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Friday Free For All – Nov. 20th

Thursday, November 19, 2015 @ 11:59 PM

Here we go again.

It is Friday, and that can only mean one thing.  It is time for the Friday Free For All

You pick the topic, but  keep the comments  brief ( yes Eagleone that means you!)  and obey the three simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying


L E T   ‘E R   R I P   !!!


Is 250 Bullying you Eagleone. I’m sorry if they hurt your feelings. (;-)


What is the point of owning a dog if all you’re going to do is let it sit outside and bark all the time? Show some consideration for your neighbours and bring your dogs inside when they start to bark.

My neighbours dog [Emma] lays outside on my front door mat. Nice dog only barks when it needs to,like when a bear walks through my lot.

No Oldsmart, I just can’t think of anything to say is all. I’m still outraged about wide loads without proper lighting, but I think I’ve said my piece.

I’m trying to figure out why my truck heater doesn’t work all of a sudden on the coldest day of the year so far. I’m thinking its a fuse blocking the coolant from circulating to the heating core, but the fuses look good. The heater dash lights come on and the fan turns, but suddenly I have no heat. I suspect I won’t be the only one today finding out all the vehicle preparations for winter were for naught because of a first cold spell gremlin.

On the bright side, gas is cheep. Hope everyone filled up, it helps to keep the moisture out of the fuel tank when the temperature drops.

Is our gas really cheap? South of the border gas is hitting $1.50 USD per USG. Given there a 3.78 L to a USG the cost in American dollars is $0.40 cents per liter. Add in the exchange at 1.33 and the cost per liter south of the border in Cdn dollars is $0.53 cents or a bit more than 1/2 of our present PG gas prices.

So if 25,000 refugees come to Canada. This would mean every 1400 Canadian will have one refugee. That will equal about 53 refugees in Prince George.

So why is it that 75% of the refugees are men between the age of 18 and 35.

I will support a program where a husband and wife with children. but not single men and women. The compassion should be extended to the children, not the grown ups that create the problem, or not willing to solve the problem. A married man and wife, will do all they can to become good Canadian citizens, so that their children will be successful.

Residence add a few more cents, because the US gas has lower octane, thus you burn more fuel.

Most of the refugee’s will be settled in the bigger cities like Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, etc; So don’t expect to many to end up in North Central BC.

The Government (If you can call it that) is talking about building barracks to house a lot of these people,. Eventually they need to be settled in areas where they can get the proper help, ie; schooling, housing, jobs, etc;

Seems this project of settling 25000 refugee’s by years end will cost us something in the area of $1.5 billion over the next 5/6 years,. Not that we should base our refugee program on cost, however we need to be aware of the ramifications of decisions made without thought going into them.

Another factor that comes into play is that some refugee’s in other areas that have been waiting for years to enter Canada, may now be **bumped** by the Syrian refugee’s, so that is also something to consider.

All in all I expect that the year end date will be missed, but we will get close to the vaunted number by mid 2016.

Hey Eagleone, that is a sign of low coolant level in the rad if you have certain types of vehicles like Nissan or Chev/GM, some older Dodge, etc.

I think when Justin made that statement about getting 25,000 refugees here by year’s end he never thought he’d be in a position to have to go through with it.
I don’t know how they can possibly screen 25,000 in a year much less 6 weeks. Even with a 99% success rate, 250 bad apples are going to slip through the cracks. That one ring leader in Paris, even his family didn’t know he was “one of them” how is some white guy who can’t even speak the language going to sort out who’s who?
Like palopu said, what about all those poor people who have been following the rules & waiting patiently for their turn? They get bumped to the back burner for how many more years? The temporary foreign workers here now would love the chance to unpack & live here.
I think we should just stand back & think this through first. Once they’re here & the “no-goodniks” start on their agenda it’ll be too late.

Mercenary, it’s called training. Any dog can be trained to be quiet. It’s about lazy dog owners with no consideration for their neighbors. Got one of those too, the dog barks at everything, then the owner comes out and barks at the dog, nothing changes.

I heard that to vet and transport, house, medicate, feed these migrants to the point of self sufficiency is going to cost the Canadian taxpayer in excess of 1.5 billion dollars!!! While we cant get proper funding to maintain our way of life and people going hungry sleeping on the streets. ALL this and we haven’t even fixed one god dammed pothole yet!

Mercedes Stephenson just laid out the Liberal plan. Up to 900 per day flying out of Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey. The story develops daily. She has a blog if people want to follow the updates.

As Grizzly2 stated Mercenary its all about training the animal. Most pet owners are loving owners but are absolutely horrid at pet training and know next to nothing about proper pet training techniques and will not take the time to properly train their animal which takes weeks and months of training.

Basically most pet owners are loving and caring but are clueless or lazy about properly training their pets

Wonder why we are bringing people from a foreign country so far away when the oil rich countries such as EGYPT,SAUDI ARABIA,KUWAIT,to name a few DO NOT want them. DO they know something we don’t???

TO stop a dog from barking get a bark collar, works wonders. THE timing of the correction has to be when the dog barks not after the fact. Do not forget to add positive enforcement when a dog complies with the quiet command. A good dog, good dog in a high happy tone goes a long way with a pat on the shoulder to getting good results.

One other beef this am is with SPIKE getting free heroin 3xs/day while my mother who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis is in pain from the time she awakens til bedtime. The medicine she gets is somewhat covered but a large portion isn’t. Still doesn’t alleviate the pain. There is a new wonder drug on the market but our GOVT. will not cover it for arthritis. This drug is very expensive and sadly unaffordable for most people that suffer daily from this horrible debilitating disease.

How to stop a annoying dog from barking all night. A nice chunk of steak, a bottle of sleeping pill, String.

This should get me negative 20 on the O250 scale.

When comparing gas prices with the US don’t forget the taxes and the carbon scam. Also ethanol reduces power and mileage and does nothing at all for the environment.

Totally agree with Ice. Our Grandson is 22 and suffers from Juvenile Arthritis. He suffers terribly and his medication costs 2000 dollars per month. His Parents pay for it as there is no coverage yet Spike get his meds. free. Where is the justice.

He Spoke wondered “So why is it that 75% of the refugees are men between the age of 18 and 35.” They can run faster than the others.

I couldn’t imagine how the people of Syria are feeling. Could you imagine seeing your home your community blown to pieces with people you know or loved ones dying in your arms and you are totally oblivious to what is taking place in the outside world.
Could you imagine the hatred you would feel experiencing something that horrific.
These people will need a lot of mental attention having endured that sort of trauma. Who is to say that they will ever be able to lead a normal life outside of what they experienced. I really think our Government should put a little more thought into excepting these people without proper screening. The world has changed, would you except just anyone into your home or life? Allowing this to happen is doing just that, once it happens there is no turning back.
No return or refund!

Yep they can run faster, but we don’t have to take them.

The Tyee

IMF Pegs Canada’s Fossil Fuel Subsidies at $34 Billion

He Spoke, I agree with your feelings on accepting refugee families. Single men, and women are more of a risk. As a real ‘lefty liberal’ this upsets me, because I wish we could accept everyone equally, but that’s just not wise.

He Spoke asked“So why is it that 75% of the refugees are men between the age of 18 and 35.”

Everything that I’ve read (from multiple sources, not just cbc) has reported that first priority for refugees to Canada will be families headed by women (as in, no father), then complete family units (likely father, mother, children) then at the very bottom is young men unattached to a family unit. I’m wondering where you got that information, because I’d have to call complete BS on it. Sounds like some of the stuff going around on FB, the same stuff saying that refugees won’t be security screened, etc…

out of 25000 refugees supported to come to Canada, only 6200 will be women, children, and men over 35?! do you honestly believe that?

i agree that it is unwise to rush this process to fulfill an election process. but i also believe in the basic goodness of people and that these refugees want the same things we want, safety for our children, a roof over our heads and the chance of living a normal life.

We should keep in mind that Canada is also bombing in Syria, and therefore we are responsible for creating refugee’s . So on the one hand we bomb them, and then we say we will take them into the Country as refugee’s. Hmmmm.

That one ring leader in Paris, even his family didn’t know he was “one of them” how is some white guy who can’t even speak the language going to sort out who’s who?


Yup. That all white, English only speaking workforce at the Government of Canada is a huge problem. Good thing that some of the refugees would also speak English and/or French. Maybe they could just use Google translate.

Say oldman what are the green blob subsidies? Funny how the Tyee ignores that.

I really think our Government should put a little more thought into excepting these people without proper screening


Who said we’d be accepting people without doing proper screening?

Everything I’ve read suggests that there will be multiple screening efforts, beginning with focusing on those refugees that the UN identified as candidates. From there, it would be whittled down further by interviews and checks by the RCMP, CBSA and CSIS.

I’m confident in the screening. I’m not confident that it can all be pulled off by Dec 31st. So be it. Start to process and do it right.

Man has been at each others throats since the beginning of mankind and that will not change in any forseeable future. The middle east has been a flash point also since the beginning, just flip through the biggest war novel ever written. As for that religion of piece, ya right.

So folks there is no point in getting your shorts in a knot on who did what to whom, its just the continuing story of man, whoops and women.

Cast a wary eye at those wanting to rewrite history and climate history. Just had to throw the latter in.

Good morning to all my friends in George and others beautiful sunny day in Abby but some clown will smart ***s me but that’s OK I’ve had it happen before.

Anyway this is driver training morning so all you great divers on our roads and byways take note.

I would like to talk about this notion of driving, “keep right except to pass.” This is great when your on #1 carousing at 100 kms or more and you have four lanes.

In your city driving its another story. The rule of the road is, “left lane is through lane , right lane is for on-off traffic in that great City of Prince George and here is why. The posted speed is 50 kms and the traffic cops will let you get away with 5% over posted speed some think its 10% . I think with 10% you may have to discuss that with the officer that stops you..

So you are all in the slow lane, the right lane you pull up to a traffic light and stop. The poor bugger behind you that wants to make a right turn has to wait until the ten or so vehicles have gone through the green light. The guy behind the trough traffic could have cleared the intersection while the light was still red to complete their right turn. And remember there is NO slow lane the speed limit is 50 km’s .

One of the big problems in PG is the timing at the intersections. They are using cameras that have a fixed time when they should be using a controllers that actually count the traffic. And the technicians that service traffic signals need some additional training.

So have a great day and drive safely and hug your refugees when they arrive

Sorry but that is not the “rule of the road”. All lanes except dedicated “turn lanes” are “through lanes”

Eagleone, check your thermostat.

He Spoke,as to your families are safe single men and women are not.Did Osama Bin Laden and many others who committed acts of terrorism not have families? And your comment about dogs and sleaping pills,with steak and string tell me about the kind of human being you truly are!

Some interesting footage of Russian bombers in action.


Posted on Friday, November 20, 2015 @ 12:47 PM by slinky with a score of 4

Sorry but that is not the “rule of the road”. All lanes except dedicated “turn lanes” are “through lanes”


Actually, the rules of the road are “keep right except to pass” and “slower traffic keep right”. In BC, a sign with black lettering on a white background is a regulation. They are not just suggestions.

Of course, a yellow light means stop but few people understand that one either.

R2 that’s not totally correct, but kudos for illuminating the ludicrous idea that all traffic should be in the right lane in city thoroughfares.

Fact is, keep right except to pass is meant for highways over 80 km/h. Period.

Four lane roads in cities are engineered for volume.

There are left turns AND right turns as well as traffic turning onto these busy 4 lane roads from both directions. Hence the speed limit.

The left lane is NOT to accommodate idiots that want to drive faster than the status quo. It is there for VOLUME.

I applauded that law when it came out but I also predicted the unintended consequences, one of which is self righteous speeders misinterpreting the intent of it. Now we have these rolling anuses brutally tailgating people and bullying them to speed up.

Once again, the speed limit on, say, Ospika is 50 km/h except when it climbs up to Tyner where they bumped it to 60 km/h.

People can travel in either lane. If they know they are going from, say Massey toward Pinewood and they know they are turning left, it’s safer to travel in that lane instead of jumping into it at the last minute to hit the brakes to turn.

I’m tired of these keep right morons. Imagine if everyone kept right? We’d have a 8 km long line-up in the curb lane on Ospika. Like R2 says, we’d be sitting thru multiple light changes while the left lane stayed empty.

That law is for HIGHWAY SPEED ZONES!!!! NOT city arterial roads people!!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen

Several comments have been deleted as I remind you, the Friday Free for All is not to exchange personal barbs, but to discuss issues.
Again, refrain from the name calling and personal insults. They have no place in this forum.

Elaine Macdonald-Meisner

The “keep right except to pass” does not apply in some “city limits” where highway speeds are slower and keep right signage is not displayed.

Oldman1, There is a difference between subsidies and expense deductions. The anti oil crowd just can’t seem to get their head around which is which. Artificially high electricity prices are a subsidy. Deductions for drilling costs in the oil patch are normal deductible expenses

Coolant looks alright, I even had it flushed last year. It’s now looking like an air mix actuator, which is a huge pain to fix as the whole dash needs to come out to get at it. Lots of fun this weekend I guess…..

I’m tired of these keep right morons. Imagine if everyone kept right? We’d have a 8 km long line-up in the curb lane on Ospika. Like R2 says, we’d be sitting thru multiple light changes while the left lane stayed empty.


You forgot the “except to pass part.” If no one is passing you’d still have that lineup even though it would only be 4 km long.

Common courtesy (which is pretty much dead nowadays) would have you switching lanes if you were holding people up. This entitlement nonsense has gotten out of hand.

Grog,Have you ever tried making a left hand turn onto ospika from a side road? I for one find it very frustrating trying to cross two lanes of traffic let alone having to wait for that third lane to open up with all the left lane drivers. Have you ever noticed that there are more people that drive in the left lane than the right no matter how busy the traffic is? Try and be more curtious out there and let the traffic flow the way it is supposed to. Leave the speeding for the Police to deal with, not you because your entitled.

BCGrog posted: “Fact is, keep right except to pass is meant for highways over 80 km/h. Period.”

*Except for the Hart Highway which is clearly marked “Keep Right except to pass” and “Slower traffic Keep Right”

The majority of Canadians appear to be in favour of slowing down Justin’s unrealistic election promise to bring 25,000 refugees into Canada by year end.

I suspect that the majority, in light of the barbaric actions of ISIS, are in favour of slowing things down, as a result of both real and imagined fears for the safety of themselves, their families and their communities!

The recent terrorist events in Paris and today in Mali lend credence to the fear that many Canadians feel!

Many are calling for the Government to slow things down a bit, they aren’t saying “no” to bringing refugees to Canada, they are simply asking for the process to be sufficiently slowed in order to provide better and more complete vetting of those that are brought into our country. The many calling for this slowdown include average citizens as well as politicians including Brad Wall, Premier of Saskatchewan.

I am curious as to why those that are calling for a more realistic timeline are being labelled by some as racist? Is expressing concern for one’s personal safety, the safety of one’s family and the safety of one’s community now classified as racism?

For the record, I believe that we need to help those that legitimately need our help and I believe that we need to allow refugees into Canada. But I also am of the opinion that the process needs to be more thorough, at least as thorough as is reasonably possible, even if it means and it likely does mean, slowing things down!!

I have yet to be called a racist for my views on this issue, but I know that others have been. So, why are some using the racist card to push their agenda?

Drive in what ever Lane you want in a City unless other wise told by Law, put this keep right to sleep, it’s for Highways over 80 only, Boring , Boring and stay Home if you Hate anyone driving in the left Lane! Keep your Road Rage in Check.

The 2.3 billion dollar surplus Harper budget has turned into a 3 billion dollar DEFICIT! So he missed the target by 5.3 billion bucks! And it matches my confident prediction almost exactly!

And we were told that the Harper Government balanced the books with the sale of GM stocks. So the Harper gov was way off and now the government of Canada has to deal with more of Harpers mess.

Anyone know a good retired mechanic that works out of his home. These shop rates are killing me.

Sorry PrinceGeorge but the numbers from the Liberals are false. What they are saying is the projected revenue to government at the beginning of 2015 was wrong – it was pegged at 2 percent increase but now is only 1.2 percent. So .8 percent extra revenue is now tallied as 5.3 billion dollars by the Liberal finance minister? This means that revenue is now over 625 billion per year?

Considering total revenue was 237 billion in 2009 we can make the assumption that it is now around 250 maybe as high as 275 if we had some good years like 2014 where there was a small surplus. So continue on and .8 percent drop in revenue translates to about 2.2 billion less revenue from 275 billion total revenue.

What they are trying to do is make a larger deficit possible by people buying in to the rhetoric just as you are – 5.3 billion of this governments deficit is actually not theirs when in fact this is not true

We should draft the young men (refuges) into an the army. Train them well. Go back with lots of troops and fight the ISIS. Also bill C51 is
a good idea after all. We need to know whats going on around us. Just look at France this last week. If Justin Trudeau keeps on being the nice guy, we may be in a lot of trouble here.

I just noticed that the PGI Foods on the Hart has closed. Anybody know what happened?

Seems UNBC is bleeding money, so are they sending anyone to party at the climate party in Paris. Nice taxpayer funded trip along the lines of Xmas shopping in China.

PrinceGeorge, you state:

“The 2.3 billion dollar surplus Harper budget has turned into a 3 billion dollar DEFICIT! So he missed the target by 5.3 billion bucks! And it matches my confident prediction almost exactly!”

Sorry PrinceGeorge, but you need to do more homework!

Tonight’s News reported that the Liberal’s have revised the Conservative’s forecasted budget surplus, from a projected $2.4 Billion dollar surplus, to a $3.0 Billion dollar deficit because of the following 3 issues:

1. Slower economic growth
2. Rising expenses
3. Lower revenue due to low commodity prices

There was no mention of blame on the part of the Conservatives! I suspect that if the Conservatives had remained in power, they too would have revised their earlier budget projections as a result of slower economic growth, rising expenses and lower revenue due to low commodity prices!


Outwest posted: “it’s for Highways over 80 only”

*Except the Hart Highway Highway which is clearly marked “Keep right except to pass” and “Slower Traffic Keep Right”

Sure is nice of Costco, keeping our gas prices a lot lower than they would have been without them! Down to .949 today!
Now if they can only get head office to bring in diesel too. I heard that they are working on it though.
And thank you Elaine for reminding a few of the rules of this forum.
We certainly don’t need to become like parliament!

I just heard Howies Marine shut the doors some time ago. The owner must have operated the business like he drove his jacked up pickup with the name on the side around town. Like an ^%$$*&&%

Too many companies have brought in Temporary Foreign Workers when not needed. I think that any company that is going to apply for TFW’s should have to place ads on the Canada Jobs website. The resumes could be automatically sent to a government agency for review before any permits are issued. Also cross reference with EI to see how many Canadians receiving benefits are available.

The price of gas in Prince George goes down and they raise the price of diesel. Diesel fuel in Chilliwack is 95.4 .

Looks like the federal fiberals are starting to unwind already. Putting the country at risk fast tracking the Syrian refuges. Will Justin listen to the majority of Canadians that were polled that are against the fast tracking. Remember during the election he would listen to the people.

Now they are setting up to back track on another election promise about spending on infrastructure. Now saying because the world economic situation is worse than they thought, so setting up to dump that election promise. Hey the world economy is the same now as just a short time ago before the election.

Anyone out there still admitting they voted fiberal, sorry lieable, woops LIBERAL.

Pssst…seamutt..Harper lost the election..get over it.

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