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October 28, 2017 2:03 am

Final All Candidates Forum In P.G.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015 @ 4:00 AM


Candidates ready for final PG forum  l-r Todd Doherty, Richard Jaques, Sheldon Clare, Matt Shaw, Tracy Calogheros, Kathi Dickie, Trent Derrick -photo 250News

Prince George BC – Seven of the   candidate’s for the two Prince George federal ridings were on hand last night for  the final all candidates forum in Prince George.

The session was themed to hear how the candidate’s stood on issues as they impact First Nations.

Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies candidate Bob Zimmer  had planned to  attend, but  had to bow out because of a family situation. Also absent were Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies candidates Elizabeth Biggar (Green Party); Barry  Blackman (Progressive Canadian Party) and W. Todd Keller (Libertarian) .  Two Cariboo Prince George candidates were missing as well, as  Adam De Kroon (Christian Heritage Party) and Gordon Campbell ( no affiliation.) were not present.

While the moderator opened the session asking candidates to identify the major issues facing Aboriginals when they move to urban centre’s,  the  forum took flight  when  the moderator started taking questions from the near 100 people who attended the event at the Prince George Native Friendship Centre.

Six questions were fielded  from the audience over the course of the 2 and half hour event, with the Trans Pacific Partnership, Bill C-51  and  Truth and Reconciliation  hitting the hot buttons.

Cariboo Prince George Conservative candidate Todd Doherty said his party is reviewing the 94 recommendations in the Truth and Reconciliation report “because we don’t want to make a mistake, we want to make sure we get it right.”

That response was not good enough for Liberal candidate Matt Shaw who is hoping to get elected in Prince George-Peace River -Northern Rockies. “Its  a fundamental foundation for moving forward, we need to support Truth and Reconcilliation.”

NDP candidate for Cariboo-Prince George ,Trent Derrick, challenged the Liberal stand “If Trudeau can’t stand up to Harper on Bill C-51 how can we believe he will stand up on Truth and Reconcilliation when there’s on going pressure from communities?”

It was discussion on Bill C51 which elicited a passionate response from Cariboo -Prince George independent candidate Sheldon Clare “This Bill is dangerous” said Clare “It goes way past the powers that most democratic  countries which have a police agency that looks after gathering  intelligence to try and find people  doing bad things.  You can already stop high school students and university students from going over seas to  do  nefarious things and the police are already doing that.  You’re much more likely to have a car accident with  moose or a deer than you are to become a victim of a terror attack in Canada.”  He called Bill C-51 “a significant threat to a free society.”

Liberal Candidate Matt Shaw agreed that Bill C-51 was “The worst piece of legislation that has happened in the last 50 years.”   The Liberals have called for amendments to the Bill, but  Shaw was not clear  on  what those amendments might be.  Tracy Calogheros made it clear there is debate within the Liberal Caucus about what to do with Bill C-51.  She  has informed the Party that  she cannot support Bill C-51 “Because it doesn’t feel very Liberal to me”  she says she would  lobby  within the party to  get rid of Bill C-51.

Conservative Todd Doherty said he supports Bill C-51  calling it “A 21st century tool for a 21st century problem” .

The New Democrat candidates, Kathi Dickie and Trent Derrick, both  reiterated that their party would repeal the Bill. “A person can be stopped if they interfere with economic activity” noted  NDP Candidate Kathi Dickie who  is running in the Prince George -Peace River-Northern Rockies riding,  “So if you  protest Enbridge,  I’m probably on that list, almost a terrorist list”  because she took a stand against the pipeline. “It’s all fear based” said Dickie, “The Conservatives are  using fear  against all our people so we have to be afraid of each other,  we don’t trust each other and then we don’t come together as a strong community  or a strong Canada.”

“If I were still a police officer ( I retired in 2008 )  I would be doing  a happy dance right now” said Cariboo-Prince George Green Party candidate Richard Jaques “because the provisions of C-51, rather than having the burden of absolute proof, it falls  back on the  balance of probabilities, that you’re probably going to do something, or likely  to do something.”  He said  something as simple as posting a note on facebook that  you planned to  protest something would be enough to  have  you arrested and kept in  jail for 7 days  for “preventive detention.”

The Trans Pacific Partnership agreement  was also a hot topic,  with  only Jacques saying he has seen  much of the document  through  WikiLeaks on the internet.  The concern for First Nations is that  there has been no indication  that First Nations rights have  been considered. “Does anybody besides me have a problem with the fact I have to go to WikiLeaks to find out what’s going on?” asked Matt Shaw.

Todd Doherty  said  while not seeing the full document “The devil’s in the details,  we will need to make sure  it is good for all”  then added,  it is important the TPP, or any trade agreement, “Provides opportunities  for jobs so that Aboriginal  and non Aboriginals can flourish.”

NDP candidate Trent Derrick said  First Nations want prosperity,  but  are  held back because of a lack of settlement over  rights and titles “First Nations want to move forward and settle, but we need a dance partner.”

Cariboo-Prince George Liberal Tracy Calegheros added, “We don’t know what’s in it ( the TPP agreement) but I feel pretty confident that Aboriginal Rights and Title were not top of mind for negotiators.”

Richard Jaques  said the TPP was “A bad deal for  everyone and it cannot be ratified without the consent of First Nations”.

While last night’s event was the last scheduled for Prince George , there is   one  set for  Hixon this evening to focus on agricultural issues.



So Zimmer was no where near Prince George during the last four years in Parliament. He sponsored no bills of significance for this region. His biggest achievement was giving political cover to Israel for the ‘war’ on Gaza when he pulled a Harper and went for the nearest bomb shelter (with camera’s rolling of course). Then he sponsors an anti UN bill against country of origin labeling for guns sold across international boarders because fascist thugs in the Ukraine, and islamic thugs in Syria need untraceable weapons to pursue the Harper governments immoral foreign policy.

So here back in Zimmers constituency of Prince George, the MP the is MIA most all of his term and basically tells everyone he trusts those in his party that think about the tough issues and who is he to question them. And so locals wonder when will we be able to meet this guy, so we can inform him on the local issues that concern this riding… maybe during the election period one hopes… but no sign of the guy in the first month, maybe one hopes he can stop through town on his way somewhere else more important in the last half of the campaign… and yet here we are in the last week of the campaign and low and behold he has ‘family issues’ and still MIA.

I would like to know how many days he spent in PG overnight during his term in office (I would bet its not one), and how many hours he spent in this city during the election (I would be less than 24hours).

I think anyone that votes for a politicians that shows that level of commitment to a city deserves what they get… possibly 20-more years of local population atrophy and economic stagnation.

If we can’t have an MP that even bothers to show up, how can we really think we are going to solve any of the issues that concern this part of the country.

Palopu – where was Zimmer? Family issue..doesn’t he live in Ottawa?

Cool photo. Did Doherty say a funny ? The other 6 candidates look to be having a chuckle at the red faced Con candidates expense.

Great to hear the candidates at the Friendship Centre last night and disappointed that Bob Zimmer could not make it. It is time for Mr. Zimmer to be replaced, in my opinion. Come on Peace River, we can do it!

All those people, that collection of talent… not sure I would hire any of them to run my corner store, but we are sending one of them to represent us… how scary.

Hmmmm, Todd is wearing the exact same blazer and shirt combo as in the banner ads on this website. Does he want the job to genuinely represent the riding, or just to be able to afford a more diverse wardrobe?!

Not even a shimmer of zimmer… and Todd again said nothing worthwhile.. thats two fellows running on nothing but hope.

“A 21st century tool for a 21st century problem” . Well he may have had Harper in mind as the tool…but he has only created problems.. hasnt solved a one.

“Todd Doherty said while not seeing the full document” No one will be seeing the full document for 10 years. how stupid is that..

He wears what Harpers blue book tells him to wear.

“A person can be stopped if they interfere with economic activity” noted NDP Candidate Kathi Dickie who is running in the Prince George -Peace River-Northern Rockies riding, “So if you protest Enbridge, I’m probably on that list, almost a terrorist list” because she took a stand against the pipeline.”

That is absolute nonsense. There is nothing in Bill C-51 which prevents anyone from protesting against Enbridge or any other kind of ‘economic activity’. If Trudeau or Mulcair were PM and legalised pot, would those of us who are against encouraging greater drug use, which is certainly going to lead to ‘economic activity’, albeit of a kind we don’t agree with, and protested against this kind of ‘economic activity’, would we be hauled off to the Gulag under Bill C-51? Of course not. But what if we decided to take the law into our own hands, and started bombing the now legalised marijuana grow shows? And someone got hurt, even though that wasn’t our intention? You can bet your bottom dollar there’d be a hue and cry, not only from the operators of the bombed out grow shows, but from the general public as well, that this kind of terrorist activity be stopped. Before some other innocent parties get hurt. And that the government go beyond the normal methods of dealing with other criminal actions to put an end to such activities, if that’s what was necessary.

Nocredible..you think like the harperturd!!have you read C-51?? or did your buddy zimmer tell that this is so……When do they Arrest these CONS??…Lets just save a trail and Hang em…….

Careful socredible. You are getting into the area of common sense and intelligent reasoning.

Its much easier for some people to believe that we live in a police state, our Prime Minister is a Facist, and all our rights and freedoms are going to be taken away.

I for one have no problem protesting anything I like, and will continue to do so,. For those who watch to much tv, play to many video games, and basically don’t understand Canada, I say wake up and smell the roses.

This is one of the greatest Countries on earth, especially our form of Government, our rights and freedoms, and the ability to earn a good living.

The constant whining from the Chicken Little Left that the **Sky is Falling** does nothing for this Country except to show that we have a large number of complainers.

I feel sorry for Todd. Every word out of his mouth was written and sanctioned in Ottawa. Harper has been a one man show for way too long to still hold the title of Prime Minister. He’s the ONLY minister!

Remember when we knew who the Minister of Agriculture or Health was? Remember when Environment Canada research scientists could share their findings on fisheries studies with the nation?

I hope Sheldon goes to Ottawa and makes a great big noise. They need it.

Wow, look at that. Todd actually showing up for events.

“Most Canadians know that Stephen Harper has had a tremendous impact on the country since becoming prime minister in 2006. But few have the in-depth knowledge of how far his transformation has gone — what has already been done, and what the consequences will be in the future.

This book brings together Canadian experts in a wide variety of areas. They document key changes put in place by the Harper government. There have been dramatic changes in education, health care, women’s rights, science and research, guiding the economy, labour unions, water and natural resources, and aboriginal affairs. Most of these measures have been designed to be difficult, if not impossible, to reverse.

Readers will for the first time grasp the breadth and depth of the Harper attack on institutions, policies, and programs that embody values and principles shared by most Canadians. Each chapter documents the dangers of a government fixated on the needs of corporations and the one percent, blinded to our environmentally unsustainable lifestyle, and expanding surveillance and security measures to intimidate and threaten opponents.”

From the book Canada After Harper, by Ed Finn, intro by Ralph Nader.

Read and weep for Canada!

“…our Prime Minister is a Facist, and all our rights and freedoms are going to be taken away.”

Allow me to correct that, you probably wanted to say: our Prime Minister is a Fascist, and all our rights and freedoms are going to be taken away.

Bedtime reading for Harper:

The Doctrine of Fascism
Book by Benito Mussolini and Giovanni Gentile


So who is this Gordon Campbell guy? Anyone we know?

If the polls are to be believed, going to be interesting Monday.

If Harper’s 1st, does Trudeau back Harper – Cons and Libs are more alike than they care to admit – philosophically, or does he make a deal with Mulcair and what will Mulcair want in exchange.

If Trudeau comes in first – does he sell his soul to Harper or Mulcair – again, Libs and Cons being more alike philosophically.

And is there a scenario where Harper comes in 1st but backs Trudeau rather than watch Trudeau sell his soul to Mulcair.

If NDP are third, I’m wondering if Cons and Libs will suddenly kiss and make up after all the terrible things they said about each other, and form government with one or the other in charge, or will Libs ask for NDP support – knowing it’ll come at a high price. Or even more out there, will Cons ask for NDP support. NDP could be sitting in a position of selling their support to the highest bidder.

ski51, Cons and Libs will never work together after this election with Harper as leader. Liberals and NDP have both made it very clear they will not prop up a Tory minority.

Unless Harper wins a majority, expect a new government, likely with Trudeau as PM.

“The GST is dead” Jean Chretien – still here. A politician is like a teenage boy – what do I have to say to get you to vote for me, but once the deed is done – they lose your phone number.

No matter what they’re saying now, they’ll do what is expedient for themselves, and if it means backing away from a promise, they’ll do it – for the good of Canada of course.

But what of my scenarios is actually a Lib government backed up by the Cons. If you were the Libs, who would you rather work with? If you were the Cons, who would you rather wag the dog, you, or the NDP.

For four more years on continuity we need a Conservative majority Government. This would give the Government time to negotiate the Softwood Lumber Agreement, get the most benefits from the TPP, and basically keep the Country on an even keel through the difficult times that are coming.

If you think about it for a minute, Trudeau supports the TPP, he of course would support Softwood Lumber, he voted for C-51, so really he has nothing to offer except a pretty face and deficit spending.

It wasn’t that long ago the mantra was **The West wants in** Well under the Conservative Government we got in. In fact we were able to (for the first time) form a majority Government without Quebec. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is.

So after all the hard work, etc; to get Western Canada represented in the Halls of Government, are we now going to elect a Government that is primarily made up of the establishment that we were able to hold at bay??

Give your heads a shake. Doesn’t this list of names give you food for thought. Chretien, Martin, Dion, Ignatieff, Rae, Turner, etc; Seems people forget quite quickly how things were before.

In simplistic terms the emphasis on this election was to demonize Harper and the Conservative, Alliance, Reform, group, so that power could once again shift to the Liberal establishment. Unknowingly the NDP has helped with this process, and as a result have shot themselves in the foot.

The silent mantra has changed to **Force the West out**

Be careful what you vote for, because if you get it, you will have to live with it.

Palopu with a score of -5

A chapter of the Harper doctrine on fear. Yup, the kool-aid of fear for the subjugated.

Palopu.. okay tell us all what good Harper has done since being Prime minister.. should be a very short list..but I would like to see why you think this guy is so good… with this list dont compare him to other Prime ministers.. just say what he has done.. good luck with that. :)

The fact that I have a score of -6 just proves my case. Any and all posting on this site that favours the Conservatives, or Harper get a thumbs down.

I do not use the silly game of thumbs up or thumbs down myself, however it is pretty obvious from the results that certain posters are using it all the time. If they think it makes any difference over the long haul, once again they are living in a dream world.

NOW. Go ahead and do your thumbs down thing.

I went to the All Candidates Forum held by The Prince George Native Friendship Centre which is a non-partisan, urban Aboriginal organization to support and encourage Aboriginal people to register and vote in the upcoming Federal Election. We feel that hosting this Forum at a venue that is familiar to this target group will encourage Aboriginal people, and others, to come out to meet the candidates and ask questions about issues that are important to them.
I was able to ask this question to ALL representatives wanting my Vote:

Palopu:”For those who watch to (too) much tv, play to (too) many video games, and basically don’t understand Canada, I say wake up and smell the roses.”

Pretty low assessment of the qualities (or missing Conservative qualities) of your fellow Canadians, don’t you think! According to you they are incapable of understanding the most basic things in life, anything they come up with is “hogwash” and on and on it goes! Why in the world would you be interested in persuading those *nitwits* to vote for your party? Or heaven forbid contaminating it by actually joining it?

Never fear, they won’t! Who knows how many you have turned off with your abrasive and often denigrating comments? Often actions have non-intended consequences!

Have a nice day.

Palopu… why do you get so many thumbs down… its because The cons are out of control and people are waking up to what a disaster Harper is..

I tell you what… why dont you give us a list of everything good the Cons have done under harper… no comparison to others.. just a list of the good things he has done.

Not surprising Zimmer didn’t show up, he was too busy blocking everyone on Twitter for their innocuous debate follow up questions. #blockedbybob became a pretty popular hashtag in these last few days.

Doesn’t show up to candidate forums, doesn’t reply to questions posed by 250News, blocks anyone who asks him questions on Twitter… surely he represents his constituents and their concerns?

Sieg all the cons are blocking questions . Mine was , why would our Canadian government give $ 8,000,000 of our taxes to the USA Republican Party ?

Harper: Canada is in excellent shape due to our wise policies of the last ten years!

Global News headline: Toronto named Child Poverty Capital of Canada!

Newspaper headline: Canada has the worst infrastructure deficit in memory!

President Obama interview: Both Afghanistan and Iraq have been a complete disaster, do not expect the US to make another mistake by
sending more troops there!

Harper: Promoting greater military engagement (troops) in the region.

As for the Cons recent past: the Senate appointments, 90k under the table for Duffy, Proroguing, contempt of parliament, and do not forget Brian, Schreiber and money in large bills in a brown paper bag……need more?

The prospect are dimmer, the chances are slimmer and not a shimmer of Zimmer.

It doesn’t matter if Harper cured cancer, balanced the budget and secured world peace. A one man show is a dictatorship, plain and simple.

You gotta wonder though how the P.M. feels about taking a pass on the Winter Games now that it looks like one of the safe ridings might not be safe after all. So much effort kissing Eastern Can. butt and one little visit might have got him a seat – imagine how P.O. he’ll be if he’s one short of winning the most seats.

Thats exactly the list I would expect Palopu… zero, nada, zilch.

Another reason for me to vote Liberal is their platform restores OAS starting at 65 vs 67 under the Conservatives. So, it’s good for me personally, though I think the OAS system is unsustainable in it’s current form, and thought Harper was smart to do something about it, hopefully I’ll already be on the gravy train before they stop taking passengers.

Today from the Crime Ministers Office : the Cons are running attack ad’s in Punjabi and Chinese proclaiming Trudeau will open brothels and needle exchanges in their neighbourhoods. The ads claim Trudeau wants to sell pot to their kids.

Just how low can a political party stoop. The scraping sound you hear are Harpers finger nails slipping from power. It must take a real pile of poo to support the Conservative Party. And the niqab wasn’t even mentioned today.

gag me digitus. It must take an extreme amount a self righteousness to vote Liberal or dipper. Trudeau is a complete lightweight. I can’t fathom zoolander at a G7 meeting. “hey fellas, why can’t we just all get along”. “Let’s do some roll playing, Germany, you be ISIS, France, you play Syria”. Mulcair…..well there is a reason the NDP have never run this country. They are bonafide crackpots. Look at the loons that Quebec put in.

The idea that Harper has destroyed Canada is complete and total BS. I know my world is better as well as my extended family. I have faith that more Canadians have a functioning brain than the leftards on this site.

harper is having a party on Saturday in T.O….with his buddys the FORDs ..you should go D..7501,Fords will be handing out free Crackpipes..and harper will load em for ya…like I said before ya do not have to be smart to Vote for the Cons,go back into yer Coma till at least the 20th…we will awake to a NEW Gov. …not harpers gov…..LMB……

“I have faith that more Canadians have a functioning brain than the leftards on this site.”

They do have a functioning brain! They are the ones that do NOT vote for Harper, the two thirds who haven’t been sucked in by Harpermania!

dow7501.. so then none of your relatives are Native, elderly, middle class, attending schools, need a doctor, medical like a clean environment,or veterans. Very lucky family indeed.

Palopu and Socredible: Could not have said it better myself.

P. Val. The first thing we want to establish is the responsibility of the Federal Government as many people on this site are sorely confused as to who is responsible for what.

Federal Government Responsibilities. National Defense, Foreign Affairs, Employment Insurance, Banking, Federal Taxes, Post Office, Fisheries, Shipping, Railways, Telephones, Pipelines., Aboriginal Land & Rights,
Criminal Law, Equalization Payments.

Provincial Government Responsibilities. Direct taxes, Hospitals, Prisons, Education, Marriage, Property and Civil Rights.

I wont get into the responsibilities of the Municipal Governments.

P Val. So now that we have established the area’s of responsibilities for our various levels of Government I will give you some of the accomplishments of the Harper Government. If you want an in depth understanding you will have to look it up yourself.

Accountability Act,
Age of consent raised from 14 t 16 years of age,
Agent Orange compensation package for veterans.
Government of Canada apology to First Nations for residential school abuses.
Automotive Innovation Fund $250 Million
Armed Border Guards
Canada Employment Credit $1000.00
Child Tax Credit $2000.00
Chinese Head Tax apology plus 24 million for historical recognition.
Community Development Trust $1 Billion dollars
Debt reduction $10.2 billion 07/08 budget.
Fixed election dates
Food labelling initiative
Senior Gauranteed income supplement
GST tax cut 2%
Hydrogen Highway $1.5 billion for fuel celled buses and vehicles in BC
Immigration and refugee protection act fully approved by parliament 2008
Income splitting for seniors and pensioners.
Indian residential school settlement agreement
Indian truth and reconciliation commission
Kids sport tax credit $500.00
Land claims agreements
Lobbying act.

More to come.

P Val. Here we go.

Military spending increased
$98 Million for upgrade to National Museums (Infrastructure)
Expanded Nahanni National Park by 5000 Sq Kilometers
Nunavik , Inuit land claims agreement
Randle Reef clean up
Tax Free Savings Accounts
Tackling violent crime legislation
Universal Child Care Benefit $200.00 per child under 6.
Removed the Gun Registry.

P Val. This is just the tip of the iceberg there is much much more, however you get my drift.

So continue to spew you mumbo jumbo and at all costs avoid the facts.

Have a nice day.

so funny..you say about the 10.2 billion reduction in the debt..but he has increased it by 150 billion..

Child tax credit..but he removed the tax exemption for kids.. so its a HUGE increase of $167

He didnt follow his fixed election date.

He just sold out the automotive industry in the TPP..

your list is a joke.. nothing of any significance..but you did compile a list… you forgot about him getting rid of the penny.. that was a good thing.. So thats ONE…

I knew you couldn’t deal with the facts P Val. You wanted the list, you got a partial list, and of course now your are unhappy, because it pretty obvious that the Conservative Government has done a lot and this list is a small sample.

So obviously you have not intention of using facts to improve your knowledge and would prefer to continue to spew horse s…

Nice lists Palopu!

P Val, you wanted a list, you got a list, a very long list! It sure must have freaked you out! Your response, as expected, was rather pathetic!

Palopu, did I mention, NICE LISTS!!

I never believed the Harp that the TPP full text would be available BEFORE the vote! Guess what? They just announced that it would only be available AFTER the election! Trust us! Sure!

When we look at raising the eligibility age for old age pensioners from 65 t 67 we should keep some things in mind.

1. It does not take effect until April 2023, which is eight years from now.
2. It does not effect anyone presently on old age pension.

3. It will be phased in from 2023 to 2029.

4. It does not apply to anyone born prior to 1958.

So this is basically future planning legislation, and could be called prudent. I’m sure that’s not the word that the Harper Carpers would use.

Prince George. I’m sure that if the 12 Countries involved knew that you wanted this list prior to the election they would have worked overtime to see that you got it. Hmmmm. I guess you forget to mention to them that you are so important.

Perhaps you should go back to correcting spelling mistakes.

@dow7501…..zoolander ? Gag me ? Are you old enough, scratch that, are you mature enough to cast a vote in this election ? Yikes !

Did Harper not drive us deeper in debt by 150 billion..yes.. Sorry hart person and Palopu.. But I have facts on my side..

So if he did pay off10 billion of debt then he really put us 160 billion deeper… Yikes.

dinkus retardes, you bet i’m old enough to vote. I’m also old enough to call BS on people like you and Pee val. How you can survive in the world is a mystery. Through out history people needed a small amount of common sense to survive.

Dow. Did Harper not drive us 150 billion in debt.. Yes or no.. Should be easy if can read and do math..

How deeper will he sink us given another 4-5 years.. Scarey to think about it.


Liberal Campaign Co-Chair steps down after advising Trans Canada on lobbying next Government.

Hmmmm. Seems they are already starting to set up the next generation of bottom feeders. They wont get elected, but if for some strange reason they did, we are heading into the same kind of people who feel they are entitled, and want easy access to tax dollars.

dow7501…yes, your grammar and simple command of the English language tells me you are just short of genius. About 50 points shy.

Posted on Wednesday, October 14, 2015 @ 1:32 PM by Digitus Impudicus
Today from the Crime Ministers Office : the Cons are running attack ad’s in Punjabi and Chinese proclaiming Trudeau will open brothels and needle exchanges in their neighbourhoods. The ads claim Trudeau wants to sell pot to their kids.

Hahahahhaha, there was just a CBC radio show on this, they interviewed a Liberal candidate who rambled on about being an ex RCMP officer and what he has seen on the street. Finally they had to ask – yes or no – is what the ad says true and the reply was … well, the Liberals will have to get input from experts and what the ad refers to is a bit hypothetical. He would not say yes or no – which means probably in political speak.

Dinkus. I’ve forgotten more than you know.

Palopu:”Prince George. I’m sure that if the 12 Countries involved knew that you wanted this list prior to the election they would have worked overtime to see that you got it.”

Your sarcasm is underwhelming! Just a few days ago Minister Fast announced that the TPP full text would be ready BEFORE the vote! Now it is not ready after all! Is it my fault when Conservative ministers have no clue what they are talking about except when it is obvious spin?

Palopu and hart guy won’t even acknowledge the truth about Harper driving us deeper in debt.. That’s how ignorant of reality they are.. Just like all cons..

“Hahahahhaha, there was just a CBC radio show on this,…”

The ads are in Punjabi and Chinese, so unless the RCMP officer is fluent in either Punjabi or Chinese I would not expect him to know exactly what is written there. If he did not have a translation with him I do not blame him for being careful about giving an answer.

Of course eight deficits added 150 million or so to the national debt, what is there to argue about? Can one spin into something else? What does Harper think we are? Chopped liver?

P Val. The Liberal record of Chretien and Paul Martin are much, much, worse than anything that Harper ever did. As usual you are taking the easy road and blaming Harper rather that being realistic as to how we got to where we are.

Just to give you some indication as to how Martin (Mr Dithers) balanced his budget, and created a surplus.

1. Removed $53 billion from the EI fund.
2. Increased the gas tax by 10 cents a litre
3. Increased pension plan premiums from 5.85% of pensionable earnings to 9.9%. While this money did not go into general revenue it did place a further hardship on taxpayers.
4. Increased taxes from $123 Billion in 1993 to $190 Billion in 2003.

There is a lot more. Martin/Chretien and the Liberals were nothing more than a bunch of scammers.

In essence they balanced the budget by hiking taxes, cutting vital programs, slashing billions in Transfer Payments.

You could write a book on the shenanigans that they pulled on Canadian Citizens. Harper can not come close to what the Liberals pulled off.

I will give you a few examples to-morrow. In the meantime the above should give you some food for thought.

It long past the time that you started to face the facts and seriously consider voting for the Conservatives.

Palopu should I finish your list for you. You seem to be on the topic of budgets, so why don’t we look at Harpers Omnibus budget Bill C-38:

– Cuts to Food and Safety Inspections
– Special funding for the CRA to attack charities (at the same time as he was lobbying for KPMG to retain tax loop holes for rich off shore tax havens)
– Ditching Canada’s environmental assessment act
– Cutting water efficiency programs
– Pipelines made exempt from Navigable Waters Act
– Plant breeder and seed rights taken from farmers, and of course given to corporations
– Gutting the fisheries act
– Canadian coastline opened to oil and gas drilling
– Eliminating employment equity laws for government contractors
– FBI and US cops allowed to cross the border and arrest Canadians in Canada
– National Round Table on the Economy and Environment killed
– Unconstitutional failure to consider native treaty rights
– and the repeal and amendment of 70 other laws

All of this done in one Bill C-38 that was tied to the budget and was not up for debate in the Parliament through an abuse of the Parliamentary privilege of government when forming a ‘budget’. A totalitarian act of vindictive hatred for the democratic process that has checks and balances intended to make the legislating process ‘open and transparent’.

Harper may tell us the election is about a hypothetical naqab scenario, but any thinking Canadian with a memory knows it is about much more that Harper can’t bother to take through the democratic process of passing laws in daylight through DUE PROCESS. He cares nothing what anyone else thinks and rules like a dictator… yet he wants us to trust him on the TPP deal he signed because it will be so great, but no one can look at the deal until after the election….

This is only one Bill and hardly rounds out the list of what Harper has ‘accomplished’ with the past trust put in him by conservative voters.

Oh and the omnibus budget Bill c-38 was also a massive multi billion dollar deficit budget, but one can be excused for missing that with all the other massive transformations to the process and protections Canadians count on.

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