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October 28, 2017 2:05 am

Highway 16 Transportation To Be Discussed

Sunday, October 11, 2015 @ 3:58 AM

Prince George, B.C. – A symposium on finding safe, affordable and practical transportation on the Highway 16 corridor between Prince George and Prince Rupert will be held in Smithers in November.

The First Nations Health Authority and B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure are hosting the symposium, which will hear from First Nations communities and municipalities.  Discussions will focus on finding options to address both medical and non-medical travel and support healthy communities.

Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Todd Stone says “I’m confident that, through our partnership with the First Nations Health Authority, and the information and ideas gathered at the symposium, we will be able to develop a vision for a community-based transportation model that is supported by First Nations and municipal communities along the Highway 16 corridor.”

The symposium will take place in Smithers on Nov. 24, 2015, and include representatives from the 23 First Nations communities along the Highway 16 corridor, the provincial government, and municipal government organizations.

“Safe and affordable medical transportation for First Nations along the Highway 16 corridor is our goal” said First Nations Health Authority chief operating officer Richard Jock. “The FNHA assumed responsibility for medical transportation in 2013 and we look forward to working with First Nations, government and other partners to create new models which address transportation along the Highway 16 corridor in a more fundamental way.”

A survey of current transportations issues and challenges on Highway 16 has just been launched.  The survey results and themes will provide the foundation for discussion at the symposium.

However those discussions will also take into account previous community engagement and reports including the 2006 Highway 16 Transportation Symposium Report and the 2012 Missing Women Commission of Inquiry recommendations.

The survey for First Nations communities along the Highway 16 corridor can be found online at http://bit.ly/fnhatransportationsurvey.


So will this service be available to anyone who needs a ride?

We had transportation – Greyhound was twice a day both directions but ridership was down which is why they cut back to once daily both directions. And you would still see people hitchhiking with twice daily service.
Nothing is going to fix it, you’re still going to get people who want to travel on their schedule and for free, which is why people still hitchhike.

Should just subsdidize Greyhound to get better service or give prepaid tickets to people who need them. Cheaper then the government getting their own busses running.

There other folks as well as First Nations live in these areas I don’t hear them Winning…

Yes; but those individuals have choosen to live in rural locations. Most educated individuals know why Native people are located out of sight and out of mind…. times are changing though and it makes a lot of individuals “uncomfortable” ;-)

Just imagine if overpaid Chiefs and Council members actually get together, sold off their fancy SUV’s, bought some passenger vans for the Band and then organized trips to town for members who have all collectively scheduled medical appointments, etc on the same day!

Seems simple enough!

Why sit back and wait for someone else to find or come up with solutions when something could be done now, immediately, something that could possible save lives?

How about – get off your ass, get an education, get a job, buy a car and stop blaming other people for your problems?

The ‘chiefs’ have a vested interest in keeping their communities down. That way there’s a steady stream of payments from the federal government and a consistent whitey guilt narrative to keep the party going.

You know about all the FN’s on boil water advisories – the vast majority of them have state of the art water treatment plants (paid for by taxpayers) but nobody from the bands takes responsibility for their operation and maintenance. They sit and wait for ‘the government’ to come and turn a valve, or add some chemicals.

Same thing with the Highway 16 ‘problem’. Don’t get into a sketchy person’s vehicle, period. It doesn’t matter what your heritage is, it’s just common sense. Take responsibility for your own behaviour.

We need more passing lanes for sure. I would like to see a commitment to at least 4km of passing lanes per 100km of highway every year for at least ten years. Some of it needs to be four lanes like the Mud River to Parkridge Heights, through Vanderhoof, and Terrace would be the obvious spots.

Vanderhoof to me is the most dangerous section of highway for potential accidents. That place is a zoo at mid day with single alternating traffic, bumper to bumper traffic, and people making left hand turns without a using signal light they just just slam on their brakes and stop to wait for an opening. I can’t count how many times I just have to shake my head thinking geez that was close… people can’t see around the highway trucks so they have no idea what is in front of them and then the sudden stop… 85% of people killed by transport trucks are killed by rear ending them. At least some proper turn lanes are in order for Vanderhoof as clearly a frontage road is not doable with its current configuration.

On a side note, I’m hearing out of the Philippines they think they may have found MH 370 in the jungle on a small island south of Mindanao. First reports say its MH 370. I can not see how that could be, but time will tell I guess. I guess it was crash landed into the jungle, a large Boeing and all passengers were still in their seats and have decomposed to skeletons. They say the pilot was still buckled into his chair in the cockpit….

I thought reserves out west are basically their own nations? Should they not be taking care of their own problems. Oh wait money.

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