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October 28, 2017 2:02 am

Off Road Vehicle Registration Deadline Nears

Friday, October 16, 2015 @ 3:58 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The clock is ticking.  There are just two weeks  left before  off-road vehicle registration and safety rules  become mandatory  for the operation of  off road vehicles in B.C. 

The new regulations kick in November 1st and  include  rules for child operator, safety equipment requirements and  where the number plate must be placed on the vehicle.

The operating standards  include:

  • Helmets: Helmets must be worn when operating an off-road vehicle (ORV).
  • Seat belts: If a manufacturer has installed seat belts, then the seat belt must be worn during the operation of that vehicle.
  • Lights: ORVs must use lights during low visibility conditions when riding on Crown land 30 minutes after sunset or 30 minutes before sunrise. If lights are not installed by the manufacturer, temporary lights can be attached to the ORV.
  • Children: Children must be supervised when riding on Crown land and be riding an appropriate sized ORV as recommended by the manufacturer.

There is also a sticker option that  can  be used on Off Road Vehicles that  can’t accomodate a metal  license plate. Those who have already  received  a number plate during the voluntary registration  period can  switch to a sticker by  bringing in their  registration and metal plate to any  ICBC broker  between November 1 and December 31st of this year.  There will be no cost to switch during  this period, but  as of January 1st,   it will cost $18 dollars to make  such a change.

Snowmobile owners who have already registered their vehicles under the Motor Vehicle (All Terrain) Act will be eligible for refund, up until Nov. 16, 2015, when they register under the ORV Act. The refund will be for the amount they had already paid – this will be $5 for transfers and $10 for registration.

More than 35 thousand  Off Road Vehicle users have already registered their  vehicles during the  voluntary registration  period that started on November 17th of last year.  The cost for  registration and a plate/sticker  is $48 dollars.


should be interesting how well the citizens embrace this. :-)

Really what is the benefit to the ATV owner other than a tax grab by the liberals. Registration now means transfer papers on the sale and an extra 12% for Christie.

Another cash grab from the Liberals

As far as I know helmets are not required to be worn in a side by side if the machine has roll over protection.

re: “•Helmets: Helmets must be worn when operating an off-road vehicle (ORV).”

acrider55, we have heard the same from the RCMP – with seatbelt, mirrors, lights and roll cage the vehicle is no different than a jeep, and no helmet is required.

Have heard conflicting information about helmet use in different areas as well. FLNRO and RCMP say they only need to be used when on Crown land and roadways – so not necessary for farm and non-Crown trails.

Would be nice to get clarity as there is so much confusion.

Helmets impair vision, so you might solve one safety problem and create another.

Can’t see how licensing or registering will help anyone but the Government, who will generate some more revenue.

Yes another cash grab… First it was for boats and drivers now for ORV. What’s next? The conservation officer out giving tickets.

Old helmet laws are still in effect until nov 1 2015. Dirt bikes and atc’s require helmets. Atv’s and Utv’s do not.

What I would like to know is where are the stickers for the snowmobiles?

The stickers have arrived but you have to wait until November 1 to take in your plates and exchange them. Registering your already register sled, hopefully the new ones stick as good as the old ones.

yes there is some monetary gain by the government…
but we register our other vehicles so if it is stolen it can be returned to us when found.
is there really a difference…
and wearing safety equiptment only makes sense…well to some anyways.

Helmets impair vision, sorry Palopu I have to disagree with you for the most part.
I will agree though that a full face helmet might fit into your statement correctly.
I have driven motorcycle for about 50 years,
always with a helmet, I find that a properly fitting helmet causes little or no impairment of vision, no more than a bad set of sunglasses.

The use of a helmet especially motocross helmet leads to a substantial increase in neck injuries. People should be made aware of this before using them. There are 20 or so neck braces that can be used to reduce these injuries. But if you really want to make a difference wear a chest protector.

Lived in Alberta, bought a new ATV there. No PST. Moved to BC the libtards are demanding I pay them PST. FN crooks! Not getting a dime!!!!

“If lights are not installed by the manufacturer, temporary lights can be attached to the ORV.”

Temporary lights? WTF are temporary lights? Who writes this garbage, some dope in an office in Victoria?

Time for a damn tax revolt!

I had a dirt bike stolen twice in 5 years. it wasn’t registered and was returned to me both times.

Ban all ATV’s for hunting except for the handicapped and I’ll be happy.

Then you gotta ban all motor vehicles for the same reason.

Mandatory registration is a cash grab..same with watercraft. Little to no enforcement, shows that this is not really important to the govt. I do support the boat operators licensing however and do believe that ORV operators licensing would be OK. At least people are exposed to the rules and regs involved, some may even become more competant operators because of it. The registration of the equipment itself does very little other than generate revenue and employ some civil servants to process the info. If the ORV’s cannot be licensed and insured for legal road use, then where is the benefit? The law enforcement agencies cannot even effectively enforce a cell phone law and pitiful driving habits, how are they expected to run down unregistered ORV’s who can disappear or out manouver a vehicle?

I’m with you, Griz2, make road hunting illegal. People would have to earn their prize and the moose population would probably increase as a result.

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