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October 28, 2017 1:38 am

NDP wants Province to pony up costs for MyEdBC problems

Monday, November 9, 2015 @ 3:59 AM

Prince George, B.C. –  Provincial New Democrats are calling on the  Provincial Government to  reimburse School Districts for costs associated with the new MyEducation BC system.

NDP  education  spokesperson Rob Fleming says there have been system wide malfunctions with the  $100 million dollar  program “The developer has apologized and admitted it fell far short of the mark. Now it’s up to government to impose a penalty that will be returned to the school boards.”

He says   school districts should not have to cover the costs associated with addressing the problems  of the  new system which is  supposed to track   student information.   The  new  program has had several problems  since it came on line in September,

Fleming said that the government chose an expensive computer system that does not work properly, so school districts shouldn’t have to cover the costs to address those problems.

In September ,  250News reported  how  the president of CUPE local 3742,  the union which represents clerical workers for School District 57,  advised   the  SD57 Board that the MyEdBC program is “slow to the point of total frustration”.

At that same meeting, the Board  asked the School District to send a letter to the Minister of Education  expressing concern  with the performance and function  of the MyEdBc program  and the extra workload  and  burden it’s placed on District staff.



The developer has apologized and admitted it fell far short of the mark.


If this is indeed the case, the developer should be on the hook to fix it.

Huge waste of money to bring this program in in the first place.. 170 million wasted in 4 years on two failed programs.. Thanks christy

Someone on this site it was the lazy unions workers fault.

Seamutt yes they sure where quick to union bash.. But I am sure they will be quick to apologize for their mistake ;)

Why can’t the NDP work with government in the back rooms of the legislature to address the problem? Why must they always go to the media?
This party wants my votes, they will work with government instead of chastising every chance they get. Sick of bashing. If these two political parties worked together they’d sure get a hell of a lot of work done for us.

Well said, Grizzly2. Right now, though, the only time they do seem to work together is to try to find ways to cost us more money, not save us some.

Interesing comments. So this has been an ongoing issue and is not new news. As a result of this issue being brought up previously the majority government that is in power should address it. It’s unfortunate that the minority party and other stakeholders have to continue to bring this up. I do not see anywhere that states the NDP is unwilling to work with the majority Liberal governing body on this costly issue. Previously I have read people complaining about the lazy union workers regarding this issue but now jump to let’s lay some blame on the sneaky minority party.

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