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October 28, 2017 1:01 am

ATVer Survives Fall

Tuesday, December 22, 2015 @ 1:14 PM

Chetwynd, B.C. – Another example of the need to be careful when enjoying outdoor activities this holiday season.

This after an adult male fell down a steep embankment after losing his balance on an ATV in Chetwynd yesterday.

North District Corporal Dave Tyreman says it happened just after 4 pm near the Wabi Tower.

He says first responders, including medical services, fire rescue and search and rescue, were all activated in the search.

Tyreman says while officers were on route to the scene they were advised that the man had been located by a family member.

With the help of manpower and a snowmobile, he says the individual was then airlifted to hospital.

He calls the injuries a “concern” but notes they don’t appear to be life threatening.

This is the third time in less than two weeks that first responders have been called out to help locate missing people.

The first happened at Yanks Peak when a man on his ski-doo went missing while out for an afternoon on the slopes.

The most recent was yesterday when a young couple in their 20s went missing while travelling the backroads from Prince George to Vanderhoof Saturday night.

In both cases, the individuals involved did not sustain any serious injuries.


Do you people realize 5x more people hurt themselves slipping on freshly washed hardwood floors, than ATV’s? Do you just focus on ATV injuries because it’s ‘sensational’? Reporting ATV injuries in Chetwynd now? lol

More people die or are injured shovelling snow than are hurt or killed while operating ATV’s

I have never heard of anyone hurting themselves slipping on freshly washed atvs :)

While I understand the points dumbfounded & PG101 are trying to make, do the math. How many people use ATV vs. shovelling snow or walking on hardwood floors. A better comparison would be, say, how many are injured in comparable sports/activities? How often are injuries reported in these activities? I would guess this made the news as SAR & first responders were utilized.

I guess the comparison should be made for person/miles regarding automobiles and ATVs. That would be interesting.

I am wishing for a Christmas present to the taxpayers of B.C. from the Liberals. Please pass legislation that all these outdoor enthusiasts pay for the full cost of their search & rescue, Helicopters, first aid and ambulance.

BaldEagle. If we’re going to go down that road where do we stop. At drug addicts that Overdose? Maybe obese people and those that smoke needing health care ?

Hope the rider has a full recovery.

I think there may be times when the rescued person has to pay the cost of their recovery. When a skier/snowboarder goes out of bounds.. they know what they are doing.. there is a reason its marked out of bounds.
If you make stupid decisions you should pay.

Also with todays technology the person(s) heading into the back country should be prepared.. a few friends always carry a device called “Spot” uses satellites to track you and can send texts if memory serves. I am sure there are other devices out there as well… Be Prepared.

I also work with a few fellows who like snowmobiling in the back woods. They all have the location beacons in their clothes in case they get caught in an avalanche etc..

I do appreciate all the people that volunteer to do search and rescue. Thanks so much for your sacrifice of your time for training etc. Without you we wouldn’t have so many happy endings to the searches.

There was an article in the Vancouver Sun a few years back that addressed the out of bounds/backcountry ski & snowboard issues & while there was no consensus on a solution, one idea stood out. At ski hills have a surcharge put on lift tickets that gets put into a fund to defray the cost of rescues. One step further, when a person purchases gear specifically for backcountry use (specialized ski or snowboard gear, mountain sleds), have a surplus charge put on those purchases for the rescue costs. As a person that goes into the backcountry frequently, I would have no problem paying an extra cost knowing it would go to helping out rescue activities. Even the most experienced & knowledgeable people need help sometimes, you’re in the mountains & sometimes sh*t happens.

Posted on Wednesday, December 23, 2015 @ 6:13 AM by BaldEagle with a score of -3
I am wishing for a Christmas present to the taxpayers of B.C. from the Liberals. Please pass legislation that all these outdoor enthusiasts pay for the full cost of their search & rescue, Helicopters, first aid and ambulance.

And just for you, the bill delivered to your door if you ever need these services for any reason while living your life.

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