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October 28, 2017 1:46 am

November Aboriginal Disability Awareness Month

Sunday, November 1, 2015 @ 3:50 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The province of British Columbia has declared November Aboriginal Disability Awareness Month.

The Province says the declaration is in recognition of the contributions of Aboriginal people living with disabilities in communities throughout B.C.

The same resolution has already been passed by the First Nations Summit and the Métis Nation British Columbia.

The First Nations Summit declared the month to promote and enhance awareness of Aboriginal disability issues and encourage inclusivity in communities through recognition of the contributions of Aboriginal people with disabilities within British Columbia.

Victoria is working with organizations like the British Columbia Aboriginal Network on Disability Society (BCANDS) and individuals with disabilities and their families to reduce the barriers that can affect Aboriginal people with disabilities’ ability to participate fully in B.C. communities.

According to the provincial government there are nearly 550,000 British Columbians that self-identify as having a disability.

From December, 2013 to March, 2014 the provincial government held a public consultation on what government, business and communities can do to reduce barriers and increase accessibility for people living with disabilities.

Themes that emerged from the public consultation – ranging from employment to
accessible service delivery – make up the 12 building blocks of Accessibility 2024, government’s 10-year action plan on accessibility.


What is the difference between an aboriginal with a disability and a non aboriginal with a disability? Do we get a non aboriginal disability awareness month?

Bad enough that society is making a big deal about differentiating between first nations and non-first nations, but now it is important to point out the difference between disabled and aboriginal disabled? PLEASE, somebody open my damn eyes here! If you have a disability, what freaking difference does it make what race you are? Are we now going to see handicap parking spots marked for “aboriginal disabled only”?
We are collectively CANADIAN citizens. First Nation (aboriginal, native, indian and redskin whatever they were called as you grew up) have every right to keep their heritage and identity. Sorry, but this is where it needs to stop. The generations who wronged them as a people are dead and gone, or close to it. Those who were abused and wronged are getting there too. I know that my grandparents, parents, my own and my children’s generation NEVER participated in stealing from or abusing the “non-white” population. So why does this kind of segregation of race still warrant any promotion?

Some may acuse me of racism for even bringing this up. You should first know that I spent most of my life living amoungst the indian population. I respect their heritage and have participated in many ceremonies and other activities which placed me as the “visible minority”, being white. Some of my best life long friends are native. We ate, played slept and grew up in one another’s homes. Difference of racial heritage was not an issue. Government and racial politics is what seems to keep this as an issue. It needs to stop. I can agree with the concept of “truth and reconcilliation” but we all need to become equals as Canadian citizens.

Seems like a step back/ disservice for the non aboriginal persons with disabilities population of BC. I’m an advocate for social justice and equality, however this seems like a unneeded separation of a volunerable population that will further alienate an already alienated population. This one really makes no sense to me.

Didn’t the last residential school close in British Columbia in 1996? Perhaps your specific family did not actively participate in the genocide of native people but alot did and are still very much healthy and will remain so for many years to come I would think. A vast majority of native people still are segregated on reserves to this very day and not by their choosing but yes; let’s all be equal….lol.

Watchdog; your blind btw. Blind to the indifference that minorities have had to live with their entire lives. Blind to truth; open a book or look on the Web with an open mind and see more than the Hart; or Prince George. Canada is a big place and our history is short.

Medeon.. What? A lot of families participated in the genocide of natives..what a load of lies that is. Nobody is making the natives live on reserves, lots don’t, it’s a choice.. You make it sound like they are forced to live on the reserve..

Back to the headline.. Again why is this needed.. All people with disabilities face hardship.. Why is there need to make it a racial thing..why? It’s things like this that keep racism alive. This liberal government sucking up to the natives this way is pathetic.

Our culture today is segregating native people to the reserves? Medeon, their bands are trying to keep the members on the reservations! This is being done in order to keep the govt money flowing into band coffers, look into it.
Back to the subject. If a person has a disability, where does ethnicity come into play? If a person is disabled then they are disabled. When you see a person in a wheelchair, do you treat them differently for the colour of their skin? Do disability benefits change? Like I said, politics and govt are what keeps this as an issue. Whether you live in PG or Vancouver. Nice jab on the Hart though.

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