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October 28, 2017 2:00 am

Free Transit and Free Rides on Election Day

Sunday, October 18, 2015 @ 3:55 AM

Prince George, B.C. – If you have no way of getting to the polls tomorrow there are a couple of free options available.

The first is public transit. This after Prince George City Council unanimously agreed to provide free bus use at its October 5 meeting.

Council agreed with a Staff report which concluded not only would free transit possibly increase voter turnout but also promote future transit use.

The measure will cost the City an estimated $1,800. Another option is to get a free ride.

Organized by Nyela Glazier, all you have to do is call 250-563-7712 and someone will pick you up, drive you to the poll, and take you home.

She feels there’s a real need for the service.

“There’s many seniors who for one reason or another have maybe given up their drivers licence,” she says. “There’s also a lot of young people who don’t have vehicles due to the fact they don’t have jobs.”

The polls will be open from 7am-7pm tomorrow.


Great initiative from the City! I would sure like to see a national holiday, as well as mandatory voting in this country. We are all responsible for our democracy, there is no excuse not to vote.
I was also happy to see that schools did more programming around election education, this should be expanded full time in both secondary and elementary levels.

Are you tired of seeing Stephen Harper hanging around with Rob Ford. Please take the time to get out and vote.

Don’t forget that even if you have wonky work hours that don’t fit into the Election time schedule, your employer MUST give you up to three hours of time to go and vote. This time off is NOT docked from your pay.

Saying you didn’t vote because you had to work is not an excuse. Get out and cast a ballot.

Also, don’t forget the polls close at 7 pm here in BC. If there is still a lineup at 7, as long as you’re in it you will be allowed to vote.

It will be so nice to see all that signage littering the streets gone come Tuesday. With any luck, Harper will be gone as well.

I’m amazed that Harper is hanging out with Rob Ford. If he had any sense, he’d have him locked up in rehab until the election is over. Harper does try to project a dignified image. Are the Conservatives that desperate in Toronto?

Voting is a choice, and not voting is also a choice. Not one that I like, however you hardly have a democracy if you are forcing people to vote.

Are you tired of seeing Trudeau hanging around with Chretien and Paul Martin. Its pretty obvious who’s pushing Trudeau’s buttons. Get out and vote and keep those dudes out of Government.

Are the Conservatives that desperate in Toronto?


The polls have the Liberals with a roughly 10 point lead over the Conservatives in Ontario and it’s growing as people move away from the NDP. So yeah, I’d say they are pretty desperate if they are resorting to campaigning with “that family” as Harper puts it.

The funny thing about Rob Ford is that when he had his crack induced diatribes, he sort of sounded like some of those old school Reform Party candidates when they were sober. Oh the irony.

Sorry, but I have to disagree Palopu . If Canadians are mandated to pays taxes in this county, then they should be mandated to vote for the democracy that supports our system of government, or at least be lead kicking and screaming through the process. Whether one spoils their ballot at the polls or hopefully inserts some respectful civic duty to make an informed decision, that is up to the individual. IMO apathy and laziness should no longer be tolerated, it erodes our democracy.

NMG. Some other aspects of the polls.

Among voters likely to vote. Conservatives 34% Liberals 33%

Among voters by age.

18-34 Liberals lead
35-54 Conservatives lead
55+ Conservatives lead.

So it will come down to who actually votes, and who gets out the vote.

I fully agree with Palopu. ‘Forcing’ people to vote in a democracy is hardly democratic. After all, the essence of democracy itself is NOT ‘majority rule’, which would be the ultimate tyranny, but rather should be an expression of the POLICY desired by the majority through the means of an electoral choice. If, as is actually the case in Canada and many other democracies, we do not have a choice in regards to ‘policy’ itself, but rather only a choice as to which ‘method’ by which the exact SAME policy will be implemented and imposed upon us by whoever we elect to do it, (whether we agree with that policy itself , or not), this is definitely not something we should be ‘forcing’ anyone to vote on. It’s akin, in a sense, to demanding a condemned prisoner who knows he’s been wrongfully convicted a choose whether he’d sooner be shot, hanged, or electrocuted. The end result is exactly the same, and not one he desires.

Are you tired of seeing Trudeau hanging around with Chretien and Paul Martin. Its pretty obvious who’s pushing Trudeau’s buttons. Get out and vote and keep those dudes out of Government.


They have done a great job making sure that Bob Rae is nowhere to be seen during this election!

So it will come down to who actually votes, and who gets out the vote.


Well yes, that is what typically decides any election, LOL ;)

To further expand on ‘democracy’, it is, or at least should be, a system under which each individual is able to make his or her own policy effective unto themselves. It has to involve the ability to always ‘opt out’, and to do that with no more penalty for so doing than the loss of benefits otherwise derived from not opting out. To give you an example, many years ago when the NDP first established Medicare in Saskatchewan, other Provincial governments came under pressure to do the same in their Provinces. WAC Bennett was Premier here at the time, and initiated the BC Medical Plan. Unlike Saskatchewan’s, the BC Medical Plan was OPTIONAL. If you were already covered through a privately run medical insurance plan, like MSA or Blue Cross, there was no insistence you, or your employer switch to the government run one. You, or they, could do so if you so wished, if it was a better deal. If you were self-employed, or low income, and couldn’t get coverage under a private plan because they wouldn’t take you for various reasons, you could be covered under the BC Medical Plan IF YOU SO CHOSE. If you wanted to pay your own medical bills personally and not be on any plan and subject to paying its premiums, government run or otherwise, that was also YOUR choice. And if you got sick or injured YOU bore the financial consequences of this choice yourself. This is the way it should be, and should have remained. For our medical costs were far more reasonable at that time, and not skyrocketing out of control as they have since been when Dave Barrett, who succeeded Bennett as Premier FORCED everyone onto the BC Medical Plan. Forcing ‘everyone’ to vote is just giving sanction to the overall same policy that will be imposed on us by all those seeking that vote as the candidate for all the current Parties. That policy is not “our” policy, in that “we” have determined it, it is the policy of those who FINANCE all the current Parties, and want THEIR policy imposed on us by whomever we choose to do it.

Nanos Research predicted the following cumulative popular vote outcome of the election in 2011:

The first number is the % vote as surveyed the day before the election (3.0 margin of eror); the second number is the % vote as counted on Election Day.

cons >>>>> ***** 37.1% **** 39.6%
ndp >>>>> ***** 31.6% **** 30.6%
libs >>>>> ***** 20.5% **** 18.9%
bq >>>>>> ****** 5.7% ***** 6.0%
green >>> ****** 3.8% ***** 3.9%

Here are the latest survey results from Nanos Research for the 2015 election with a 2.2 margin of error:

libs >>>>> ***** 37.3%
cons >>>>> ***** 30.5%
ndp >>>>> ***** 22.1%
green >>> ****** 4.7%
bq >>>>>> ****** 4.6%

The spread between the top two was 5.5% in 2011. The spread in 2015 is 6.8%.

I do not know what any detailed analysis of actual riding polls tell us, but based on the simple national vote which has been able to predict at least who will form government, if not whether it will be a majority or a minority government, it looks like the libs will at least have the most seats in parliament which will, at the least, give them the ability to form a minority government, likely with the NDP.

Okay, I am ready to watch the BS flowing now ….. LOL

Hart Guy …. do your unfounded attacks on the personal lives of people ever take a break?

As is always the case, when desperate people see they cannot win an argument or a position they have taken on the base of merit, rather than ceding he point, they resort to name calling. The lowest of the low tactics.

Stephen Harper wrote a book about hockey, and donated all of the proceeds to the Military Families Fund!

Justin Trudeau, in spite of his wealth (big trust fund and all) charged charities thousands of dollars for speaking engagements even though he was being paid very well as an MP at the same time!

I’ll stick with Stephen Harper!

goph2015, and yet you have no issue with the attacks on the personal lives of others? Rob Ford has an admitted drug problem, an issue that he has sought help for and is seeking help for, but your silence suggests that you condone the condemnation of him!

Wouldn’t you agree that it’s a bit hypocritical for those on the “left” to criticize Ford while offering support to someone like Ghomeshi?

“I’ll stick with Stephen Harper!”

Be careful, you will end up under the bus together with Steve!

Every conservative spokesperson interviewed in the last couple of days insists that this election is NOT about personalities but about the economy! Desperate attempt to shift the focus away form the highly unpopular to anything else!

This is political lingo for throwing the leader under the bus!

Even that is not too good an idea in a country which has lost over 425,000 high paid manufacturing jobs during Steve’s terms and replaced them with burger flippers while adding over 150 billion dollars to the federal debt!

I am not surprised that Harper has only the two Ford brothers left to hold a party for him!

“I’ll stick with Stephen Harper”, too, Hart Guy. He’s not perfect, by far, but a far better choice to lead the country than either of his two main opponents. NONE of the Parties have been able to keep the cost of living from rising faster than the standard of living. But the Conservatives under Harper have done, and would continue to do, the best at narrowing the gap. Not through ‘leveling everyone DOWN’, like the other two propose doing, which will only be found to make the overall situation worse, not better. But by working to contain the cost of what government takes from us all in taxation. How long, I wonder, would it be before Trudeau’s pronouncement that he will ‘tax the wealthy’ be extended to taxing us ALL by, for example, putting the GST back up to 7%? He’ll no doubt blame the previous government for ‘making’ him do that, if we’re stupid enough to elect him and his gang tomorrow as government.

Wart Guy: “goph2015, and yet you have no issue with the attacks on the personal lives of others? Rob Ford has an admitted drug problem, an issue that he has sought help for and is seeking help for, but your silence suggests that you condone the condemnation of him!”

You are making decisions based on no information.

Why do you focus on the drug stuff? Why does everyone focus on the drug stuff?

The main reason why I do not like Rob Ford is because the guy has no control over his temper, he is a bully, and an embarrassment to any reasonable citizen living in Toronto. He has become an international embarrassment for Canada.

I lived in Toronto for a decade. Never have I seen a fellow like that in politics reach the heights he has.

Harper is a potential Rob Ford. A bully! Harper is more diplomatic at being a bully.

I can understand that there are bullies in our society who like bullies to be in charge of our governments.

We just voted two bullies out of our Council. Ford has been ousted from the Mayors office.

Harper is next.

At the moment there are still some people in Canada who understand the difference.

Wart Guy …. now there is a Freudian slip …. LOL

It is absolutely amazing how people on this site seem to be out of touch with reality.

1. Even if the Liberals get a minority (Heaven forbid) all that means is that they have a few more seats than the Conservatives.

2. Now. Lets remember all the BS posted in the last year that the Conservatives Governments Majority Government was not legitimate because 60% of the electorate did not vote for them. Does this then mean that the Liberal Government is not legitimate for the same reasons?? Or does it mean that those who criticized the Conservative Majority, will now accept the Liberal minority as legit.

3. That’s what I mean by being out of touch with reality. If you cannot remember what you said about this subject in the past, then you had better get a head check and see if you memory is working.

4. Now is the time to make yourselves heard, and the question is simple.
If the Liberals form a minority or majority Government with only 30/35% of the popular vote will this be construed to mean they have a legitimate Government, and if so, then I guess we can apply the same reasoning to the Conservatives. If we cant, then it becomes obvious that those that support the Liberals on this site are at best two faced.

Comments from a LONG TIME Liberal Party supporter re: the recent Dan Gagnier/Liberal Party scandal:

Then along came Dan Gagnier, the co-chair of Trudeau’s campaign.

Gagnier’s leaked briefing note to a pipeline company, containing tips on how to get their controversial projects approved by an incoming Liberal government, has revived all the old nightmares.

“The first thing I thought was, ‘Oh, no, here we go again,’” said Wendy Yuan, a longtime Liberal party member who ran twice as a Liberal candidate.

“It sounds like the same old culture of entitlement, special access and backroom boys manipulating things from the inner circles of power.”

Yuan, a Richmond businesswoman whose bid to run for the Liberals a third time was quashed by party brass, said she’s shocked at the latest revelations.

“What’s most concerning is that it seems to be happening again before we even form a government.”

Gagnier, who quit as Trudeau’s campaign co-chair, is a veteran Liberal party and government organizer and insider.

See Michael Smyth’s column in today’s Vancouver Province, Page 8. I find it ridiculous that the mainstream media would chose to focus on Rob Ford while ignoring Liberal Party corruption taking place, right here, right now, in the middle of this election campaign!

Can’t trust Trudeau! I’ll stick with Harper!

And while we are at it, I would love to hear some comments about the NDP, Independent, and Greens. Are these people still in this election??

Seems to me there have been very few comments about them in the past few weeks. Where are all those that predicted an NDP win, an Independent win, and a huge surge in Green support.

Not that long ago Mulcair was the **Golden Boy** now he can hardly get a mention. Talk about being thrown under the bus.

“It sounds like the same old culture of entitlement, special access and backroom boys manipulating things from the inner circles of power”

You mean like the senators now under scrutiny?

gopg2015, you go on and on about bullying and then you post “Wart Guy …. now there is a Freudian slip …. LOL”!

Gee, I feel like you are bullying me! Maybe you need to apologize for hurting my feelings? ;-)

Prince George:-“Even that is not too good an idea in a country which has lost over 425,000 high paid manufacturing jobs during Steve’s terms and replaced them with burger flippers while adding over 150 billion dollars to the federal debt! ”
And ALL those jobs would’ve been maintained under a Liberal administration? Who wouldn’t have added anything to the Federal debt throughout one of the worse global recessions since the depression of the 1930’s? For God’s sake, man, wake up! To have ‘jobs’ that aren’t just of the ‘make work’ variety where they merely provide an unnecessary excuse to pay someone an income, you have to have CONSUMER DEMAND that actually exists, somewhere, and can also be made into EFFECTIVE demand. Now how and where are you going to get that when the world is in the grips of a recession and financial crisis? Aside from the FACT that every industry is under pressure constantly to become more ‘productive’ ~ which can only mean one thing, LESS labour input (and incomes, overall) for MORE product output ~ even if you had 100% full employment in this country at wages far higher than they are for most jobs at present, you still could not BUY all the output at the financial costs of its making. Sure, it’s true that “unit cost is a function of volume”. And making ‘more’, lowers unit cost. But it’s still the cost of ALL the ‘units’ that have to be liquidated to effect any savings. And you’ve just dumped still ‘more’ of them on a market that couldn’t absorb the total number you were previously making. If you ‘traded’ this surplus to some other country for stuff they can make better there than what you can make here, the problem still exists. There is still a constant shortage of EFFECTIVE demand. Going into the hole still further to build infrastructure ISN’T going to solve the problem. It’ll only make it WORSE. Look back at history and you’ll see that clearly. Did it work for Mussolini in Italy, or Hitler in Germany? And those were command and control economies to a high degree? Did it work for Roosevelt in the USA, whose economy WASN’T a command and control one, not until World War Two broke out and he controlled all wages and prices from Washington, DC? It did NOT! It simply CANNOT work, long term, even in a dictatorship, and attempts along those lines will lead us straight to where most of us do not want to go.

Trudeau is being used as a stooge by the Eastern establishment, and by Paul Martin and Jean Chretien. Anyone with half a brain and a butt, would know that Trudeau is not his own man. He was groomed for this job by those who want to get back into power.

For those who continually knock Harper I say to you. Harper is his own man, he got to where he is to-day by hard work and dedication. Trudeau did nothing to get into his position as Party Leader, except put his name forward.

Time you Harper Carpers grew up and faced reality. If you cant see the difference between a **set up** and a legitimate contender, then you are politically blind.

Harper and a lot of people worked hard to get us some legitimate representation in Government. He basically took the reins of power from those in the East and spread it around the Country. Remember the Mantra **The West Wants In** Well we got in.

Now you want to give it all back, because they ran a pretty face in this election.

I am sure any barker in a carnival would just love to talk to you.

gopg2015. Bully for you. If you look at Miz May, and the constant yapping about every subject under the sun, and the constant criticizing of everyone, plus the use of foul language, you could make the case that she is a bully.

gopg2015, any thoughts on the recent Dan Gagnier/Liberal Party scandal, or is it “mums the word”?

NMG. There is a difference between voting, and getting out the vote. Seems when it comes to getting them out the Conservatives do the better job. LOL.

Palopu wrote: “If the Liberals form a minority or majority Government with only 30/35% of the popular vote will this be construed to mean they have a legitimate Government”

Simple, the popular vote does not count whether it is nationally or at the riding level. The situation we had with our Cariboo riding is not common. The more parties, the more candidates, the fewer elected candidates will have a majority of the votes.

If you do not like that, move to the USA. They have two choices.

Canadians now have 3 strong parties. And then there is Quebec with its local party which, because it is such a populous province, can make a considerable dent in the 3 party system.

We used to have only two strong parties. It is time to get used to the new reality rather than dwelling in the past. In fact, it is time to look at what Europe has learned to do under similar circumstances. We may already have started on that path, when the talk has been that unless the cons get a majority, there may be a Liberal-NDP agreement to join in a coalition to form government. I doubt it will be as strong as a European style coalition government but rather like the Harper minority government of past years.

Tread lightly with what you put forward as a Bill, because the government may fall.

Not a bad thing in my mind.

“The general public are viewed as no more than ignorant and meddlesome outsiders, a bewildered herd. And it’s the responsible men who have to make decisions and to protect society from the trampling and rage of the bewildered herd. Now since it’s a democracy they – the herd, that is – are permitted occasionally to lend their weight to one or another member of the responsible class. That’s called an election.” — Noam Chomsky

oops the poignant part was the thought for the day please ignore the preceding

Hart guy . The province ? Really ? It’s a comic tabloid owned by postmedia which in turn is owned by two U.S. Hedge funds that are renowned for enhancing profitability . Not enhancing the paper but enhancing profits by destroying benefits , jobs , pensions and ultimately destroying the business itself . couldnt have happened without your hero in charge .

NMG. There is a difference between voting, and getting out the vote. Seems when it comes to getting them out the Conservatives do the better job. LOL.


Well, except for those elections where they didn’t form government . . .

In response to Hart Guy’s question.

It is the first time I heard about it.

When I explore rumours such as this I need the following:

What was actually “leaked”. In other words, did it have special value, or could any astute person have surmised the same kind of information.

I think any good business/corporation would know what the policies of various parties would be with respect to their business and go through some scenarios to decide how to prepare and even which party to support. I am sure that in higher corporate offices that have their fingers on the pulse of what may affect their business, there are people who probe by calling those they have access to in at least two parties, if not more.

If I find that the information was of any substantial value, then I would follow it up.

Of course, being in an election, I do not care which party supporters are involved, I would be considerably more suspect of such events being used to get a leg up by opposition parties, especially those who are underdogs and are about to lose an election.

Holy Cow Palopu. You better surround yourself with plastic. I think your head is about to explode.

Hart guy, this morning on a TV panel discussion, a former Conservative campaign aide preferred to decline an invitation to participate as he had been during a recent election campaign an active lobbyist for the party. So he thought it wiser to disqualify himself. What do you say to that?

Socredible:”Did it work for Mussolini in Italy, or Hitler in Germany?”

Whenever one brings up apples and oranges comparisons involving the Austrian mustached private (Austrian born and never a German citizen) and Italy’s Il Duce I know that the bottom of the barrel is being scratched.

Both of these dictators knew next to nothing about financial affairs, diplomacy and strategic warfare. Like every sociopath they also ruled with an iron fist and ignored any advice coming from experts! Somehow I thought you would know that.

Over and out.

I agree with gopg2015. I’d rather see a minority government with 2 or even 3 parties working together to govern in a way that is acceptable to a diverse group of people, than to simply ram one particular agenda down the country’s throat because they managed to get 39 or 40% of the vote.

And that goes for WHATEVER party is in power. We need far more cooperation in our political system than what we currently have.

It is an interesting thought of the day.

It seems the British had that thought when colonizing North America.

Those in New England in 1776 had a different thought. ;-)

Ataloss, the Province is only the messenger, passing along comments from a long-time Liberal Candidate and supporter!

Don’t shoot the messenger!

By the way, did your HuffPost and Tyee comic tabloids even run the story about the Dan Gagnier/Liberal Party scandal?

gopg2015, the mainstream media hasn’t said a lot about the Gagnier affair. Liberal corruption DURING an election campaign? Go figure!

” We may already have started on that path, when the talk has been that unless the cons get a majority, there may be a Liberal-NDP agreement to join in a coalition to form government.”
Is the trough wide enough to allow TWO to feed from it at the same time? Especially THOSE two?

gopg215:”Palopu wrote: “If the Liberals form a minority or majority Government with only 30/35% of the popular vote will this be construed to mean they have a legitimate Government””

The answer is clear: If the Conservatives would do it, it would be legitimate. If the Liberals or the NDP would try to do the same thing, it would be illegitimate or illegal or worse.

socredible …… why do you even think of it as two? It is one government.

Look at it as 10 people agreeing on being in charge of a project and each have a vote. So 3 think one way, 4 another way and another 3 think yet a third way. They have to have a majority to agree with what to do.

How do they ever get anything done, unless they come to some compromise or one of the groups has a very convincing argument of why the project should be done their way.

The project goes ahead or does not depending on how well they can get along. There is only one trough, and there will always only be one trough. We are that trough.

Good point Prince George!!!! I forgot to consider the nature of Palopu’s logic….. ;-)

Its a non story that ended before it got started . I wonder how many Red Tories there are in your riding HG ? I sure hope for you that you can hold your nose and mark an X at the same time . It’s really not as hard as one would imagine .

Sorry Ataloss, I’m a true blue Conservative, through and through, haha!

Trudeau’s campaign stinks so bad that we should all be holding our noses. To wit, check out Justin Trudeau campaigning with 100% out and known cokehead/whackjob George Smitherman.

Also, Ben Levin- charged child porn advocate/molester.

Saima Jamal – Hamas supporter/riot organizer.

Jian Ghomeshi – accused of rape and abuse.

Justin campaigning in Montreal’s Wahhabi mosque that is on international terror watch lists and a proven ISIS recruiter in Canada. Their Imam also teaches a seminar on how to beat your wife properly. But their money and support is worth it to Justin.

Darshan Kang – Current Liberal candidate Hamas supporter/election violations.

The numerous org crime drug dealers who brag on social media about attending Liberal events and supporting Justin’s weed platform with donations.

Kathleen Wynne – under 4 separate police investigations including expensing as Premier to campaign with Justin.

Gerry Lougheed Jr. – charged with influence peddling and corruption charges re: interfering in provincial elections.

Suhk Dhaliwal – current Liberal candidate running for MP despite being charged with tax evasion.

Michael Chan – under surveillance by CSIS for inappropriate relations as ON Minister to Chinese consulate and China’s Communist government.

And let’s not forget that just a few days ago his senior advisor Dan Gagnier is saying he did not act alone, it was on senior party member’s counsel and for their benefit he illegally gave instructions on who/how to lobby to get greased approvals for resource projects if elected.

Can’t trust Trudeau!

I’m off to work, so you guys will have to pick on someone else for a while! Play nice!

Cheers! ;-)

If the latest seat projections are complete the liberals will have a pretty strong minority and should be able to govern as if they have a majority. On Tuesday Harper’s phone will be ringing off the hook offering seats on corporate boards as he starts his new life in the private sector. Mulcair will be blamed for the orange crash and will find the long knives out to get him. Next “Just For Men” spokesperson to chase the gray away from beards?

With the ndp and conservatives both facing leadership contests in the near future they will not want to head back on the campaign trail anytime soon. Unless there is blood in the water and the other parties see an opening the liberals could serve the full term.

HG has to go to work on a Sunday afternoon and he votes con . Unbelievable . You have my sympathy HG .

He’s off to work Ataloss. The robocalls start tonight.

Wow, who would have thought that free transit would have been such a divisive issue. What on Earth will you ever have to fight about once the election is over?

Don’t worry Hart Guy, Cretien is out campaigning in Quebec for Trudeau and while being asked about the Gagnier resignation he uses the old “for me, pepper, I put pepper on my plate” argument

(according to CBC news): “He sent an email to some clients and he resigned. Was it wrong? I don’t want to debate that because he resigned. Let’s talk about the future. He’s not there anymore. Next?” Chrétien said to the crowd.

The old Sergeant Schultz line works every time “I hear nothing, I see nothing, I know nothing”

With Cretien out campaigning for the Liberals that should tell you something about Trudeau’s line that they are distancing themselves from the old boys club. History doesn’t repeat itself, people repeat history.

Justin Trudeau and all those credentials.. you know, being born rich to a politician, never really worked in his life… yeah think I’ll pass on giving the kid my vote.

So funny people concerned Trudeau is spending time with Chretien and Martin but have no concern with Harper spending time with Rob Ford. Hahaha Rob Ford the famous Crack smoking bully. Spinning info that Trudeau is going to run a deficit..FYI Harper has been running one he just doesn’t admit it.

Hart Guy:”Sorry Ataloss, I’m a true blue Conservative, through and through, haha!”

I believe it that you are, just going by the constant barrage of character assassinations on this site! Attack ads and smear campaigns! That is their specialty! No substance!

So Harper promises to cut %20 income tax. But doesn’t mention who will actually get it..

But what will he cut money from to make up for this loss of income? Something or things will have to be..

Let’s see., he cut from veterans, education, environment, coast guards, medical, transfer payments, etc already. Not much left.. Or how is he going to get the money back..or is he going to drive even deeper in debt..guess he is going for the record.. Putting us 160 billion deeper is enough for him? Going from %90 rivers, streams and lakes being safe from industry to %30… Thanks to him.. How are those senators he appointed.. The three suspended back on the payroll since he called the election… Bye bye Steve..

Prince George:-“Socredible:”Did it work for Mussolini in Italy, or Hitler in Germany?”

Whenever one brings up apples and oranges comparisons involving the Austrian mustached private (Austrian born and never a German citizen) and Italy’s Il Duce I know that the bottom of the barrel is being scratched.

Both of these dictators knew next to nothing about financial affairs, diplomacy and strategic warfare. Like every sociopath they also ruled with an iron fist and ignored any advice coming from experts! Somehow I thought you would know that.”

You conveniently left out Roosevelt, Prince George. And I believe the ‘Austrian mustached private’ actually attained he rank of corporal. But no matter. What, in comparison, (or not), does Justin know about ‘financial affairs’? Or ‘diplomacy’ and ‘strategic warfare’ for that matter? Is the management of his ‘trust fund’ in his hands, or did daddy, or maybe granddaddy, put that in the hands of ‘experts’? Probably the latter did that, to get Pierre in the habit of spending other people’s money. I’ve heard he was real cheap, not that that’s always a vice, mind you, Prince Charles has the same reputation. But then Chuck, even if he ever gets to be King someday, doesn’t have the authority to tax. Whereas Justin, if we’re unlucky enough to find him in office after tomorrow, will have.

Worried about Trudeau taxing us once he gets in..really.. But Harper taxes us more.. Huge stupid spending is fine? Wow how blind can the con sheep be… If Steve does it is fantastic.. If another party does the exact same thing it is horrible …ignorance is bliss …how blissful are the cons

PVal:-“So Harper promises to cut %20 income tax. But doesn’t mention who will actually get it..

So Trudeau promises to ‘tax the wealthy’. But doesn’t mention on actually what. Their incomes? Why would you need a large income if you were already wealthy? Especially if having one only meant you were going to give more of it to the tax man? Learning how to avoid taxes is one of the ways the wealthy got wealthy. Do you think they’re going to ignore all the knowledge they’ve gained on just how to do that just because another Trudeau is in office? So just how much additional revenue is taxing the wealthy on their incomes actually going to bring in? And just WHO is going to be taxed to make up the difference when it isn’t ever, (as I guarantee you it won’t be), ‘enough’ to pay for all the Liberal’s promised programs?

All I was pointing out is that for the past 4 years the Harper Carpers, have been slagging Harper, and one on their arguments is that 60% of voters voted against him, and therefore he doesn’t have the support of Canadians.

So if the same scenario comes Monday with a Liberal or NDP forming a Government of some kind with 30% of the vote. Will we hear anything from these complainers, or will they be silent because the worm has turned.???

Remember the conservatives Economic Action Plan in 2009? The government announced that it would be delivering short-term stimulus programs as part of its fight to the effects of the global recession. Sounded pretty exciting until you looked at the details.
Billboards were posted on the federal building at Victoria and 3rd. Turns out the only project that was done there was an upgrade and repair to the air conditioning system, something that was on the books for a few years already.
Harper’s government is very good at trying to make us believe that a pig’s ear can be made into a silk purse.

From the National Post, “The case for re-electing Stephen Harper”:

ht tp://news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/kelly-mcparland-the-case-for-re-electing-stephen-harper

Let’s suppose for a minute that the ONLY way any government could maintain liquidity in the economy in a time of recession and global financial crisis was to ‘deficit spend’. Now there are other ways this could have been done ~ ways that have been proposed for well over ninety years now ~ but NONE of the current political Parties want to look at them. And the two main ones who you would think would’ve been most interested in looking at them, the Liberals and NDP, are the two who are most stridently opposed to ever looking at them. And one of them, the Liberals, is traditionally the Party funded the most by those in the financial sector to ensure such methods NEVER get looked at. So there’s then only that ONE way, and that’s to ‘deficit spend’. Failure to do so would result in massive losses to that financial sector, and a massive negative effect on the economy as a whole. So faced with no alternative, that’s what ANY government would do. By doing so, the otherwise unrepayable loans of the private sector are enabled to again be largely repayable, and the flow of credit is maintained. The downside is the increase in public indebtedness, which, under the current financial set-up, is virtually permanently unrepayable; and a rise in the amount of money that must be diverted to pay interest on this increased indebtedness. This latter is not un-manageable so long as interest rates are low, and at present interest on this type of governmental debt is very low. When the economy resumes growing, this increased debt shrinks in proportion to that growth, and the additional taxes that will accrue from it WITHOUT EVER HAVING TO RAISE THOSE TAXES. But IF any government continues to deficit spend, say for new infrastructure, in a period where there is no longer a liquidity crisis, it will have to increase taxes. It does this not to repay its borrowings, (which could only then be repaid if there is more debt being incurred by sectors other than the government), but to try to forestall inflation. It seldom, if ever, works. What we end up with are higher taxes, higher prices, and a continual shrinkage in disposable incomes to pay the latter with. Increasingly we have to borrow ourselves, just to live. That is what electing a Trudeau government tomorrow will visit upon us. Will it be better with Harper back in? In a word, yes, it will. He does not have all the answers either, but he and his Party are far and away closer to them than the Liberals or NDP ever will be. Stay the course, people. You’ve nothing to lose, and an awful lot to gain.

I just hope for a record breaking turn out tomorrow.. Please excersize your right to vote.. People lost their lives preserving your right to vote..don’t make their loss of life or them suffering a life long injury due to war be for not.

Please VOTE

lbear:-“Remember the conservatives Economic Action Plan in 2009? The government announced that it would be delivering short-term stimulus programs as part of its fight to the effects of the global recession. Sounded pretty exciting until you looked at the details.”
One of the greatest things the Conservatives did in that period was the Home Renovation Tax Credit. This program was enormously successful, and a lot of businesses involved in the building supply and construction trades benefitted greatly from it. It maintained USEFUL employment in those sectors, while allowing homeowners a chance to do things they otherwise might have been even more put off from doing in times of economic uncertainty. It was truly an innovative and successful means of combating the effects of recession. One from which everyone involved gained.

Hart Guy, the link you provided leads to an opinion by one writer. It cites a British newspaper which thinks it ought to tell us how to vote in this our Canadian election. It is actually no business of the British to do so since they do not have to live here and put up with Harper and his minions.. According to the story there are international banking conglomerates which also and of course heartily endorse the Harper Government re-election, to no one’s surprise!

We are informed sufficiently to make our own choices. We don’t tell the British who to vote for and it would be appreciated if they stick to their own political and economic messes!

Prince George::: I see John Cleese supports Trudeau. See sideboard above. So I am assuming you are saying that he should butt out too? Right?

Or is he supporting Trudeau as one comedian to another?

Re: the very very recent Gagnier/Liberal party scandal, the one that Trudeau and doesn’t want to talk about!

“When caught, Trudeau’s campaign initially defended Gagnier. His behaviour met the rules and their ethical standards, they said. Nothing to see here.

The Liberals called Gagnier a campaign “volunteer” – as if he was just dropping leaflets after work some nights.

Fortunately, reporters weren’t fooled.

Under pressure, on Wednesday evening Gagnier bowed out – though the Liberals still wouldn’t admit he’d done anything wrong. It was just “a distraction” they said. Thursday morning the Liberal story changed again.

Now Trudeau called Gagnier’s actions “inappropriate.”

Contrary to the facts, Trudeau said he’d taken immediate action as soon as he was aware of his lobbying. But this new story didn’t hang together for long. Thursday afternoon, Gagnier told a reporter the Liberal campaign knew about his Energy East lobbying for months.

Bad, but it gets worse.

Is Trudeau’s Liberal party a policy-for-hire outfit?

At this point, it’s a fair question, and not one Trudeau will answer.

Asked to tell Canadians what he’s done to ensure other lobbyists aren’t shaping policy, Trudeau dodges.

After this, no one can honestly believe Trudeau is progressive. We don’t know what deals and shenanigans go on in the Liberal back office.

But we can be certain that placing trust in Trudeau is a foolish risk.”

Can’t trust Justin!

Final pre-election Ipsos poll for British Columbia :

Liberals- 40%
Cons- 28%
NDP- 25%
Green- 8%

Just hoping these numbers are close this time tomorrow.

Some excerpts from an article in the Globe and Mail Oct 16/15 by Lawrence Solomon One of Canada’s leading environmentalists.

Harper has outshone his predecessors on the Environment, the economy, clean government, and native empowerment.

1. On energy and the environment, Harper has been a tightwad. His predecessors in both Liberal and Conservative parties subsidized the development of the tar sands. Harper phased out these subsidies. Harpers predecessors subsidized the development of nuclear power. Harper slashed the subsidies and then, following demands by Greenpeace and Energy Probe, privatized Atomic Energy of Canada Limited’s reactor business. In one energy area Harper hasn’t been a tightwad – on his watch the Federal Government has ponied up billions for wind turbines, carbon sequestration plants and other projects designed to reduce Canada’s carbon footprint.

2. Harper also parted ways from his predecessors on the polluter pay principle. Just this year, his government passed legislation holding oil companies operating in the Artic or Atlantic waters liable for up to $1 Billion in damages, compared to the $40 Million that previously existed for Artic Drillers, and the $30 Million for Atlantic drillers. By upping the ante for polluters 25-fold or more over the pittance that his predecessors deemed adequate, and also requiring that they demonstrate financial solvency up front to prevent them from skipping out on their obligations by declaring bankruptcy. Harper created punishing financial incentives to ensure oil companies don’t play fast and loose in protecting our offshore waters. While he was at it, Harper also increased the liability of nuclear operators to $1 Billion-the only increase since the 1970’s, when a $75 Million limit was set.

3. The most corrupt segment of Canada Society-and not unsurprisingly the most poverty stricken, dysfunctional and disempowered-involves our First Nations, whose top-down chief-run governments keep natives in the dark. To empower rank and file natives with the information needed to hold their own governments to account, the Harper government passed the **First Nations Financial Transparency Act** which requires that Canada’s 581 First Nations come clean with their own constituents. Under the act, each band must disclose what Canada’s other citizens have long had access to.- their governments financial statements and the remuneration and expenses of their elected officials. This power – which will for the first time in Canadian history has been vested in the hands of average First Nations – promises for the first time to give natives control over their own communities, and with that the tools to better their lives.

4. Harper is most respected for his economic stewardship-Canada was the envy of the Western world in weathering the 2008 Great Depression. As the New York Times reported last year, Canada likely has surpassed the United States to have the worlds most affluent middle class. While the median income has dropped in the U.S.,Canadian incomes have risen impressively, especially for those in the bottom 20 percent. The number of people below the Low Income Cut-off is at its lowest ever. A recent OECD report shows Canada has done a particularly exemplary job in reducing child poverty since Harper took over, despite the Great Recession.

There is more and you can read the article yourself, however you get my drift.

The propaganda regarding Harper has been out their in Canada for over a year and a half, and it is nothing more than a premeditated smear, orchestrated by those who want to get rid of him for political reasons.

The sad part is, is that a number of Canadian, and certainly a number of people who post here have bought into this BS.

I doubt if anyone will change their vote at this late date, however perhaps some will at least give some thought to what they are actually doing as they make their (x)

Have a nice day.

Ben Perrin, a lawyer who formally worked in the PMO issued a statement today saying the tories have “lost the moral authority to govern” Talk about a swift kick to Harper’s gentlemen bits a day before most people head to the polls.OUCH!!!Ben said he plans to “vote for change”

I still plan to strategically vote for Todd as I’m sure my blood pressure would go through the roof to have a dipper represent the riding:{ Or really think outside the box and vote for the Jolly Green Giant that parachuted in from down south.

Even though I agree with things like the conservatives plan to take the fight is ISIS,some get tough on repeat offenders etc, there are some that I strongly disagree with like trying to take away a terminally ill person’s right to die with dignity, their stanch opposition to safe injection sites, sooner see the needles properly disposed as opposed the ones I have seen littering the ground of that park in Fort George.

Lastly running solely negative attack ads from a month or two before the writ was dropped till the last day of the campaign has left me with the impression they have nothing new to offer, IMO its time for new blood and maybe a slightly different focus.

The good thing is that it will be a minority, if Trudeau screws things up in a big way it will be back to the polls.

Hart guy… you should start writing about all of harpers scandals.. by the time you are done he will have lost the election.

I wonder why harper is so against pot.. guessing he is in bed with big pharmaceutical companies.. he would rather have Canadians get hooked on prescribed drugs with horrible side affects for pain than using medical marijuana with very minimal side affects…

thought he had a financial background… he obviously cant do math..


I have heard of run on sentences but you take it a step further—run on paragraphs. Use the return key once in a while it will make your posts way easier to read.

The wealthy get wealthy by avoiding paying taxes was a real head scratcher. How do they get wealthy in the first place? 250K a year paper route? Convincing manager at MacDonalds that they deserve a wage similar to a top Bay Street lawyer for tending the fryer?

sparrow=flock of seagulls!dipper.?now I see you Vote for CONs and Ford brothers too Eh! Ya Bigot!!. LOOKED IN THE MIRROR LATELY…WOT YOU SEE A DIPS*#!….JT …majority….its signed sealed and ….we’ll see.

P Val his science says so…he can prove it on HELLTH canada site…yet the Scientist say he is full of Crapola..Yup! not a soul has died form Cannabis,my buddy did break his leg when a 100lb bale landed on him!!I get my Canada back 12:01 the 20th…new gov. yea …Smile….

Little something from Walter White’s lab in the pipe tonight?

P Val, I leave the writing about Harper’s “scandals” to you!

Conservative election promises, approximately 6 Billion!

Liberal election promises, approximately 146 Billion!

If the Liberals win, hang onto your wallets and don’t say that you weren’t warned!

sparrow:-“The wealthy get wealthy by avoiding paying taxes was a real head scratcher. How do they get wealthy in the first place? 250K a year paper route? Convincing manager at MacDonalds that they deserve a wage similar to a top Bay Street lawyer for tending the fryer? ”

There are a lot of perfectly legal ways for those who have become very wealthy to avoid paying taxes, sparrow. Too many for me to begin to list here. And then there are the illegal ones, which is tax evasion rather than tax avoidance. And some grey areas, too. That’s where dirty politics gets involved. Trudeau will not garner the kind of dough in taxation he wants the public to imagine he’ll get from taxing the particular wealthy they feel should be contributing more in taxes. Lets not forget that in the heyday of the Liberal Party’s “balanced budgets come Hell or high water” era, one fabulously wealthy eastern Canadian family moved a great deal of their wealth off shore to a tax haven in the Caribbean after one Paul Martin, Finance Minister, overturned an advance ruling they’d received from the CRA that such a move would be taxable. I’m sure the Bronfman’s will be eternally grateful to their Liberal benefactors. Wonder how much they’ve contributed to Justin’s campaign?

The Liberals will win diddly squat. If they get a minority, it is only a matter of time before we have another election. They will have to butt kiss the NDP to stay in power, or perhaps the bloc. If they don’t kiss up to the NDP, and the Bloc, then they will get kicked out.

Trudeau has brought nothing to the table.

He supported Bill C-51 and will not change it.
He will support the TPP trade agreement.
He wants to go into deficit spending, perhaps all the smart boys/girls on this site can explain to me how he can go into deficit spending when his staying in power depends on the Conservatives, and NDP who campaigned on balancing the budget.???

Do you think that Mulcair will support deficit spending. If so does that mean that he has been lying through out this election.

So it looks like Trudeau really doesn’t have a platform at all except to tax the rich and pay the money to the middle class. Have fun with that one, when it was the rich that got him to where he is to-day.

So if (big if) he gets a minority Government he has already shot his wad, and can only sit on his ass and wait for another election.

How to add value to a product.


Just one more thought for some to take to bed to-night.

Even if Harper should get less seats than Trudeau in a minority Government he does not have to call back parliament until he choses, and he probably wouldn’t for four or five months. Then there would be a Leadership Convention and it would be after that, that the new leader of the Conservative party would go to the Gov General and try to establish a Government. If he could not, then there could be another election, or the Gov General could ask Trudeau if he could form a Government. Trudeau would then rely on the Conservatives or NDP to keep him in power. So expect Harper to be around for the next 5 or six months at the least, and perhaps another four years at best.

Sooooo, To quote Yogi Berra. Its not over till its over.

HG:-“If the Liberals win, hang onto your wallets and don’t say that you weren’t warned!”
=========================================================================Better advice was never given! (Though with the near certain inflation we’ll get if sonny boy follows through on his promises, it might be best to buy any projected purchases now, before prices start going through the roof, and the GST goes back up to 7%, or higher.)

Palopu , why is it that the right thinks it’s okay to lie ?

Hey Ataloss, are you still lying about that “global warming” thing?

Tomorrow will be an interesting day! Some will dine on crow while others sip champagne!

By this time tomorrow night, we will know who will be doing what! Then the fun begins!

Ataloss. Under the Canadian Constitution Parliament only has to meet once per year.

There is precedent for what I outlined above. All you need to do is some research.

I’m not saying that is what will happen, however it could, and if it did you would be able to continue to hate Harper for another 6 Months. That should make you happy.

Between Pappoo and the fartsmeller hg…yes JT Majority coming our way PPP.it will be sweet…pappoo yer drunk rite?hg those meds..take more…..or go see DR and try new Psychotropicals….like E or lsd….pair of Bigots….

tliotg, it’s clearly obvious that you have some serious issues! Dude, get some help! With a wingnut like you supporting Trudeau, I am 100% sure that my support for the Conservatives is the right choice!

Sleep tight, in your straightjacket and padded room tonight!


P.S. – VOTE!!

to late,,,,fart guy…I bet ya can wiggle your ears with it stuck up their rite?True Con Bigot..must be just like those no good Thieving,Lie’n ,cheating…..harpertoids….baaaaa,baaaaa….FYATHYRIO…hehehe!
JT MAJORITY…..Puff,Puff…you don’t get none!legal soon…heehaw..

The most informative article I have read on polls as well as election times in Canada today —— it is from Australia


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