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October 28, 2017 1:58 am

Local Candidates Wait for Results

Monday, October 19, 2015 @ 7:13 PM

Prince George, B.C.-  While  election results from across the country   have been pouring in  since 4 this afternoon Pacific time,  the  local candidates  are waiting to hear how they made out  in the ballot.

conse2Conservative Candidate Todd Doherty  is expected  to be at the  Coast Inn of the North,  having spent the day  visiting  numerous communities in the Cariboo-Prince George riding.

(at left,  the scene at the  Conservative campaign camp)

The scene at  the Inn   is  sombre,  and it remains to be seen if  Doherty can hold on to the riding which was held by Conservative Dick Harris for the past 22 years, or will it fall to  another party.

It is clear  the  ballots in the other parts of the country have selected a Liberal government,  but it  remains to be seen if it will be a majority  government or not.

Liberal Candidate for Cariboo Prince George is Tracy Calogheros. tracyfamily

( at right, Calogheros  is joined by her family and parents  from Tilsonburg Ontario  to watch results pour in)

She, along with  Liberal  candidate  for the Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies  riding, Matt Shaw,  are  at the Prince George  Curling Club waiting for results.

Calogheros says while she is excited the party has  won tonight,  she’s still nervously awaiting for the  local results to come in. “I’ve  left it all out on the ice now, it’s for the voters to decide.”

Colleague Matt Shaw  echoes those comments saying it’s all out of his hands now.

New Democrat candidate for Cariboo Prince George is Trent Derrick. He  is to join volunteers at the USW building on  Third Avenue.

ndpcampWith a Liberal government just projected, the focus for the crowd here is the local riding.

( at left, Marvene Layte and Sharon Sian watch early results at Cariboo-Prince George NDP candidate Trent Derrick’s camp)

.Campaign organizer Bobby Deepak says the NDP, locally, ran a strong campaign. However, he says the race, locally, will still be close.
The mood is quiet, but optimistic, however there are fears that the NDP will slip to historic seat levels.


“And it is time for principled conservatives to stand up for their principles. And against what Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have become.”

Right-leaning thinkers: Take back the Conservative Party

The Conservatives made a conscious, cavalier, poll-driven decision to pit citizen against citizen, writes Stephen Kimber.


A majority Liberal government from the looks of it …..

Well that looks like a bit of a message sent eh?

Palopu ? Hello Palopu ?

There was a report of a shot fired in your neighbourhood….I was just wondering…..

Waiting for Harper’s concession speech …

Stephen Lewis earlier was talking to Mansbridge, talking about getting our country back … no truer words have been spoken tonight.

Right now CBC is looking at the map and saying “welcome back to the Canada of the 1980’s …..

at the time of this posting CBC declares it is a majority Liberal government …..

Hart guy and Palopu are comforting each other.. The bad thing is as of right now we will be represented by a couple of clowns with no input..but good paying jobs for doing nothing.

He must be going absolutely bonkers right about now.

Hey, socredible, and others, with that kind of majority they are going to raise the GST to 9.523% …;-)

Harper that is.

Go Liberals ! Go Blue Jays ! Celebrating with a CANADIAN beer !!

Harper won’t give a concession speech. I could be surprised, but I haven’t seen that kind of class. He’s probably in a closet somewhere telling himself they are all wrong. I bet Trudeau announces before Harper concedes.

I find it notable that even Mulroney came out in support of Trudeau in the last few days before the election. Also notable was that Jay Hill didn’t endorse any candidate, but insinuated he supported Trudeau, and wouldn’t endorse Harper on the weekend when he was on Westwing.

With Peter McKay not even able to hold his own seat for his candidate one would think he is out of the running for the conservative leadership? I wouldn’t be surprised though to see Jay Hall entering politics again if Harper steps down.

You kind of have to feel sorry for Stevie …….ha ha ha aha aha ah aha ahhahahahahahahah!!!!!!

Eagleone….Doug Ford offered to step up to the plate if Harper steps down. That was not a joke.

One of the best coaches I’ve ever had gave me this advice when I was a kid; ” The only thing worse than a poor loser is a poor winner.” For the record before all the assumptions start, I voted Liberal.

Good bye and good riddance …. to Harper

Headline tomorrow should read,
‘PG votes more austerity for both riding’s’.

Best quote of the election goes to Marc Emery, “I only smoked one joint with Justin Trudeau.”

Amen to that

gopg2015:-“Right now CBC is looking at the map and saying “welcome back to the Canada of the 1980’s …..”

Remember what mortgage interest rates were in the 1980’s, gopg2015? We’ll see how many “welcome back” those when their renewals come up. Oh, well, savour the moment. The higher the expectations, the greater the disappointments. They won’t be long in coming.

socredible… they are just comparing to what Pierre said when he won the first time… has nothing to do with any political agenda…

harper is gone… can only get better…

Well I will eat crow… Harper is giving a concession speech after all.

I was conflicted until the end who to vote for, so I voted strategically this time and voted for the first time in my life for a ndp candidate in the guy with two first names. I figured the liberals might win overall, but hoped for a minority government where the ndp would be in coalition; and PG would become a swing riding in play in Ottawa.

I don’t much agree with the thinking behind the local results and think it will hurt this region over the next four years; but I am more than happy that we can look forward to a Canada that has some dignity in the years to come with Harper and his one man band type of negative dog whistle type politics out of power and no longer speaking for me as a Canadian.

Socredible wrote: “Remember what mortgage interest rates were in the 1980’s, gopg2015?”

I do …

Do you remember that mortgage rates in the USA were at a peak at the same time ….. ? I did not realize Canada was powerful enough to affect the elephant we were sleeping with that much …. . oh wait, could it have been the other way around, being such a close trading partner with them and all that, eh??? ;-)

Try to be a bit more objective socredible …..

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