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October 28, 2017 2:11 am

7-Eleven Buys Mr.G’s Convenience Store Chain

Tuesday, October 6, 2015 @ 8:53 AM

Prince George, B.C. – 7-Eleven has purchased local convenience store chain Mr.G’s.

The international retail giant confirmed the sale to 250News in an email this morning.

Laurie Smith, 7-Eleven Communications Manager, released the following statement:

As of Monday, September 28, 7-Eleven will be taking ownership of five Mr. G’s sites in Prince George. 7-Eleven will operate the stores as they are for a period of time, in order to understand the local preferences and needs and to be sensitive to the local Mr. G’s legacy and customer following. Whenever possible, these preferences and needs will be incorporated into the remodel to 7-Eleven. All employees have been retained and will continue to manage and work in the stores. We look forward to serving Prince George in this expanded capacity. 7-Eleven wants to be a part of every neighbourhood we join. Our intent is to be a good neighbour and a valued community member by providing a quality and convenient service to all our customers.”

Mr.G’s has not responded to repeated interview requests from 250News on this matter.


I dont think I have ever been in a 7-11 that was clean and tidy. Dirty walls, floors and bathrooms. Hope by keeping the staff they will keep the stores at the same level Mr G’s did.

LOL, and Mr. G’s is clean and tidy?

hopefully they keep the hard and soft ice cream! i’ve never seen a 7-11 with those options. and what about the screamers?!

Only reason to go into a 7-11 is for the nachos and cheese.

God I hope they don’t get rid of the Screamers.

Just think, screamers could become a North American phenomena. Who would’ve thought that PG’s most recognizable contribution to the continent could be slushee topped with ice cream and not dimensional lumber, LOL.

Husky, and Canadian Tire Gas bar offer screamers too

Mmmmmm… more options of Taquitos at 3AM, that have been staying hot on the rollers all day long. Hard to beat that kind of greasy goodness.


Cool,now the crackheads have 7-11 all over PG now…had a screamer once…to religous for me …Oh Gawd…

tliotg I didnt know crackheads where boycotting Mr Gs…lol

NMG – you know, PG isn’t exactly the only source of dimensional lumber in North America.

Bad news indeed.

This will spell the end for Shoppers Wholesale as the MrG stores were their bread and butter. With Shoppers Wholesale gone from the PG scene it will be much harder for small ma and pa type corner stores to operate and compete with the global giant 7/11. They will just steam roll any competition with their 12,000 store buying power and 30% cost advantage on inventory.

Another nail in the coffin of equal opportunity to compete in a free enterprise economy.

Too bad. I will miss the Mr. G stores. 7/11 are nothing more than cookie cutter stores with nothing interesting to sell.

Sad day for a good local Prince George company.

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