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October 28, 2017 1:43 am

October Roadside Checks Discover Numerous Violations

Wednesday, November 4, 2015 @ 9:06 AM

Prince George, B.C. – It has been a busy month  for the Prince George Regional Traffic Services  of the RCMP.   Working with the Commercial Vehicle Safety  Enforcement, Conservation Officers, WorkSafeBC ,  Ministry  of Transportation  and  Natural resource Officers,   several  road checks were conducted in Prince George, Vanderhoof and Quesnel. 

With so many  agencies involved,  there were a variety of checks  that could be done on  different kinds of vehicles to ensure  they  are road worthy . Most of the checks  produced a positive result, but  several other drivers found they had to make  immediate repairs while others had their vehicles taken off the roads until those repairs  are completed.

Here are the numbers for the  various violations:

  • 98 – Violation tickets for illegal lamps
  • 143 – Violation tickets for other offences including: – No Driver’s Licence’s, Defective Vehicles, Fail to comply with condition of species licence to Fail to ensure timber is marked
  • 249 – Notice and orders  that  repairs were  required
  • 25 – Notice and orders  of 30 days to complete repairs with a complete vehicle inspection required
  • 5 – Notice and orders which saw  the vehicle immediately removed from roadway with a complete vehicle inspection required
  • 4 – Wildlife Act Seizures and Charges
  • 2 – Prohibited driver
  • 1 – vehicle impoundment
  • 1 – Impaired driver – 3 day Immediate Roadside Prohibition
  • 1 – Impaired driver – 7 day Immediate Roadside Prohibition
  • 3 – no case drug seizure

Of the  Commercial Vehicles checked:

  • 20  of the 55 commercial vehicles checked  for CVSA Level 1 Inspections passed the inspection.
  • 21 Units had Violation(s) Present 14 and  Units had Out-Of-Service Conditions
  • 34 units were  given a CVSA Level 2 Inspection of which  5 passed
  • . 24 – Units had Violation(s) Present and  5 – Units had Out Of Service Conditions
  • And for the CVSE level 3 inspection,   2 were inspected,  one  had violations, the other  was found to have “out of service” conditions.




Am I reading this correctly. Only 20 of 55 commercial vehicles passed – 14 of which sounds like fairly serious errors. So pretty much every second commercial vehicle out there is not in compliance. Wow. Tell me this is a mistake.

The NAS Inspection examines all of the following: driver’s license, medical examiner’s certificate and waiver, alcohol and drugs (if applicable), driver’s record of duty status (as required), hours of service, seat belt, vehicle inspection report, as well as the brake system, coupling devices, exhaust system, frame, fuel system, turn signals, brake lamps, tail lamps, head lamps, lamps on projecting loads, safe loading, steering mechanism, suspension, tires, van and open-top trailer bodies, wheels and rims, windshield wipers, emergency exits on buses and HM requirements, as applicable.


Only 20 out of 55 passed.

I for one am happy to see these blitzes because too many people take vehicle ownership and driving a vehicle for granted these blitzes will always piss off the ones who get caught but hey it’s a priviledge to drive not a right to drive if you get caught nobody to blame but the person behind the wheel

I personally would like to see more of these blitzes happen might actually force people to look after their vehicles and learn to respect the road but then again in today’s world…..good luck on that dream ever happening

This is what we need more of – great work by all those involved. Now they could get each of these agencies to work together is a wonder but good on them. Thanks for the work done here

Sure is good to see them taking some action on illegal lights!! There seems to be a high number of pickups running around town with rectangular LED arrays in front of their grilles, which are supposed to be covered when driving on the highway!
I find that wearing yellow glasses is the only to tolerate these oncoming lights in the dark hours.
Worst offenders seem to come from pickups that change their lights and then tow trailers with heavy tongue weights?

Those illegal lights are annoying if used as fog lights during the day. But they have saved me from many a deer and the people being me as well. Try driving Athabasca to slave lake at night with stock lights there are too many deer to count. And they have to be used correctly, I always turn mine off way before the oncoming guy because I know they are bright, work really good during the winter when you can see the glow around a corner. I’d be angry if an officer cut mine off because other people abuse them.

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