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October 28, 2017 1:46 am

Off Road Rules Kick in Today

Sunday, November 1, 2015 @ 4:00 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The province’s mandatory off-road vehicle registration and safety rules kick in today.

The registration and safety rules are as follows:

Helmets: Helmets must be worn when operating an off-road vehicle (ORV).
Seat belts: If a manufacturer has installed seat belts, then the seat belt must be worn during the operation of that vehicle.
Lights: ORVs must use lights during low visibility conditions when riding on Crown land 30 minutes after sunset or 30 minutes before sunrise. If lights are not installed by the manufacturer, temporary lights can be attached to the ORV.
Children: Children must be supervised when riding on Crown land and be riding an appropriate sized ORV as recommended by the manufacturer.
There is also a sticker option that can be used on Off Road Vehicles that can’t accommodate a metal license plate. Those who have already received a number plate during the voluntary registration period can switch to a sticker by bringing in their registration and metal plate to any ICBC broker between November 1 and December 31st of this year. There will be no cost to switch during this period, but as of January 1st, it will cost $18 dollars to make such a change.

Snowmobile owners who have already registered their vehicles under the Motor Vehicle (All Terrain) Act will be eligible for refund, up until Nov. 16, 2015, when they register under the ORV Act. The refund will be for the amount they had already paid – this will be $5 for transfers and $10 for registration.

More than 35 thousand Off Road Vehicle users have already registered their vehicles during the voluntary registration period that started on November 17th of last year. The cost for registration and a plate/sticker is $48 dollars.


what they fail to mention is every time the orv changes owners it is subject to 12% tax…………TAX GRAB

You’re absolutely right ice, just another tax grab by the Liberal government. Just how many times do you have to register a snowmobile? I’ve been registering them since 1969 now you have to re-register the ones you have already registered?

This is another BS Tax grab. Why does our government always claim these “laws” are about protecting people from themselves? Back in the day it was called “Controlling the population” If you don’t want to wear a helmet or seatbelts, good! Keeps the moron population to a minimum!

Hopefully the insurance companies have finally figured out how to register these vehicles. I wasted 1hr of my time just to find out they were unsure how to register them.

Clark’s family first policy once again. First in line to get screwed by the lieberals.

Where is the benefit to the ORV owner. Just another tax grab.

When the HST reverted to PST and GST it never did go back to the original tax of 7% for private sales. The Libs cream an extra 5% and lied about the tax going back to the same as it was before Campbell’s “not on the radar”, HST tax fiasco.

When will we ever learn to park our vote elsewhere and get rid of these scam artists.

“The cost for registration and a plate/sticker is $48 dollars”

Don’t forget all the PST they are demanding from everyone that hasn’t followed Christies rules.


Tax grab!

Apparently the ATV clubs and associations love this new law and had a huge part in bringing it to fruition.

“When will we ever learn to park our vote elsewhere and get rid of these scam artists.”

Not much to learn here! The “elsewhere” is the other party whose record frightens voters even more so they are not voting for it. It has been a two party province forever. Perhaps somebody can start a new party, please!

Did you know that if you buy an old beat up 12 foot aluminum boat from your neighbour, you must self assess and pay the pst to Christy on that boat?

@princegeorge have you heard of BC Green Party ?

Apply the same rules to bicycles. Why not they are used the same way.

Good idea in theory, if only to be able to better track stolen items. But being able to tax over and over again like vehicles? Hate it.

Seriously, who is going to enforce this registration b.s? Law enforcement cannot even keep up on enforcing distracted driving rules and speeding. Most rural roads are used as ORV speedways. If they cant even keep atvs and snowmobiles off the public roads, then how can it be expected that anyone will be enforcing ORV registration, helmut usage and underage operation regulations?
Tax grab and another reason for more govt staff positions to process and track more paperwork. Only the die hard honest law abiding citizens will conform to this. Sucks for the people who rarely ride their bikes/sleds. More top notch work by the govt.

The”BS” tax grab wouldn’t be if the 10%ers operated their machines safely.
When you find a 9 year old operating an ATV on a residential street, you know damn well these machines have to be regulated. Too many kids get hurt or die and you just hope these new regs are gonna help curtail it.

There is lot’s that are a piss off with this, but if I can buy insurance and registration and not be as worried about crossing a road or using a logging road, it’s worth it to me. I have heard many stories of atv’rs having the book thrown at them for these transgressions.

This is way easier than the old system, it is handled through ICBC now. I just bought new and they came to the dealership just like buying a new car. Much better than going down to Service BC and waiting in line. Also, as Dow says, if I can use a logging road now legally it is a win win. The tax rules on used have been in effect for years so this doesn’t change that necessity. Just makes it harder to cheat. Wah.

Really just why does a vehicle of any sort require all this bureaucracy but a bicycle doesn’t for using the exact same infrastructure. Not that I would want to see it happen but makes no sense to me.

come on seamutt, if you can’t see the difference between a bicycle and a quad, you need some help.

Ataloss:”@princegeorge have you heard of BC Green Party ?”

Yes, I have looked at it! It is alright. Thanks for reminding me to again consider it as a last resort alternative to the same old same old!

Well a bicycle can be ridden around town a quad can’t!

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