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CNC Program Offers Student a Second Chance

Wednesday, November 25, 2015 @ 1:38 PM

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Prince George, B.C. – The College of New Caledonia hosted an open house for its Street Humanities program today.

The program offers marginalized individuals access to post-secondary education and is offered free of charge and funded by CNC in partnership with Advocating for Women & Children (AWAC).

AWAC’s ability to partner up is made possible through a grant from the City of Prince George.

James Morton

James Morton

The program provides students with many things including meals, bus passes, tuition, books and educational and emotional support.

It also offers some people, like James Morton, a second chance at life. You see James is an alcoholic going back over two decades which nearly ended tragically when he suffered a stroke.

After finally recovering and receiving the treatment he needed, he wound up at CNC.

“This opportunity came up and I just took it and jumped at the chance to reeducate myself,” says James, adding it’s never too late to turn your life around.

“No, it’s not. That’s the one thing I think really has kept me on the straight and narrow is being able to go back to school and realizing that I can still do it, even after a stroke, after alcoholism, depression, that you can still change your life.”

Now enrolled in the Power Engineering program, he says he’s been offered a job at Canfor.

Chad Thompson, Dean at CNC’s School of University Studies and Career Access, says success stories like James makes teaching the classes so fulfilling.

“The thing I love about the program is it lets students explore different ideas, different directions, and makes them realize they can do it,” he says.

“We’ve had students who’ve gone on into programs like fine arts, heavy duty mechanics, power engineering, social services and a lot that have gone on to do academic upgrading.”

Those interested in learning more about the program can check out CNC’s Community Education page at cnc.bc.ca.


This ought to get a nomination for most positive and uplifting story of the month! Congratulations to all those who are involved!

I’ve battled depression/anxiety for 15 years and have worked mainly cleaning jobs, is it possible to also take part in this program?

    Hi there…go to CNC’s Community Education page at cnc.bc.ca for more information on how to apply. Greg Fry.

pgbcca1, contact AWAC for information about participating. Good luck! :-)

This is a great program, which I highly recommend. If any of you reading this have a teachable skill of almost any kind (e.g., one person taught a knitting class last year) call the school and see if they’re looking for volunteer instructors. It’s a great way to give back to the community.

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