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October 28, 2017 1:20 am

Council Examines Fee Changes

Monday, November 30, 2015 @ 3:59 AM

Prince George, B.C.- If approved,  2016 just might be a little cheaper for many Prince George residents.city hall

Prince George City Council will  discuss some fee changes when it meets this evening  for its regularly scheduled  session.

Among the fee changes  to be contemplated:

-making the ‘seniors’ rate apply to those aged  60  for aquatics and arena facility fees.

-eliminating the charge to downsize  your garbage container ( currently a $30 fee)

-bringing back the water metering program  that  would see the City provide   100 ( on a first come first served basis)  water  meters for those who want to switch from  a flat  rate.  Of course, the  home owner would have to cover the  installation costs.

-transit rides be available  Dec 15 – 17th  for just the ‘price’ of a non perishable food item

-10 year tax exemption for  developers  building  multi family units in certain areas of the City.

Also on the agenda for this evening,  a  request  for funding to buy and install lighting for the BMX Supertrak,  and a presentation  on  the next  steps  to have more electric cars in Prince George.


Our family recycles everything possible under the program, including running 4 composter bins year round. Our vegetable and flower garden loves it!

We use the blue bins for all eligible paper, metals, and plastics. We take the glass, styrofoam, lightbulbs, batteries, deceased electronics to the appropriate recycling centres and have reduced our outgoing trash to less than 50% of our volume before.

Having come from the Greater Vancouver area and being used to a much bigger recycling program before we got here 17 years ago, we are finally being able to do a much better job of it here. We set up a convenient sorting station on our back porch and things go out and get sorted as soon as they are deemed ready. It isn’t difficult, it is just part of our household system!

We are doing everything in our power to reduce and reuse, while sadly, about 50% of our neighbours don’t even put out a single blue bin when given the opportunity.

So we happily downsized to the smallest garbage bin earlier this year and paid the fee to do so. I would like a refund, please!

Electric cars, I think most people in Prince George will not favor an electric car over a hybrid car that runs on gas/electric. The problem is, most of us travel a lot thru the northern interior, thus would not make such an investment on a pure electric car.

I would look at an hybrid, for a second vehicle. Nice to be able to get 100 km for 5-6 litres of petro. This I would have no qualms on driving to Vancouver with during the summer. When Hyundai, comes out with a hybrid Santa Fe, that will be the #1 seller. Comfortable, Crossover, sits higher on the road, with fuel economy.

Why would it be a second vehicle. A lot of families in Prince George drags a trailer, to go camping during the summer. Thus they need the diesel or gas guzzling pick up truck.

Well, that’s my opinion on electric cars.

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