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October 28, 2017 1:51 am

Kelly Road Replacement Part of PG School District’s 5 Year Capital Plan

Tuesday, October 27, 2015 @ 3:59 AM

school boardPrince George, B.C. – The Prince George School Board is expected to approve its five year capital plan at tonight’s monthly board meeting.

It includes the allowance for one time capital upgrade projects, (announced by the Minisry of Education last summer) that cost more than $100,000.

As a result, the school district has submitted five projects worth $560,000 for upgrades at Polaris Montessori Elementary School.

If granted, the money would upgrade the school’s emergency and fire protection systems, heating and ventilation systems, and interior lighting.

For the 2015/16 year only, the Ministry of Education is also requiring that school districts submit their routine capital priority lists within the capital plan.

This year’s list includes the replacement of Kelly Road Secondary at a cost of over $41.3 million, renovations of just under $2.8 million for Nusdeh Yoh Elementary School, and an ask to increase the capacity of D.P. Todd Secondary from 625 to 750 students at a cost of over $7.2 million.

The district is also asking all modulars from D.P. Todd be removed.


Kelly Road needs a 41 Million dollar replacement? lol

Duchess Park wasn’t near that amount.

DPSS was budgeted at 39 million six years ago. Yeah that’s nowhere “near that amount”

I dont think kelly road will get the upgrade ,i think adding onto dp todd and dutchesss and filling the empty 15 classrooms in pgsss and in dutcheess will be feasable

Kelly Road also has approximately 200 more students than Duchess. Other schools within the city are sitting with empty classrooms while KRSS teachers often share classrooms. They need an upgrade. Why does DPSS need an add on when you stated in the same sentence that they have empty classrooms?

Its numbers dani u will c they wont get the rebuild with student decline ,most people are not having kids or limiting to one or 2,back in old days i recall family have up to 7 kids those days are gone the new generation just care about themselves

41 million dollars for a structure that could become demographically obsolete within 20 years? 41 million dollars!?

A lot of money has been spent on KRSS over the years and what? is the structure in danger of falling down?
They have an overcrowding problem right now, yes, but is it a foregone conclusion that the same problem will exist 5 years from now?

Why not plan another addition? The point is apparently more classrooms are needed, why build another monument to the gods of LEED ?
Who are they trying to impress?

I think that it would make more fiscal sense to utilize empty classrooms in other secondary schools, and lay on additional buses to carry students to and from.


“DPSS was budgeted at 39 million six years ago” – Duchess Park came in under budget. DPSS was a school built LEED gold, with GEO Thermal Heat. DPSS was one of the oldest schools in PG and took in all the French Immersion.

Kelly Road is ‘good enough’ for the Hart, plus you have the middle school there as well.

Even with it taking in the French Immersion program, the student enrollment it still lower than Kelly Road’s.

Kelly Road is the only secondary school (8-12), and no there is not a middle school it was converted to an elementary school (K-7), which is also one of the largest in British Columbia.

“‘Good enough’ for the Hart” – are you implying that students on the hart deserve less than those in town?

Leroy, there is no middle school in the entire district. Heather Park is now an Elementary School with somewhere around 600 students attending I believe. Also ppl, please don’t get Duchess Park and DP Todd confused with each other. DP Todd is overflowing and is using portables. Duchess is our brand new school. Bussing many students to various locations seems to be the wave of the future.

My vote as taxpayer idle kellyroad and shift students around and sell the property to developers

Also move school district office and move into the jmac can add offices in the gym ,there main office is prime land also sell half the huge school yards to developers and never see them utilizing them

I think with today cost we can look at 60million plus for kelly road replacement just my guess

Kelly Road should be replaced before any other school. The district should look at selling closed schools like Austin Road for example. The land that school sits on could be redeveloped for a different purpose or maybe the District could sell the land to the city. I don’t know what the closed schools are being used for but to me the land is just being wasted on some of them.

Everybody should understand next ten years schools will be obselete and education system will be run from facetime and from jome its scary but its coming

Please google this classrooms 2020 forbes

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