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October 28, 2017 1:39 am

Obama Explains Reason for XL Decision

Monday, November 9, 2015 @ 3:49 AM



The oil will move anyhow through other new, upgraded oil lines and rail cars. Keystone is just most efficient from natures oil spill. Here is a pipeline map so Keystone would have made what difference if not built.



The look is price less, just before he gets slapped. Now we will see what the chosen one is made of.

There are SO many pipelines already in existence in the States, and SO many new ones, that there just isn’t room for anymore pipelines, especially pipelines from Canada!

Note: Say the above in your most sarcastic tone!

Our oil, sell it too china!!!!

Sell our oil before it is worthless. build our economy and for every barrel of oil, we sell their is five dollar Royalty.

First dollar goes to pay off the national debt.
2nd dollar goes into building a heritage fund, untouchable for fifty years.
3rd dollar goes into Western Provinvces legacy fund. BC, Alberta and Sask.
4th dollar goes into new energy research.
5th dollar goes to general revenue.

The look of the cartoon drawing does look funny. As for the label “chosen one” you 100% nailed it. Chosen by far more of the Canadian voters than any of the other candidates.


Hey He Spoke

How about a dollar or two for healthcare… we are going to need it!!!

hey ataloss I am still curious about your solar system?

2015 liberals 39.5%
Conservatives 31.9%

2011 conservatives 39.6%
liberals 18.9%

2015 I hardly call that a Liberal runaway mostly a vote swap with the NDP.

I hardly call that a Liberal runaway mostly a vote swap with the NDP


It’s nowhere near a vote swap. It helped, BUT, the reality is far worse for the Conservatives if you look at the actual changes in vote count:

Conservatives: down 54,268 votes from the last election
NDP: down 963,704 votes from the last election
BQ: down 80,515
Greens: up 38,860
Liberals: up 4,133,373 votes from last election

Even if you argue that all of the lost votes for the Cons, NDP and BQ went to the Liberals, there were still an additional 3 million votes that were cast for the Liberals this election as compared to the last one.

That’s not an NDP vote swap, that is a whole pile of people becoming engaged and either voting for the Liberals or against the Conservatives. Either way, it’s not good if you are on the blue team and you have no plans for how to reverse that trend.

Funny (or sad) how some people persist in torturing themselves with sarcasm, hate, envy, jealousy and negativity for the next 4 years rather than accept reality, this being the outcome of the last democratic election.

Me, on the other hand, am very comfortable with the removal of what badly needed to be removed. The term exorcism fits well.

Have fun torturing yourselves! Ciao!

I’m curious about your prostate seemutt . How’s it doing ?Have you had it checked ? What kind of stove do you have ? How’s it working ? What kind of car do you drive ? Do you own it or are you leasing ? Do you use LEDs or incandescent ? I’m also curious about your relationships ? Do you have one ? Do you also nag your wife ? Do you have one ? If I told you what make of panels I have . would you then move on to nag me about my batteries and or inverter ? You see if one give a bully anything at all , they go for more . Why would you even care ? I care nothing about your life . Don’t want to be part of your life or conversation . Find yourself a business or perhaps a hobby that doesn’t include bullying people online seemutt , then you won’t have to mind mine .

Ataloss just asked about your imaginary solar system, no need for a hissy fit.

Took a screen shot of your comment, may come in handy later.

No fit at all . I’m just dealing with a bully . Like I said my life and property are my business . Which part of MY business don’t you understand ? Next you’ll want to know how many hectors of forest I own , how much timber is on it and its value . I bet you don’t go out in the public . I don’t think you have the skills to do that .

Democratic election, doesn’t matter which party got in, it was far from democratic with the constant biased barrage from the mainstream media and influence from unelected NGO’s with funding from outside the country.

There are interests against the gateway pipeline, Those interests have no care about the people affected or environment but there own self interest to eliminate competition. Russia and Saudi Arabia come to mind. These interests supplying money to so called environment groups in the states then funnel the money into NGO’s in Canada.

The media being liberal left wing who’s so called journalists are a product of liberal left education system. These journalists thus being incapable of an original thought of their own, a collective consensuses.

Tony Abbot of Australia and Harper where pushing back against the climate BS and it was predicted they would be removed and they where. The climate green blob is now bigger than oil and lots of money to be made. Thus more money into government change.

These interests using mainstream media as useful idiots new the general population have a very limited newsbite attention so some vague headline is all that was required and no details

There are some that believe even some in Harpers reelection team may have been in on the fix. Mainly because it was to much of a stretch not to read what was happening.

This is not about Harper losing, but a threat against our democracy by outside interests.

Who is pulling Trudeau’s strings, heck he may not even realize he is a puppet.

Well Ataloss you have made claims about having a solar system that you do not have. Privacy, chuckle when you post about your prowess in the stock market. You have posted some information about your life and business

Hum, more en hominem attacks and still no facts.

Maybe you bought into a solar system which has now turned into a financial and operational disaster and are to embarrassed to talk about it otherwise you would be welling its virtues from the roof top. Careful, don’t fall.

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