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October 28, 2017 12:52 am

Highway 16 Closed Near Vanderhoof -Update

Tuesday, January 5, 2016 @ 2:27 PM

Vanderhoof, B.C. – Highway 16 near Vanderhoof has been reopened to traffic.

This after a four vehicle crash closed the highway 4km east of town in both directions earlier this afternoon.

Fortunately, police say there were no injuries in the collision.


So glad there were no injuries.
Slick roads out there so please be careful driving everyone!

Might be time for ICBC and the govt to kick in some well need3d funding for highway patrol and roadside safety checks. How often do you hit the road and not see one patrol car on the highway? Roadside safety checks could be used to warn drivers about conditions, ensure they have the appropriate tires and make sure their lights are on (and both working). It may seem to some to be a waste of money, but avoiding serious accidents saves big money.
Apparently “Joe Public” cannot stick to common sense rules and ideas, so lets get more cops out there to keep the roads safer.

They should also check to ensure that cars have the proper head lights. Anyone driving into incoming traffic with high beams, or accessory lights should be ticketed.

If the dope in the 4 wheeler hadn’t pulled out onto the hwy right in front of the loaded Bandstra lumber truck this wouldn’t have happened.

It was a complete idiotfest out there today on the hwy. You know who you are.

Both multi-vehicle pileups in Vanderhoof today (1 near CJs Trailer Park and the other near L&M Lumber) are known problem spots.

At CJs, highway speed traffic must slow for vehicles turning into the trailer park. While the trailer park has significantly expanded, the access has not. If memory serves, the turn location is on a slight rise in the highway. Vehicles travelling behind a turning vehicle don’t see oncoming traffic, think the turning vehicle will turn and be out of their way in time, and don’t slow down. When the turning vehicle (that can see oncoming traffic) doesn’t turn, there is not space/time for the following vehicle to stop or pull to the right.

This problem is mirrored a km down the highway at Saranovich Road.

In the L&M Lumber area, industrial expansion has been ongoing but again, no highway improvements have been made.

I would hate to see road concerns hinder much needed home and industrial development, but it would be nice if development triggered a review of access. If that mechanism is already in place, it needs some fine-tuning.

I’ve seen bad winter drivers. I’ve seen ones with the headlights out, ones with tunnel vision, and can’t catch a glance of the rear view mirror. The bad winter drivers stand out with their brake lights into every corner (negating g-force traction) and the bottom of any big hills, often taking up the middle of the road doing 20kph under the posted speed limit, but then super Mario at the passing lanes because now its a race. Big long line ups of vehicles often follow these drivers, everyone following closely to everyone, throw in a few yo-yo’s that nod off and speed up randomly, and everyone spraying everyone… then some guy will need to stop for a left hand turn… often the guy that just passed everyone to get to the front of the line.

I am not saying that’s what happened today, but its an all to common winter highway driving scenario.

YRB sleep at the wheel again ……

Why are so many Drivers sitting on the Brakes all Day, what is wrong with them, can’t you drive the 100km to PG without using your Brakes. I think it’s called looking ahead , Idiots come alive at Passing Lanes ,spraying you with Gravel and at the End of it, slow down again, you wonder if any gray Matter is still working.

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