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October 28, 2017 12:54 am

Council Back to Work Tonight

Monday, January 4, 2016 @ 3:59 AM

Prince George, B.C.-   Mayor and Council for the City of Prince George kick off the new year  this evening with a full agenda for their first regular meeting of 2016.city hall

While there are  several  applications to be heard for  rezoning or  changes to the Official Community Plan,  this will be the first time the applications  have come before Council, so it is expected they will be  given first and second readings in order to move the  applications to the public hearing stage.

Among the applications is the  request to  change the OCP and rezone a portion of Ron Brent Park   to allow for the construction of a   multi-million dollar , 173 unit  residence for seniors.  ( see previous story)

Also on tap, Council will be asked to  make a revision to the  Comprehensive fees and charges bylaw in order  for the  two pools in  the City to offer  swimming for a ‘toonie’  on School District 57’s Professional Development days.

The Prince George Horse Society  will find out if Council is going to give them a break on their utilities bill.  The Society has asked for a three year  break from paying the annual bill.  The 2015 utility costs were just over  $32 thousand dollars.  Council  has some options.  It could  agree to the three year break,  deny the request,  or it may  opt to  reduce the  bill by providing the Society with a grant .  it should be noted the Society has already  been given a permissive tax exemption  to the tune of $16,572.00.


I don’t have all the information on the Prince George Horse Society. But if the utilities bill is a reflection of the water, power, sewer, dumping fees and space. It is a hard one for me to say give them a break.

In this day and age, horse ownership is not a necessity. It is a luxury. It is a status symbol. Of course for that, you need to buck up.

Unless, I have not taken the time to understand it all. I say nada.

I support the twoonie day on Pro D Day. I think whether you have 40 people in the pool, or 400 in the pool, its very much the same cost.

I agree with the toonie day at the pool. Kids need to learn to swim and the only way how is to get them in the pool.

I would go further and say I think if someone has out of town residence and they have a paid hotel room for the day then they should get free admittance to the pools. They had this in Penticton a few years back and it was a deciding factor to stay there for us rather than camping near by. I think it would be a great tourism draw for PG hotels creating more economic activity all around. PG pools are a huge draw for those in the surrounding communities when they bring the family to town for monthly shopping.

If the horse society is looking for a break on things like water, sewer, and garbage then I think that is a fair request being a none profit activity based society. If it was to be money out of pocket for things like Hydro or gas then I think that is a luxury to far. The article is not clear on what utilities are being requested and without that it’s hard to make an informed opinion.

The headline is misleading. Stating “Council Back to Work Tonight” insinuates there was work done previously.


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