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October 28, 2017 12:51 am

Site C Protestors Arrested

Wednesday, January 6, 2016 @ 5:45 PM

Fort, St. John, B.C. – Three people have been arrested  at the Site C  job site  for  blocking a  roadway.

This morning,  Ft. St. John RCMP  responded to  a report   of protestors blocking accces to  the  Site C  project.

Officers attended to find a man and a woman with their backs to a pick-up truck, blocking it and other vehicles from entering the private work site.

Both parties were requested by police to move to the side of the road. When the man refused, he was advised by police that he was committing a criminal offence by not moving and advised to move to the side of the road. When the man still refused he was arrested for mischief (Section 430 C.C.) advised of his rights and escorted to the RCMP Detachment to prevent the continuation of the offence. The female was escorted to the side of the roadway by one of the attending protestors.

A couple of hours later, police received a second call that more protestors were blocking the roadway. Officers attended and issued ample warning to all protestors that they were free to move to the side of the road to continue their lawful and peaceful protest. As a result of failure to comply, two more individuals were arrested and returned to the Detachment to be processed.

Detachment Commander Insp. Mike Kurvers added that the RCMP respects the right to democratic and lawful protest and even facilitates that right, while protecting any members of the public who may be attending events related to this dispute. In this case, we are enforcing the criminal code and are investigating any and all complaints and where sufficient evidence exists to support criminal charges, information will be forwarded to Crown Counsel for consideration of charge approval.


Good. Keep it up.

How odd. I don’t think I’ve ever see the section of the criminal code under which people were arrested stated in a news article reporting arrests. The police in this country don’t even have to tell the individual being arrested what they are immediately being detained for so the fact that they seem to be announcing it to the public is truly weird to me. Something stinks about this.

must not of been FN or the cops would of left them alone maybe even brought them a timmies

Nothing stinks about this. And Canadians are readily informed about what they’re being detained for.

Don’t try to frame this issue as some ridiculous ‘police state’ or ‘help, help I’m being oppressed’ clap trap. Those people were breaking the law and they were appropriately arrested, full stop.

Those protesters are lucky they weren’t shot.

well where is this court case were aboriginals have taken hydro to court for using their land for the development of Site C? Is Hydro breaking The law?

LNG is a failure and the province is running out of timber so they need a reason to take down any tree they can find.

This is just the beginning of what’s to come.

‘LNG is a failure and the province is running out of timber so they need a reason to take down any tree they can find.’

What is the purpose of a bizarre comment like this? People were arrested for improperly protesting a fully permitted public works hydroelectric project – what in the world does LNG development or the province’s timber supply management possibly have to do with the issue at hand?

‘We plan to expand our mining operation’ – ‘what about the endangered whales?’ ‘We want to develop a sustainable farmed fishery’ – ‘think about the children’. ‘We plan to expand our deep water ports to include energy exports’ – ‘look, there’s a squirrel’.

Vor–Only time will tell. If you want to destroy everything on this planet and make it look like a moonscape you might have to look real hard to find a squirrel so you can sustain your own life if you don’t want to give it any thought. Ya who needs a deer or a moose etc. Oh and by the way the government has never broken the law. YOU Think?

Vor– Why do you think the people might be protesting?

Okay, as a thinking person I have to respond forcefully.

Oldman1 – when did I say I want to ‘destroy everything on this planet’? To imply that I did is patently stupid.

Everything (read everything) that we do as human inhabitants of this planet requires us to consider the balance of cause and effect.

Oldman1 that goes to the gas station to fill up his beater F-150 needs to consider where that fuel comes from, and whether his need for gasoline today supersedes the world’s greater need to reduce fossil fuels in the long run.

Oldman1 figures ‘well, I’m just one guy, and I really need my lotto tickets from the Pineview General Store, so I guess it’s okay’.

This same kind of person rocks back in his lazyboy chair and says that we should stop energy development of all kinds in BC – clean hydroelectric, natural gas, conventional oil, non-conventional oil, etc.

That’s complete bullsh*t in my view – Oldman1, if you (personally) can figure out how to heat your home tonight (that’s your home, not anyone else’s) without relying on something changing let me know.

Vor– I think I am going to use wood tonight to heat my house that’s if I can find a tree.

Sounds good Oldman1 – don’t forget to ask for the Extra at your local high-thinking lotto retailer.

IF this is reservation land keep off. IS the CLARK govt.in conjunction with the RCMP looking for an OKA STANDOFF in the west?

What Vor said X10.

Will be interesting to see what FN band that the protestors are from. Chief Rolley Polley from Moberly has been campaigning anti site C to everyone that will listen……and as usual with his rants,is falling on unsympathic ears. He is still upset about not getting any direct awards.
Ice if you are wanting an Oka in the west, bring it on………it will be short lived.

Damn I cant believe how many stupid people that there are out there. Those people that protested the site C dam exercised a constitutional right that our beloved parents, grandparents, and great grandparents shed blood and paid the ultimate price for. This country is built on a democracy the seed planted(like the three protesters) turns into the mighty oak, every incident of civil disobedience must be applauded and commended otherwise you would be jackboot marching with your arm in the air. Get your head out of your collective asses people and respect and honor the freedom that was paid with the ultimate price by the ones we love. Thanks Grandpa for paying that ultimate price to keep me safe I will not forget

proudtobepg, while I support the right to peaceful protest and the constitutional right of those that are protesting, if the protesters are in violation of any law while protesting, then I also support their right to be arrested!

If I have a right to go to work and you have a right to protest me going to work, then grab your sign and protest while I go to work. If you stop me from legally and lawfully going to work, then I have an issue with you!

Are these protesters legally entitled to be protesting the construction that is taking place?

Are these protesters legally entitled to be blocking the road and are they legally entitled to be preventing others from going to work?

Perhaps I could come and protest at your workplace and to not only protest, but to block your access to your workplace? Afer all, I do have the right to protest, right?

Why don’t they just have a sign up sheet for people who don’t want Site C. Once BC Hydro gathers the list, they will just cut their electricity. I am sure the smart meters are capable of that. Then lets see how long people go with their power turned off.

Also proudtobepg, I suspect that our beloved parents, grandparents, and great grandparents didn’t shed blood and pay the ultimate price for a lot of the BS and the BS protests that go on in this country these days!

If my grandparents and great grandparents encountered a lot of the BS that goes on these days, I think that they would more than a bit busy kicking some butts out of the way!!

So much for political correctness, haha!

Don’t be surprised if bill C-51 is used here in the future….
I believe this could probably be one of reasons it was created…
think…Guantanamo Bay…Canadian style.

Hydro power is the cleanest and most reliable source of energy on the planet. The world’s population is still increasing, so it isn’t hard to predict that soon there will not be a single river left in the world without having had its hydro potential developed. There are consequences to the decisions (or lack of decision making) mankind has been making.

Does site-C mean our hydro bills are going to go down because the supply will go up? What do BC citizens get for this? A few jobs? Or are the jobs for Albertans?

last I heard Boudicca, hydro is being exported…so no advantage to us and the majority of the jobs will “NOT” be for B C residents ( according to Ms Clark)…

gold_rush, indeed smart meters have been installed… NONE are active, or at least none that I have heard of via the news sites, and there is no near plans to activate them.. and little tidbit not everyone knows… hydro can turn on and off your meter whenever they like…and have power outages they WON”T explain so they can send that power where ever they can get the most money for it….. I am not saying they will but they CAN.

Hydro electric generation is the cheapest source of electricity. Look up provinces and countries with predominantly hydro electricity=lowest cost power.

Yes excess power gets exported, electricity also gets imported. Generation is not developed to match load, if it was and there is a break down outages would result. That is why there is a built in reserve.

About jobs, don’t construction workers move from job to job?

Smart meters are activated. Very simple to check, go to your hydro account on line and have a look.

Yes some smart meters have the capability to turn off your power but not done here.

Outages they won’t explain, tin foil hat statement.

The Liberals allowed very expensive power to be built, the 65 billion in contracts to IPP’s. That power is not firm power, it cannot be counted on. Hydro is a statement said site c is needed to back up that 65 billion that the liberals hung around their neck.

Power rates are increasing because of the 65 billion in contracts to the inefficient expensive IPP’s and governments using Hydro as its private piggy bank with no planning for equipment replacement in the future.

Hydro has worts but providing us with cheap dependable power is not one of them.

Bcracer if the smart meters are not turned on then how are you being billed? Unless you are one of the few sticking with the analogue meter?

There are some meters that have to be read manually but in rural areas where the meter is out of range of the nearest transponder.

That smart meter is watching your every move and reporting to the central collective.

“That smart meter is watching your every move and reporting to the central collective.”

O.k., what do you mean by that? Today I have a busy schedule that requires me to be at home, to be out of the home…and so forth! I am going to be doing many different things by making moves! So tell me how my smart meter is watching every one of my moves!

Site C is not about meeting the electricity demands of British Columbians; it is about subsidizing BC’s oil and gas and mining industries. It’s an $8 billion taxpayer subsidy to a fossil fuel industry that needs cheap energy to expand.

seamutt, I think if you check it out you will find that the meters in PG are still being read manually.
Please correct me if this is wrong… I would love to know.
There may be some meters in the lower mainland area active. I know all the meters in my apartment building, and I live in town, are still being manually read… I chatted with a hydro meter reader and got that much information..

Oldman yes its needed for rising demand and backup the IPP’s and oil and gas industry. What is wrong with supplying the oil and gas industry? Subsidy, what about the 65 billion in contracts to IPP’s? Site c 8 billion on top of the 65 billion to back up the 65 billion. What do you think of that 65 billion?

PG that was sarcasm.

IMF Pegs Canada’s Fossil Fuel Subsidies at $34 Billion. This quote is from The Tyee. For this amount of money we could four lane all the roads in the Province.

“IMF Pegs Canada’s Fossil Fuel Subsidies at $34 Billion.” Complete insanity if indeed a fact! I remember Preston Manning calling for the elimination of all federal subsidies to ALL corporations in Canada. If one company gets a subsidy all the others in the same business will demand to get the same, even if they do not need it! If not, they will claim discrimination!

A lot of countries (mostly European) got together to try to achieve nuclear fusion. If successful there will be a virtually unlimited supply of energy. Fusion duplicates the process that goes on in the sun. The world’s largest array of super magnets is being produced in the USA. Upon completion it will become the core part of the fusion reactor experiment. (No sarcasm intended, Google it).

It is not a subsidy but write downs and depreciation adjustments just the same as any other business.

Subsidies are what is paid to so called green energy outside of hydro electric. That is the only way so called green survives.

So oldman there is no fossil fuel in your life?

If its from the Tyee it must be true. Do some looking outside of the Tyee, widen your knowledge base.

PG still need fossil fuel as the raw material for your stuff.

Exactly seamutt. The leftards go on and on about these BS subsidies to the Oil industry. Not many business have their assets deplete like the oil patch. The tax code reflects this. Oldman if you want to be taken seriously, don’t quote the TYEE.

Seamutt:”PG still need fossil fuel as the raw material for your stuff.” ” So oldman there is no fossil fuel in your life?”

For your information: This is about protests against Site C, not about shutting all fossil fuels off at midnight tonight.

Oh you brought up fossil fuels. I just wanted to correct you with the facts. Seems you are reading nonfactual missinformation.

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