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October 28, 2017 1:27 am

Caledonia Nordic Club Lands International Competition

Saturday, November 21, 2015 @ 3:49 AM

Prince George, B.C. – A huge feather in the cap of the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club which this week was awarded the highly-prestigious 2017 Canadian National and North American Biathlon Championships.

The event is scheduled for the week of February 27 to March 5th, 2017 and will bring the best biathletes from across Canada and the US to Prince George for the finale of the 2016/2017 North American biathlon season.

While the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club and Otway Nordic Centre have previously hosted several cross country national championships, this is the first time that the club has hosted the Biathlon National Championships and an international biathlon competition.

The Canadian National and North American Biathlon Championships cover a larger range of age classes than hosted at the 2015 Canada Winter Games here. Competition ranges from senior boys and girls, 15 and 16 years old, up to Masters Men and Women.

There were about 80 biathletes competing at the Games.  That will jump to  200-250 the National and North American Championships.  Competition will include the Pursuit, Mass Start and Relay formats.


I just hope we can have an open port for media coverage unlike the gong show we had for the Canada Winter Games. PG has a lot we can show if they are allowed to find their own unique angles.

I thought that the media policy for the Canada Winter Games was an epic fail. Giving monopoly rights to venues to one television station that was broadcasting only to pay per view clients with a limited audience… and then restricting the locations of all the other paid media to Canada Games Square out in the cold, or 3rd avenue on a Sunday, or the end of a windswept runway… managed into oblivion.

When public money is involved in a public competition; then this little Olympics complex of monopoly control needs to be shown the door. All venues should be open to all media so as to showcase the city in all of its best light, and each feeding the interest of the others in their coverage.

My hope is that with the Summer Games bid, or even this National Biathlon competition, that we never again go the route of the Canada Games in paying for a monopolization of media coverage.

PG lost out on its opportunity to be on a stage for the nation by having the pay per view monopoly coverage as the only show in town.

I agree Eagleone that PG lost out on an opportunity to showcase itself during the Winter Games. The coverage of the Winter and Summer Games, no matter which city they are held in, is minimal and really does an injustice to the athletes, coaches, organizers and sponsors.

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