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October 28, 2017 1:23 am

No Surprises from First Budget Session

Thursday, November 26, 2015 @ 3:59 AM

Prince George, B.C. –  It is  the first full budget process for Prince George City Council and  the first day of deliberations saw departmental  spending plans given  unanimous approvals.budget

The budget  proposes a 3% increase to the tax levy.   That is  more than  Councillor ALbert Koehler would like to see,  as he   would prefer  an increase more in line with the rate of inflation, which is  about 1.8%.  Trimming the budget back by that amount would  require the trimming to some service levels, and the  public consultation has  indicated  residents are  not so hot on  that idea.

There was only  one  enhancement request which came from the  RCMP, and  while the  detachment’s basic budget has been given the green light,  the  requested enhancement ( see previous story)  has  been put on hold  for a later date.   If approved, and if  no  trimming is done to other areas of the budget,  the enhancement would bump the  tax increase into the 3.6% range.

The library  is still pushing for a new entrance,  but  that matter will be dealt with  when the capital  plan is up for discussion which is set for December 2nd.  City Manager Kathleen Soltis says the project (estimated to cost  $3.7 million) is unfunded and is on the list  for possible  consideration in 2017, but added  the City would have to borrow the money for the  project.

Tourism P.G.  presented a budget that shows  a shift in focus, with  a push for event hosting to bring more  people to the City.  Council was intrigued by the idea of establishing a “Sport Event Council” which would look  at trying to attract major national and international  events.   Mayor Hall made it clear that  he would like to revisit  establishing a tourism centre at  Highways 16 and 97,  but that discussion will have to take place further down the road.

Mayor and Council’s budget was also given the green light.  Remuneration for Council will  increase slightly,  due to the formula adopted by a previous Council.

The next budget  meeting is set for December 2nd.


Council was intrigued by the idea of establishing a “Sport Event Council”…


Yay! Another committee.

Keep it in line with rate of inflation. Many seniors can’t afford their yearly tax rate.

I do not think it is funny …..that they are going to put a Needle/crack Park behind this wooden building in the core..Bet Lyn and his crew will be out there each day picking up the left overs…Needles,condoms,crackpipes..a body or 2…
How many years they been after fixing library entrance??
Maybe they should raise the price of BEERS….

Remuneration for Council will increase slightly, due to the formula adopted by a previous Council.


It’s OK to say no. Let’s not forget that the new council is made up of a lot of members from the previous council.

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