The expansion of Rio Tinto Alcans alum plant in Kitimat finished this year, and about 2500 construction workers no longer work there, so that also could have been a factor.

One thing for certain it had nothing to with Harper or the Conservative Government.

Ataloss is aptly named because he is totally at a loss to get anything right. Is he not the one who is memorized by Lizzie May?? Her little greenies are on the bottom end of the polls, and its beginning to look like that is where they will stay.

Should read mesmerized.

Palopu rio tinto didn’t expand..it upgraded.. Lots of jobs lost due to automation etc.. It had everything to do with Harper..he put all our eggs in the oil basket and lost..now we are all paying.

You are right Palopu . I am mesmerized by Liz . I adore seeing truth and fact based reality as opposed to dogmatic ideology . Like a wise man once said , I don’t care what colour the cat is , as long as it catches mice . Ping said that I think . Now he and his folks are having our lunch money .

P Val. Your splitting hairs. The fact of the matter is once the expansion, upgrade was completed the contractors working in Kitimat were no longer needed. My point was (and is) a lot of these contractors flew from Terrace to Calgary, and now don’t. Therefore less passengers = less flights. I suspect the fact that the LNG Industry is flailing also had an effect.

It was the Alberta oil industry that got us through the 2008 recession, so you should be grateful for that. (Fat chance of that happening)

P Val, Rio Tinto upgraded and jobs were lost due to automation. How exactly is Prime Minister Stephen Harper responsible and how do the upgrades have anything at all to do with putting our eggs in the oil basket?

I think that you should spend less time visiting Ataloss and smoking whatever it is that he smokes because it’s having a negative effect on your perception of reality ;-)!

Ataloss, Liz’s recent publicized drunken tirade, was that an example of the truth and fact based reality that you speak of?

They should try flying PG to Edmonton

Hart Guy – that speech by Green Party leader May has been mentioned enough that your post reminded me to finally watch it online. I am in TEARS! hahahaha How anyone could possibly take that as a serious candidate is beyond me. I was chuckling already throughout but the shout out to Khadr and the F-bomb at the end had me howling. Thank you for the Friday humour!
Have a great weekend

oops, sorry that post was for the free for all, forgot I changed stories while reading :P

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