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October 28, 2017 12:53 am

Dan Brooks Resigns as Leader of BC Conservatives

Tuesday, January 5, 2016 @ 3:50 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The BC Conservative Party is looking for a new leader.

This after Dan Brooks abruptly resigned Monday. The Vanderhoof native was elected to the volunteer post in April 2014 noting the timing was right.

“It was the right thing to do for the party, the right thing to do for my family and the right thing to do for my business,” he said, addding he held the job on a volunteer basis until he felt he needed to get back to running his own tourism resort last summer which he admits caused him some grief.

“There was a bit of an outcry from within the party that said ‘where’s Brooks? He’s sort of gone AWOL on us,’ and I had,” he said.

“So after that I basically came to the conclusion that this was taking a terrible toll on my family. I wasn’t the leader I wanted to be and I couldn’t be the father I wanted to be either.”

He says he didn’t make the decision because he thought the party’s chances were futile.

“No, absolutely not. In fact I still intend to run in 2017 if I win the nomination in Nechako Lakes but the Conservatives do have an uphill battle,” said Brooks.

“Perhaps with a new leader, with a higher profile, I’m hoping some federal Conservatives will come forward – to join the movement and revive the Conservatives. With something of that nature I think they can be very competitive in 2017.”

As for what’s next, Brooks has agreed to stay on as leader until the party holds its Annual General Meeting in Richmond on February 20.

“I cannot support the BC Conservative Party myself, independently, it has to come from the broader province and with a new leader they will be able to make a breakthrough.”


As far away as possible from them

Who is them? This party is like a clean slate on policy with no definition. They associate I guess with the Harper conservatives, so if that is the direction they go then I would argue the BC liberals already have that covered.

Who ever the leader becomes I suppose will define the party and its direction.

I hope it becomes more of a progressive conservative party that carries the standard of free enterprise principles including the rule of law that ensures equal opportunity for success based on merit. Public roads, public education, public air waves, open media, and public health care that ensure private enterprise competes on its core competencies in a monopoly free marketplace. Most of all rule of law when it comes to BC securities markets, real estate market, and resource markets; so that when it comes to investing the citizens of BC have a safe place to invest that we can trust is open, transparent, and under protection of the rule of law.

Dan who?

The best the Provincial Conservatives could hope for in the next election would be to split the vote. Not likely they would get anyone elected. A split vote would work in favour of the NDP, so one would assume that there was (is) pressure on the Conservatives to disappear.

In any event we will once again be faced with the dilemma of having only two parties running that could form a Government ie; So called Liberals, and the NDP. With only those two parties to chose from, its a wonder that anyone would even bother to vote.

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