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October 28, 2017 12:57 am

Mr. P.G. Stuffies Arrive

Wednesday, December 30, 2015 @ 11:38 AM

mr. pg.Prince George, B.C. –  His popularity is undeniable,  and he has returned to Exploration Place.

( at right,  Museum Executive Director Tracy Calogheros and the popular  fellow)The stuffed version of Mr. P.G.  has arrived at the museum,  albeit a little late for Christmas giving.  “We had  placed an order  to have him here  in time for Christmas, and while the shipment arrived in Canada on time,  for whatever reason, it sat in Richmond  for three weeks” says museum Executive Director  Tracy Calogheros.

The  little  guy is  popular,  two previous shipments have sold out in record time,  and  there have been line ups that would make the new Star Wars movie  blush. “He is so popular,  I don’t know why we  didn’t do this 20 years ago” says Calogheros.

There are just 500 of the  little guys available at the museum now,  with more to come at a later date.   The  museum is open  from 9-5 daily  with the exception of  New Year’s day when it will be closed.


funny that it is at the museum…. isn’t the museum run by the regional district… or am I wrong.

The Regional District provides approximately 45% of our annual funding, we earn the rest through an assortment of programs. The City of PG owns the steam engine and rails and we operate that on contract for them.

The Museum is operated by a not for profit Society and is a registered Canadian charity. Most people don’t realize that we aren’t a City or Regional District department.

We are a community-driven institution, developing programs and exhibits in response to our visitors needs and interests. It’s a very unique organisation in our industry; that autonomy has allowed us to be responsive and creative.

20 years ago not everyone was happy with Mr PG. Seems to me they thought he was too backwoodsy. Most people of course think he is the cats meow and this is proven by the sales numbers.

Perhaps Mr. PG should be the mascot for the Performing Arts Centre. If it is ever built we could have a huge statue of Mr PG at the entrance.

Now why are there thumbs down regarding Tracy’s statement on the museum’s funding?

Probably wondering why the Regional District provides 45% of the funding for a venue within the city limits??

What I am wandering why are they made out of country why not have them made here or in Canada. Sure you might have to pay a dollar or 2 more but if you are buying for keep sake it would be nice to see made in Canada on it.

Palopu@There were also some people who thought that Mr. PG ought to be anatomically correct and, in a guerilla operation one night, made the necessary addition. I guess that wasn’t appropriate for the stuffies…

I looked all over Canada to find a Canadian manufacturer and had no luck at all. Everyone I could reach manufactures in China for plush toys. Even when I did find a north american supplier they were manufacturing in Beijing. For this order we went directly to a supplier ourselves. I agree that a Canadian supplier would have been preferable; if you know of one please send me the contact information for them.

In response to the question about our funding, the Regional District took over the heritage function back in the early 1990’s. They partially fund eight sites including the Exploration Place. We have a responsibility for collecting region-wide and to support the outlying area institutions (which we have always done). The RD was recognised by BC Heritage for their innovative approach to collaboration and multi-year funding agreements some years ago.

No community develops or operates in a vacuum, rather it functions in partnership with its neighbours; looking at our collective history under a district-wide cultural plan, as we do, is efficient and effective and is being held up as a best practice’s model.

We still have some Mr PG’s in stock and we are open today from 9-5.

Happy New Year everyone!

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