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October 28, 2017 1:43 am

Zimmer Speaks

Wednesday, November 4, 2015 @ 4:00 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies Conservative MP Bob Zimmer has broken his silence.Headshot of Bob Zimmer MP

After a number of interview requests, the two time MP finally called 250News to discuss his parties crushing election loss and to look forward to the next four years.

Zimmer admitted the sting of defeat has finally sunk in and was philosophical in his assessment of what happened.

“Canadians were at the point where they wanted some change. I think we had a pretty good story after nine years but nevertheless that’s what happened,” he said.

“So I’m back in Ottawa thanks to the voters of Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies and I’ll keep working as hard as I’ve always done.”

But after four and a half years on the government benches, he admitted sitting in opposition will be a new experience.

“Yes, but I still look at it positively. I’ve said it before, if you want to get things done in Ottawa you just have to work hard enough at it,” said Zimmer. “I think being in opposition you just have to work a little harder.”

As party caucus chair for B.C., he anticipates Conservative meetings this week will be emotional ones considering the high number of MPs the party lost.

“Yes, absolutely. It’s really surprising when you see some of the ones that aren’t there and it’s ones that you thought were a little bit more secure and they’re not there as well,” says Zimmer.

“It’s hit home I guess, the people that aren’t returning and maybe we’ll see them in another four and a half years.”

He said tomorrow’s task will be to elect an interim leader, though he chose not to share his choice.

“I have one picked out but I’ll keep that to myself. Todd (Doherty) and I have discussed it and we like a certain individual. But at the end of the day we’re all part of the same team, we just need to pick a captain.”

And if Zimmer has it his way, he thinks the party should hold off picking it’s next official leader until some time down the road.

“I’ll be pushing for a couple of years. We don’t need to rush it, we shouldn’t. We need to make sure the next leader is going to be strong and someone who’s got cross country appeal.”


I don’t know why so many would vote for someone that is a no show in the riding for PG, and refuses to discuss even the most basic policy direction. It’s akin to a vote to not be represented, or worse yet represented by hidden party insiders with a hidden agenda of their own… in opposition no less.

I hope he at least enjoys his family time with the next four years off in the political wilderness.

“…ones that aren’t there and it’s ones that you thought were a little bit more secure and they’re not there as well,”… “It’s hit home I guess, the people that aren’t returning…
More like a wake up call. “Bit more secure” almost sounds like they view these positions as entitlements…hopefuly (whatever his political party) he can use this experience to fuel a desire to have our area’s voice heard. And more importantly fuel a desire and obligation to listen to his constituents.

Name one thing you have done for your riding last term bob..just one thing…please.

Zimmer who? The only thing he has done is send a few flyers.

@Eagleone, I don’t think the people of PG voted for him, but there were enough up north who did. He’s not a Prince George candidate. He belongs to Ft. St. John, and Prince George is out of the way.

I don’t think we’re properly represented in this part of PG. Mr. Zimmer not responding to messages and enquiries during the campaign is likely a sign of things to come. I hope I’m wrong, but experience is already telling me I’m right.

Bob Zimmer and the Conservatives have always been a Peace Region favorite because they know oil and gas better than any other party. Hell, I didn’t vote Liberal, never have and never will.

@P Val. We know he reads this as he’s responded before. He cant name anything he’s done for the riding for a reason, so he wont even respond.

How’s the humble pie Bob? Still blocking everyone on twitter that dares ask a question?

I think it’s a good idea that the conservatives wait a few years before choosing a new leader. It will let the scars of their neck leashes heal.

So nice to see the rest of Canada leaving the path of making the 1% fatter by bleeding the rest of Canadians. Now we can move on and make Canada respectable again to the rest of the world.

Took a screen dump of the comments and will see if any of you admit to voting fiberal in a year or two. How the scams of past fiberals are conveniently forgotten. The fiberals are run out Quebec and the stripes have not changed.

I agree with seamutt. Some of the old liberal dogs that are in Cabinet are Goodale, Dion, McCallum, Brison, etc; Plus some newbies that wouldn’t know their a.. from a hole in the ground.

It will be an interesting four years, and **Pretty Boy** will get a chance to show us what he’s got. He has his buddies Chretien, and Martin sitting in the back ground showing him the ropes.

In any event he has his work cut out for him, and his days of being a **play boy** are over, now its time to earn his money.

This election gives the Conservatives time to reset their agendas and prepare for the next election. The NDP can colour themselves **gone** if they keep Mulcair. He keeps asking **what went wrong**. Does he not realize that he was what was wrong??

A great day for Canada!

Of course there are the usual gripers, sore losers, whiners and negativity promoters, but who cares?!

The zombie speaks. lol

pookerjams wrote: “because they know oil and gas better than any other party” … so why did they not diversify the economy so that when oil and gas are in the trough the country’s economy does not go for a dump

“Of course there are the usual gripers, sore losers, whiners and negativity promoters, but who cares?!”

And then there is Palopu in a class all by himself… LOL

Prince George. **A great day for Canada** might be a bit of an overstatement. Lets not forget that the majority of Canadians voted against this guy. Hmmmmmm. Where have I heard that before.

Cons are going to eat themselves alive picking a new leader, Bob say’s he has one picked out but will keep the name to himself, and has had discussions with Todd about it. But that they should wait two years.

There’s the strong commitment we like to see in our leaders. Scared to speak up and pick a side in case they are wrong.

Our regions are in for another 4 years of place holder MP’s. We elected two loyal lap dogs.

“He has his buddies Chretien, and Martin sitting in the back ground showing him the ropes.”


I think we did quite well when Martin was the Federal Finance minister. The one person in the background that scares the crap out of me is Bob Rae.

Palopu you either slept through the elxn42 or you are delusional . It was an ABC election . you lost . Stevie is just walking away from his responsibility to his riding and party ala Prentice the other con loser .

I just read an article that Todd only found out the MP’s salary was 167,000 this week while in Ottawa. Please Todd, you said you have been applying for this job for over a year and you didn’t know the salary. More of what’s to come from our new rep.

Just like you read the complete trade agreement Todd.

We elected a new Dick to represent us.

“Our regions are in for another 4 years of place holder MP’s. We elected two loyal lap dogs.”

Not being able to understand and read the strong winds of change can lead to ridings being left out in the cold reality of powerless irrelevance.

Zimmer can’t even cross the floor, they want people who actually will “work for a living”. Keep that back bench warm there buddy, everyone knows that’s about all you’re good for based on your outstanding track record in the region…

Princegeorge I also find it incredible that two cons were elected in PGs two ridings . It was the longest campaign . All the righties said we would be crying for the next four years . The righties didn’t even clue in when Lynton Crosby tucked his tail between his legs and slithered away . To stupid to see the change coming . Now you guys will just have to suck it up , put on your angriest pouty face , whine and cry about Prime Minister Trudeau for the next FOUR YEARS . You not only lost the election , you couldn’t even see it coming . Who’s dumber now ?

Took more screen dumps, you folks are just too easy.

Our two ridings are not REALLY out of it! The new Liberal government is going to be more even handed, less divisive and more impartial than the one that was just shown the door! Municipalities in the ridings will submit their infrastructure priorities and other concerns just the same and so will the provinces!

@Seamutt You’re bragging about taking screen captures of an anonymous discussion between people that you don’t know, so that in 3 or 4 years you may or may not get to prove a point to said anonymous people who may or may not be active on a website that may or may not exist?


Ataloss, you state: “Now you guys will just have to suck it up , put on your angriest pouty face , whine and cry about Prime Minister Trudeau for the next FOUR YEARS”

I guess that it’s now our turn. After all, you just had a decade of sucking it up, putting on your angriest pouty face, and whining and crying about Prime Minister Harper for the past decade!

By the way Ataloss, you seem to be very quiet these days about Dizzy Lizzy, as well as that whole global warming, oops climate change thing! What’s up with that?

Your boy,bob zzzzzz…when I called him out on FB ….he BLOCKED me…he Knows who I am….I have my theory on politicans…It is ture too……he a backbencher alrite…back there with baird…kenney…clements…Puffers..

Edited for content

I held my nose and voted orange out of fear of four more lost years under the oillies . Next election if the FPTP is gone I will vote Green . I sincerely hope that Liz will be running . She is still the best qualified to run the country . She is and was voted by the parliament ” Best parliamentarian ” . She’s definitely one of the brightest lights in Ottawa . I haven’t stopped smiling since the maritimes when red . That was the minute I knew little Stevie blunder was toast . The wife knew he was toast when Lynton Crosby slithered away , distanced himself and his business from Stevie .

Hey Fate aren’t you afraid of seamutt . He’s got a printer and knows how to use it ! Seamutt , James Seamutt . PGs answer to 007 .

We now have ministries of environment and Climate Change . Love the new equal cabinet . Looks like a crowd of ordinary Canadians .

tliotg, I probably would have blocked your queries as well, judging by your comments in the past, but that’s my right, to have an opinion, LOL.
Zimmer, now you have to work. Son of a gun, a new word. You are no longer muzzled so show us what you can do now, you’ve got four years to do it.
I didn’t vote for Trudeau, but he is our new prime minister and I respect and wish him well, for all of us.I have interest in his appointment as Minister of Justice, Wilson-Raybould. A crown prosecutor, regional chief of the B.C. Assembly of First Nations. Crown prosecutors are a dime a dozen, takes a lot more than that to make a Minister of Justice. But her skills as a regional chief could well help her out in a daunting task and learning curve at the federal level. Hope she doesn’t become a politishun like the rest of them and keeps her sense of identity. I wish her well.

Sleaze bag lives! Wonder if he’ll ever have time for those he claims to represent who don’t agree with him?

Seamutt:”Took more screen dumps, you folks are just too easy. ”

I think it is called a screen capture or a snip! A dump can be something entirely different.

axman, you may think you’re clever with the ‘Dizzy Lizzy’, but to me you are pathetic.
But I shouldn’t be surprised at such a slur from one who thinks that Harper’s undemocratic Omnibus Bill was a good thing for our country.
When it comes to intelligent thoughts or comments , you’re not fit to carry Elizabeth May’s purse.

Ataloss that all you got ad hominem attacks. How’s your imaginary solar system, save the world yet?

PG I think you caught on.

Minister of climate change, well hang on to your wallets folks between that BS and everyone lining up for their election promises where is the money to come from. Oh well the added c02 natural and a tiny bit of mans contribution will grow more flowers for everyone’s hair.


It’s a screen dump every time you post a comment.

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