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October 28, 2017 1:23 am

Former Federal Cabinet Minister Named New Chancellor of UNBC

Thursday, November 26, 2015 @ 9:28 AM

Prince George, B.C.- James Moore, a  graduate of UNBC  who made his way into the Federal political realm,  has  been selected to be the new Chancellor for the University of Northern B.C.Moore   was first elected  to the House of Commons in 2000,   at the age of 24.  He served as an MP for  15 years  and held numerous Cabinet posts before  bowing out of politics  prior to the most recent election.

“I am humbled and honoured to be UNBC’s next Chancellor,” said Moore. “UNBC is a great institution with a proud history and a sterling reputation today. With the recent number-one ranking in Maclean’s magazine, and a bright future on the horizon, I am looking forward to playing my part in the future successes to this fine institution.”

The  Chancellor is the ceremonial head of the University.   Moore will be the 6th Chancellor  for UNBC his predecessors  being, Iona V. Campagnolo, K. George Pedersen, Peter J.G. Bentley, Alex C. Michalos, and John MacDonald. 

He will be sworn in at the convocation ceremony in Prince George on May 27, 2016.



They don’t call it the bowl for nothing .

Ataloss, perhaps you would be good enough explain what you mean by your comment. It has attracted a number of dislikes and one of them was mine.

Ataloss…good one…..hehe!

I mean it’s a big enough bowl to absorb any and all washed up conservative politician . As such a conservative stronghold it is nice to see all of you helping to top up the pension of your own . I’m sure with all his connections unbc will forge forward like never before . I would have liked Wayne Gretzky but heh , you get what you pay for .

Is Moore’s appointment purely ceremonial or will UNBC ask him to help solve their many problems? Falling enrollments, collapsed relationships with their faculty union, and a looming budget disaster?

Careful Ataloss, your jealousy and other issues are showing!

HG , you should organize a comedy festival . Has there ever been a pg comedy scene or festival ?

Ataloss, I wanted to compare Moore’s curriculum vitae to yours! I was easily able to find out lots of information on Moore and his accomplishments. Heck, he even obtained a Batchelor of Arts degree in Political Science at UNBC!

Unfortunately Ataloss, I wasn’t able to find out anything about you and your accomplishments.

Care to fill us in?

“Iona V. Campagnolo, K. George Pedersen, Peter J.G. Bentley, Alex C. Michalos, and John MacDonald.”

James Moore

How are these things different?

Ataloss learned sugar makes you fat. I’d say that’s a sizable accomplishment for him. Soon after he learned to lift the toilet seat up when he peed. That automatically qualifies him to run for the greens next election.

What is Iona is a girl Alex . Why did James leave politics ? If memory serves it was a family issue .

Ever wonder who gets to make the appointment ? Is it a political appointment ? Is political science really a science or is it more akin to pottery ?

Anyone, regardless of party, that sticks it out in politics for 15 years deserves a thank you. Lots of times family has to come second to the job. It must have been tough on his family with him being so far away and his wife having to deal with their kid’s health problems by herself. There have been lots of times that PG has fundraised so that a family could be together at BC Children’s Hospital to deal with a child’s health so I think most people understand why he left politics.

so true gitterdun!

I view having James Moore selected as the new Chancellor for UNBC as a good thing.

He is from BC, he obtained a degree at UNBC, he was the youngest MP from BC ever to be elected to Parliament, he has served as an MP for 15 years and has held numerous Cabinet posts!

He knows our city and our region! He also knows his way around “Ottawa”! I am of the opinion that he will do as good a job as anybody else could or would do!

Congrats to Mr. Moore!

I am with you Hart Guy … while his role my be ceremonial, it may well be one of the better strategic moves the University could make with this position. He is the type to roll up his sleeves to assist the University through the challenging times ahead.

Ataloss, what makes you an expert on politics or Political Science? Maybe you should take a course or two at UNBC.

ataloss. the first one was a liberal senator. check the political leanings of the others. just all tories eh? more babbling from someone that knows everything. so sad, the ramblings from a basement

Michalos was a professor on the hill and leaned hard left like most of them. Ataloss, it’s better to be silent and thought a fool, than to post and remove all doubt, which is what you have been doing since you showed up on this board.

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