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October 28, 2017 1:19 am

No Flu Shot? Wear a Mask

Tuesday, December 1, 2015 @ 3:58 AM

Prince George, B.C.- As of today,   anyone  who hasn’t had a flu shot and is planning to visit a provincial health care facility,  will be asked to wear a mask  when making that visit.surgicalmask

The  procedure is aimed at  protecting those at risk of  catching the flu.

The  request  relies  on visitors  adhering to an honour system as there won’t be anyone  double checking  to  see if  you have  actually  had a flu shot.  Masks will be provided  free of charge to  those who haven’t had  the vaccine, and are entering a hospital, long term care home, public health unit  or outpatient clinic.

There have been plenty of  folks in  the  region  suffering from  flu like symptoms, but there  hasn’t been  a lab confirmed case of the flu in  the  Northern Health region since the end of August.  That doesn’t mean  there haven’t been  any cases, just that  there haven’t been any confirmed by lab analysis.

Each year in Canada, 3,500 people die from   the flu and  its complications.

Hospital patients, seniors in  residential  care or assisted living are  more vulnerable to the flu than healthy adults.   If you  have the flu,  you can  spread the virus for  24 hours before  you even know you are  sick.

The flu vaccine  is free to  anyone  who:

  •  intends on visiting a health  care facility,
  • children between the ages of six months and five years,
  • seniors 65 years and older,
  • pregnant women
  • Aboriginal people,
  • individuals with chronic health conditions or compromised immune systems and their household contacts and caregivers.

Flu shots are available at pharmacies,  public health clinics, or a Doctor’s office,


“The request relies on visitors adhering to an honour system…”


Good luck with that. With the sense of entitlement so many people have these days, they will do what they want to regardless of how it could possibly affect anyone else.

I’ve hade the flu.. 1 time in 30 years. I’ll pass on the shot.

Axman, my mom is in a seniors facility in town. I have seen lots of people visiting wearing masks. Hopefully you are mistaken as it really puts seniors at a risk of losing their life if they catch the flu.

Data collected from Canada and Hong Kong during 2009-2010 showed that people who received the seasonal flu vaccine in 2008 had twice the risk of getting the H1N1 “swine flu” compared to those who hadn’t received a flu shot.

It’s also been shown that getting previous flu shots led to a blunting effect or “interference” that left the recipient less protected from certain influenza strains in later years.

In fact, research in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases found that vaccine-induced protection against influenza was greatest among those not vaccinated during the prior five years.

In other words, the long-term effects of getting an annual flu shot are completely unknown, but it appears this strategy may be backfiring, leaving those who have been vaccinated annually less protected than those who have not been frequently vaccinated.

Dr. Michael Gardam, director of infection prevention and control at Toronto’s University Health Network, told CBC News

“People do not have a good explanation for why … The idea basically is that your immune system is occupied elsewhere. It would be like getting the swirling ball of death on your Mac where your operating system is doing something else rather than opening the file.”

Dr. Danuta Skowronski, a Canadian researcher who conducted the original study discovering individuals with a history of annual seasonal flu shots increased their risk of infection with pandemic H1N1 influenza, noted that the findings are so new that “policy-makers have not yet had a chance to fully digest them or understand the implications.”

Unfortunately, instead of warning the public that annual flu shots may carry unknown risks and cause effects that are not well understood, public health officials continue to promote them as a panacea for influenza prevention.


All this hype about the flu shot when it’s been confirmed repeatedly that this year’s shot is no where close to the strain that’s going around. Exactly how does this protect us from anything?

People don’t care, they just head to the hospital, the schools… flu ridden.

Looks like all the brain power in PG is smarter than the health community.

It has been said every year that the flu vaccine is a best guess to stop getting the exact flu bug going around.. the Flu evolves so who knows what strain you will get… If you are in poor health and the vaccine has nothing in it you are allergic to why not get it.. better than dying or being laid up for a few weeks.

Doctors have said that you are infected up to 2 weeks before the symptoms start to show. So being proactive is key.

It come down to it being a choice.

Posted on Tuesday, December 1, 2015 @ 8:08 AM by P Val with a score of 0

It has been said every year that the flu vaccine is a best guess to stop getting the exact flu bug going around.. the Flu evolves so who knows what strain you will get… If you are in poor health and the vaccine has nothing in it you are allergic to why not get it.. better than dying or being laid up for a few weeks.


If we all followed sound advice like this the fear mongering crowd would be out of work.

I’ve had the flu once in my life – bona fide influenza, not the typical cold that everyone swears is the flu!- and was out for several months. The flu kept me down for a couple of weeks then I developed pneumonia and then, to top it all off, I got shingles. All because the flu weakened my immune system. That was the worst 3 months of my life. I get the shot every year now and hope that it works. In my opinion, hoping it works is better then not getting the shot!

So this is their way of trying to make us think they really care, knowing full well their is really nothing they can do about it one way or the other…

ask someone if they have the flu shot, they say yes, in the next 2 minutes…PROVE DIFFERENT

so another joke by our health care ?

All 3 doctors I know personally – get the flu shot – and recommend the flu shot – and they are much smarter than I. And none of them own shares in Big Pharma. One even said, if it’s only 20% effective, not getting the flu 1 out of 5 times is worth a pin prick every year. If you want to know how effective it is, Google – is flu shot effective CDC. You’ll find CDC’s analysis which going back to 2004 the range has run from a low of 10% to a high of 60%. Assuming CDC is a government funded agency, likely they aren’t in the pocket of Big Pharma and we can trust their data.

Jenny McCarthy leads the charge when it comes to vaccines. There’s a cool webpage of the Jenny McCarthy body count, which estimates to date there have been 150,000 preventable illnesses and 9020 preventable deaths related to the anti-vaccine scare.

And essentially the flu shot is free for everyone now. All you have to do , is intend to visit a healthcare facility – i.e., the hospital. Intend.

So, you’re telling me the penny pinching mean spirited Christy Clark has been sucked in by big Pharma to cover the cost of a shot that not only doesn’t work, but is harmful – highly unlikely.

Unfortunately this generation has never had to go to school with kids wearing braces so they could walk, or were confined to wheelchairs for life from polio. And there is no cure for polio. Interestingly Salk, the guy who invented the vaccine, never patented it – so clearly he had no profit motive.

We seem to have this discussion every year. Didn’t the nurses win the right to not have a flu shot or wear masks while working in the hospital.

Getting sick and recovering is probably the best way to build up your immune system. There are many things in a hospital that can make you ill, over and above the flu.

In any event wearing a mask for a few minutes is no big deal. Getting a shot is a personal decision. We run the risk of getting some ones germs every time we go to the mall, grocery store, hockey game, school, entertainment event, etc; So should be wear a mask all the time??? If we are not aware that we are carrying the flu germ for a couple of weeks, then we have already spread it to a large number of people.

Not spreading it to the ill in a hospital is common sense, however the implication is that the flu can be spread through the mouth only. Is this true, or can it be transmitted by touch, ie; dirty hands, etc;???

My better half works for Northern Health, and the choice of having a flu shot or wearing a mask is mandatory for all Northern Health employees. Just an FYI

Northern Health?

Just one word … Fluoride. :-)

I disagree on this, wash your hands lots and “don’t” go to work sick is the key. I always dislike it when sick workmates have to go to work sick and spread it around. Almost always the flu shots do not cover the virus that is on the go.

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