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October 28, 2017 2:01 am

New Fund to Help Train Workers

Friday, October 16, 2015 @ 3:55 PM

Prince George, B.C. – The third annual  LNG conference that was  held in Vancouver this week  produced  a special fund to  train  workers . 

The  LNG Industry and  the provincial government announced  two funding programs to help  current and future employees upgrade their skills. LNG Canada has announced the LNG Canada – Trades Training Fund, a new program that will provide a total of $1 million to employers in B.C. in support of industry and apprenticeship training in the construction sector to build a workforce to meet the needs of the LNG industry.

The fund will be administered by the BC Construction Association (BCCA). CEO of the BC Construction Association North, Scott Bone,  says  the funding is a positive  for the region ” We certainly see significant benefits  to not only our membership  but people throughout the north.” Details of the training fund, including eligibility criteria and application dates, will be available on the BCCA website and the LNG Canada website

That’s not all.

To complement the new Trades Training Fund, companies in the construction sector can also apply to the Canada-B.C. Job Grant (CJG) which will provide $500,000 for employee training occurring before April 1, 2016. The Canada-B.C. Job Grant is a three-way partnership between the federal and provincial governments as well as employers. Government  provides two-thirds of the total training cost for an employee up to  $10,000 per person, while the employer is responsible for the balance. Eligible employers will be able to receive funding from the LNG Canada – Trades Training Fund to offset their one-third share of the CJG training cost.  More information is available at the WorkBC website.


Hmmm…wonder what happened to the $9 million the feds gave to FN’s for LNG pipeline training in 2010?

Read an article that indicated that 90% of the proposed LNG plants world wide will not go forward in the next 5/10 years.

If we don’t get any LNG plants, perhaps we could use those people who were trained to build an natural gas electric generating system North of Prince George, and deep six Site C.

Lng plants are going to be built demand is there price is down today not tomorow

lbear:”Hmmm…wonder what happened to the $9 million the feds gave to FN’s for LNG pipeline training in 2010?”

What makes you think that the 9 million were actually paid? Perhaps it suffered the same fate as the promised pine beetle fund…in other words it would be nice to see some documented evidence.

I read an article on the oil war between Saudi Arabia and Russia, with the Saudi’s now making their first deliveries into Poland in an attempt to undercut Russian oil prices.

Apparently they say the Saudi’s produce their oil for under $10 a barrel, but Russia claims they produce for only $2.60 a barrel. Russia claims they will bleed the Saudi regime dry, and once their bank accounts are empty they will have nothing left to stop to rabble from overthrowing the regime. Putin feels with the war in Yeman and the isis Syrian ops the time is fast approaching for the Saudi regime.

Apparently Putin feels the Saudi regime is close to calling uncle on this and accepting a greater role for Russia in the mid east in light of the situation in Syria where America looks to be abandoning its allies signing the nuclear deal with Iran, and walking away from the regime change in Syria.

Putin feels the Saudi regime plays oil war with Russia under the guidance and instructions from Washington, and once the Saudi regime turns on this policy ending the pricing war at Washington bidding that it will be the signal that Saudi Arabia has switched sides and will no longer be loyal to Washington.

This war between Saudi Arabia (Washington) and Russia; and how long it plays out, will have a significant impact on what LNG plants go ahead IMO.

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