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October 28, 2017 2:02 am

Integris Professional Centre Officially Open

Thursday, October 15, 2015 @ 2:57 PM


Integris President David Bird  (at left) counts down to the  official ribbon cutting at the new  Integris Professional centre – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C.-  Hundreds of  members, neighbours  friends and staff turned out for the grand opening of the new Integris Professional Centre at 5th and Central in Prince George today.

The new $4 million dollar facility is not just a place to  do banking,  President and CEO David Bird  says it’s a “one stop shop”.  The new  facility  will offer  banking services, financial planning,  a notary , and  insurance.

“Everyone’s so busy” says Bird “If we have  a notary on site and you’ve done a mortgage, it’s a one stop shop, even insurance on the  house you can get that here.  We’re trying to make things more efficient because everyone’s busy these days.”

Integris  has   grwon from a small  privately run operation that  started in 1946.  Since 1975 it has grown from just  under 5 thousand members and  $5.7 million in assets to 25,000 members and $660 million  in assets.

The new facility also boasts a community room ” The Wheatley Community Room is a space for community builders to connect, share ideas and drive change – a separate entrance means it can be used after hours” says Bird.

The new facility  means  staff and services previously offered at  the 5th and Ahbau  location  move to the new site.




What a transformation that was to the old structure making it look new again! Good location too.

It is a nice looking building but the front has those bare wooden uprights that have an unfinished appearance. Very odd looking, in my opinion. Other than that, quite nice!

I wonder how does the board of directors feel now after they paid a premium to this contractor who claimed to be able to complete the job before the end of July.

Nicer than than the WIDC

Very nice addition to our “strip” ..the wood accents are a nice touch… A lot better than the old porn store :)

AHHHH p Val you visited there as well :) there was also a donut shop there back in the day.

Local contractors, local jobs, first class renovation to a 35 year old building in a prominent location. Well done!

The architects are not local ….. we lost all our local architects.

The firm that designed the building is RATIO from Vancouver.

The building that was transformed was from another era. It was nothing outstanding, but it was not an eyesore either.

The new look that we now see will look just as dated in 35 years.

Gee when I drew out all my cash I didn’t think they would have enough money left for such a project.

They also provide automobile insurance which wasn’t mentioned or used too..

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