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October 28, 2017 2:03 am

Northern Bear Awareness Benefits from Apple Collection

Wednesday, October 14, 2015 @ 11:24 AM


Northern Bear Awareness President Dave Bakker accepts cheque from Noemie Touchette and Doug Bell – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C.-  Harvest time in Prince George saw the Northern Bear Awareness Society  picking up  thousands of  pounds of  apples from  properties in the Prince George area.  Today, all that work paid off.

The NBAS  had an agreement with the Northern Lights Estate Winery,   as the winery  would pay  per pound of apples delivered.

The money  is to be used for Northern Bear Awareness Society work which is aimed at  reducing  bear-human conflicts in the City.  With food sources  removed,  bears that are looking for the  final feast before hibernation,  won’t be  rooting through garbage, or  chowing down on  apples in  a backyard apple tree.

Today, the Northern lights Estate Winery  present a cheque for   $2,500         to Northern Bear Awareness Society President Dave Bakker.

“We received about 5 thousand pounds of apples through the program” says Doug Bell of Northern Lights Estate Winery.  The apples are now being made into wine which will be bottled in February.


Kudos to all involved. Win Win for everyone.

It must said that this was possible because of the support we received. We would have not been able to reach the 5000 pound goal without the generosity of many residents who either allowed us to harvest their trees or took to time to deliver their fruit on our behalf. To Doug, Noemie and the behind the scenes staff of Northern Lights Estate winery. The local media played a significant role with the promotion of this program.
We at Northern Bear Awareness Society offer our gratitude and thanks.

Dave Bakker
Northern Bear Awareness Society

What will the wine be named? Cabearnet? Ursus Vinum? Pinot Noir? ;)

Bareapple ,applebear ?

NBA …..


This is a good news story with an undertone.
I always wondered how the Northern Lights Estate Winery could thrive with an orchard just below the prime black bear habitat of Hoferkamp Road where conservation officers routinely dispatch “habituated” bears. I also recall when the local CO Sergeant slapped a fine on a local doctor for having an apple tree, surrounded by an electric fence, in his yard.
Then I remembered that Doug Bell’s father, Pat Bell, was the head of several Ministries of BC that included the Fish and Wildlife Branch. Just wondering.

Not sure what you are wondering. I do not think fish and wildlife has a say in what developments can be approved, if that I what you are saying.

If they do, then they are sure not doing their job when trees are being removed and subdivisions are going in on Tyner where one used to be able to regularly see several moose drinking water in the ditch beside the road at dusk, and likely at dawn as well. I am just not driving around the city that early in the morning.

Those days are pretty well gone. It is the nature of the urban environment encroaching on animal habitat ….. or maybe, as in the case of some opportunistic bears, nature encroaching on human habitat.

Did you know that the Norwegians have been growing grapes since 08 at 59′ 40 N near Telemark ? What’s PG ? Just under 54 N ? Way down in the banana belt ?

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