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October 28, 2017 1:23 am

City Hopes to Meet with Feds

Thursday, November 26, 2015 @ 3:57 AM

Prince George, B.C.-  The Mayor of Prince George says there are efforts underway to have a meeting with some Federal Ministries.

“We are in the midst of trying to arrange a couple of things, and one  of those is a telephone conversation with 8 different ministries one of which  is responsible  for the RCMP” said Mayor Hall  at last night’s budget meeting of City Council.

He says  once the  House  sits again in the New Year,  he hopes there will be a delegation  that will go to Ottawa to speak to those 8 different Minister’s “About issues that are definitely impacting us, and one of them certainly will be  our protective services piece.”

Councils, present and past,  have long  expressed concerns about the downloading of  services and costs from the Federal and  Provincial Governments.


And the end result of the trip? 8 Ministry means that everyone on council will be going. It always good to accumulate air miles on taxpayer’s dime.

I agree that the Federal Government and Provincial Government need to take more responsibility for the cost of policing in BC and in those Municipalities that use the RCMP for policing.

Negotiating for more money for policing costs is actually a Provincial responsibility, and I doubt if the Mayor will make much headway on this issue in Ottawa, however there is no harm in trying.

The people who should be working overtime on this issue with a view to finding a solution are Christy Clark, Shirley Bond, Mike Morris, Rustad, etc; These are our elected Provincial Representatives, and its high time they took on some of the more complex issues.

“Councils, present and past, have long expressed concerns about the downloading of services and costs from the Federal and Provincial Governments.”

Of course the downloading does not stop there, it continues to be downloaded to the taxpayers in the form of higher user fees and higher homeowner taxes and so forth.

Not to forget the bloated civil service at all three levels! I wonder if there is not a connection between that and child poverty….

Yes; I agree with the City, downloading has gone on long enough.
The Feds, not the City, need to pay for the Federal Police Force, also know as the RCMP.
The feds should be coming up with money for extra officers, since that is where at least part of our income tax payments go.
Why should we have to also contribute property taxes to pay for the RCMP?
We expect our federal income taxes will go towards paying for such federal things as the RCMP.

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