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October 28, 2017 1:12 am

School District Prepares for Syrian Refugees

Wednesday, December 9, 2015 @ 3:50 AM

Prince George, B.C. – It won’t be long before Prince George sees its first Syrian refugees.

That from Prince George School Board Chair Tony Cable at last night’s inaugural meeting.

“What we’ve heard is that we may get one family in this first wave, there may be a family of five that’s going to come into one of the church’s in town,” he said.

“Now that’s just speculation at this time but we could see Syrian refugees in town as early as the next few weeks.”

He adds he doesn’t know how many children are in that family but notes the district will be tasked with satisfying the student(s) language needs.

“What we’re really working on is making sure that when they do come that we know the biggest need is going to be English as a Second Language, they’re going to need some real support in that area.”

Cable says the Ministry of Education will be looked upon for funding assistance in that area.

“The ministry is looking at that and there’s going to be some help because they realize that there’s going to be new students in every district. So there will be some help.”


Remember folks, this is supposed to excite you. Nevermind the kids currently under the poverty level who everyone is ignoring, it is all about the syrians now.

supporting refugee families. That is something worth doing. Supporting single people, nope.

Hey there PG101 and HeSpoke. Nothing like starting off a good news story in the time of giving with a couple of bitching and moaning negative comments.

Trudeau is showing us how he plans to spend money. I’m still waiting how Trudeau plans to make money. We can’t even take care of our own. Every time our schools ask for more funding to address special needs, one being lack of nutrition they get public scrutiny. The governments cut. But when it’s a refugees we have all the funding we need. Teachers are not equipped to deal with this fluctuation of Syrian refugees children. The education programs in our universities do not teach how to deal with the trauma these children com with. The language barrier. On and on it goes. Very poor planning on behave of Trudeau. Should make a good selfee though.

Just think if Canada rejected your family when they wanted to come to Canada because of some radicals. Or you where painted by the same brush. There have been Canadians that became extremists.. Born and raised here. You can’t control everything. There are rapists, child molesters born everyday.. Let’s stop the entire human race from reproducing and be done with it.. Will that make you happy PG101 and he spoke? More Canadians are killed by drunk drivers in a year than terrorists, guess we need to get rid of cars..

Yesterday Germany passed the one million refugees milestone in giving safe haven to refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and other war torn countries! Still, more are arriving every day, the average is about six thousand daily. Syria is being reduced to a pile of rubble…both Afghanistan and Iraq are in deep trouble.

Can’t blame the people running for their lives.

I think you are missing the point P Val Your points are our own challenge in our country. We are trying to stop racism in Canada not promote it. Put yourself in the school seat next to the refugee student. When a refugee receives more per month than a single parent paying rent, food, medical, childcare. Who’s the true refugee here? i understand that single moms with kids get priority seniors get second priority in the application process. We simply do not have the funding or employment to support this aside from the humanity that is needed. If the free world wanted to solve this crises, take over the Isis oil wells and use the cash to rebuild and move them all to their home country. This is not the answer it’s a new problem.

I can’t really knock Trudeau for doing this. It was in his policy book, so, he won the election, can’t get on his case for doing what he said he would do. PG maybe didn’t vote for it, but Canada did.

The refugee’s get more than Canadians is an urban myth. Most people look at the first month, which includes extra amounts to help them settle, after that month then they basically get welfare. Probably won’t be a problem for most of them, because I suspect unlike homegrown welfare recipients who are inter-generational claimants, once the Syrian’s learn they can make double working at Tim’s pouring coffee, they’ll have a job in a couple of months.

What I don’t like, is this is a federal decision, and now the local board, who is cutting all the “low hanging fruit”, is saddled with the cost of essentially special needs students. The Fed’s wanted this, they should shoulder the cost. We can be justifiably upset that resources already spread thin, are being spread thinner by a federal decision. But let’s not blame these refugee kids. The more we do to welcome and help them integrate, the greater chance they’ll go on to support my pension, and the greater chance they won’t be screaming Allah Akbar and shooting a gun in the air.

P Val. You should stop putting gas in your car. How much dirty Isis oil is reaching North America to fuel the war in Syria?

Happy13. We meet the challenge in the late 70’s when 60,000 Vietnamese came to Canada in one year.

I have a friend with two little girls. The older of the two has been taking dance lessons for a couple of years now. She’s pretty good – wants to be a ballerina when she grows up. Her little sister is now old enough for lessons too. But my friend has decided that she’s not going to invest any money in her youngest daughter’s lessons until her oldest daughter is all done with classes and becomes a ballerina. That makes sense, right?

For Pete’s sake, all you naysayers, give your heads a shake. If you’re concerned because single moms aren’t being properly taken care of, what are you doing about that? If you believe that our pensioners haven’t been given a fair shake, what are you doing about that? Hell, I know for a fact that our First Peoples have been screwed over six ways to Sunday, and I’ve spent years trying to address that.

So if you’re doing all you can to address the concerns you have about problems our society faces, thank you. That’s how we build Canada. If you’re not, then zip it about how much we’re spoiling people who have been bombed, shot at, gassed, raped, and run out to the sea with their babes in arms and their grannies on their backs. Because those of us who continue to work to make Canada a decent place to live for those who have less will continue to do so, and you just look like cranky whiners who can’t be bothered, except to complain from behind your computer screens.

Here comes P Val, the ultimate Liberal. Hey everyone, lets ignore all the suffering Canadians because the middle east have been savages for 2000 years now, and will never figure it out. Lets make our country vulnerable to the same philosophies they worship, at the expense of our fellow countrymen who’s only crime is being Canadian, and not worthy of the same gratitude the Libs are extending to foreigners.

Yup, lets all feel warm and fuzzy because we are going to subsidize 25k people, instead of helping our own. The Lib mentality is off the charts crazy.

You want a good news story? Help out a fellow Canuck who needs it.

As a matter of fact Leroy thats exactly what I’m doing. The good news story is this crazy refugee crisis has prompted me to cut my taxes 25% easily and if I can get away with 50% I will. I have been and I will be helping a homeless person in my own back yard. I’ll donated to the food bank. But my money will not to Ottawa.

Wow all the dogooders are jumping all over themselves to help a hand full of refugees. hey what about the ones that can’t afford to pay the extortion to get out of the country? I guess ignore them. Try some military action to try and fix the problem at the source, oh noooo. But having said that, that area of the world has been at each others throats since the beginning of time, my Allah is bigger than your Allah.

People should not lose sight of the fact that Canada takes in 250,000 immigrants and refugee’s per year. So adding 25000 more is not really a big deal.

What is a big deal is the way that it is being done. Ie; Trying to get it done before the end of the year because **pretty boy** made an election promise off the top of his head. This of course has added huge costs to the process, and of course as everyone in Canada knew (except Trudeau) it couldn’t be done.

So now we are looking at perhaps 10,000 by years, end, and another 15,000 sometime in the spring.

Its important to ensure that those additional 25000 do not jump the queue on the other immigrants and refugee’s who have been waiting for years to get into this Country.

Furthermore its time for some people to get up to speed on this refugee situation. Some of the refugee camps they are presently in are in better shape than some of the **Tin Citys** in Africa.

As a further matter of interest a recent poll of Syrian refugee’s indicated that approx. 6.3% were interested in coming to Canada, the balance preferred other European Cities like Germany, Spain, Norway, Sweden, etc; These people are the refugee’s who can afford to go to the Countries that they chose, because they have money, to do so, and will wait to get the Country of their choice, or if possible move back to Syria.

So time for Canadian to quit pretending we are the answer to everyones problems. The refugee’s that will come to Canada will be those (for the most part) who do not have sufficient means to play the waiting game.

In any event Canada is a long way from being their first choice.

leroyjenkins… how long had both the provincial and federal gov ignored our own..as long as harper was in power for sure.. and clark is a joke.. families first my a$$ doesn’t mean we close the doors..

So happy13..hope you arent buying gas..if you or any of your family members are I guess you are helping them out.

Good thoughts Palopu. Every now and then you see someone who came from a warmer client with that deer in the headlights look when it’s snowing or bitterly cold. Chances are we are far from first choice. In fact, there’s no guarantee after we spend cash getting them accustomed to Canada, educated, etc., that if the civil war ends, they won’t go home, and our investment will be lost. Remember all the “Canadians” who were in Beirut when war broke out and demanded Canada rescue them because they were citizens, citizens who hadn’t lived in Canada for 10 years. They’d gone home, after getting citizenship. No saying this won’t happen again with Syrians.

P Val. I am understanding why you get a hard time on this site. I will spare the reader my thoughts

Yeah happy13 it’s called ignorance of the facts.

Bring it meat ;)

Perhaps its time to get past this collective xenophobia and look to our own origins for a little reflective inspiration!
The fact is that unless you are of 100% First Nations descent, you or your ancestors were immigrants! Some were regular immigrants, and some were refugees from war, hunger, disease, etc.
Today’s situation is really no different. In the past Canada has always welcomed immigrants with open arms, after all it was immigration that ultimately built this country into what it is today!
Are we now worried that these people are the wrong colour? The wrong religion?
Let’s be the humanitarians that Canada has always been known as and again welcome these poor people with open arms, in the hope that they too can contribute to a better Canada!

Hey look, NyteHawwk is going back to the stoneage to justify immigration. Let me guess, are you anti-vaccination a well? Or do you just go back thousands of years when it fits your cause?

Seems to me if we went back a little further we could show that the First Nations immigrated to this Country from South America.

So there you have it. We are all immigrants.

I agree that as citizens of a relatively young country formed by immigration, we Canadians should not object to 25,000 Syrians arriving to swell the ranks of our population. It is a paltry number, in the great scheme of things.

What I don’t like is how it is being done;
– Trudeau trying to make good on a rash promise, a promise calculated to win him additional votes. Utterly impractical to try to move that many people in even 6 months, never mind 6 or 8 weeks.
– the additional cost to us for all the special processes required to rush the immigration of that many, so soon
– the cost of flying 25,000 people to various points in Canada
– the cost to set them up and pay them welfare thereafter

Like others, I have to wonder how this impacts other potential immigrants and refugees.

All this from one tragic picture of a dead child on a beach.


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