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October 28, 2017 2:03 am

Candidates to Debate Agricultural Issues in Hixon

Wednesday, October 14, 2015 @ 3:50 AM

Hixon, B.C. – An all-candidates forum focusing on agriculture and rural living will take place in Hixon tonight.

“It is time that the agriculture industry is recognized as an issue that should be addressed during the election, because no matter whether they be Municipal, Provincial or Federal they all have to eat,” says moderator Brock McElroy.

“If you are a farmer or rancher or just a rural resident this meeting will give you the opportunity to ask questions on the way food is processed after leaving the farm and made available to the consumer.”
The forum, which will include the candidates in the Cariboo-Prince George riding, will take place at the Hixon Community Hall and run from 7:00-9:00pm.


I would think the TPP deal would be high on the agenda for farmers. The globalist corporate constitution that is the TPP is about monopoly capitalism and favors industrial farming rights over that of the free enterprise farming model that built this country.

Once TPP passes the family farm business will be an endangered entity that will have insurmountable barriers to entry; and the eating public will be left with nothing but hormone rich, gmo pesticide friendly ‘food’ that enriches industrial profit centers at the expense of a diverse and sustainable local food source.

I hope you went to the debate tonight and talk to the farmers,Eagleone. You might learn something about food. By the way, the agriculture industry supports the TPP.

Quotas and mandatory sales to Marketing Boards are hardly sterling examples of the “free enterprise farming model that built this country”, Eagle. They may have had some justification at one time, but the surviving farmer of today is in a far different league than his predecessors. For one thing, nothing protected the farmers from ever rising costs. And the only way those could be successfully met was through ‘economies of scale’ ~ get ever bigger, and buy out the quota of your ‘competitor’. I hardly think some of the multi-millionaire farming operators we see today need further ‘protection’ through set-ups which keep prices of their products to consumers artificially high.

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