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October 28, 2017 12:50 am

RCMP Pleased with CounterAttack Results

Thursday, January 7, 2016 @ 10:17 AM

policeidPrince George, B.C.- The final numbers are in for the  CounterAttack road checks  in the Prince George  area over  the holiday  season, and the RCMP are impressed.

From December 18th through to New Year’s Day,   the RCMP’s Prince George Regional Traffic Services  conducted  16 check stops.  “For the most  part,   we found  people were either using a designated driver,  or  were  utilizing Operation Red Nose”  says Sergeant Al Steinhauser.

That’s not to say there weren’t infractions.   Over the course of the two weeks,  several drivers had to find an alternate way  home  as their  vehicles were impounded.  Here’s the breakdown on the final  numbers:

  • 1 person charged under the Criminal Code with being  legally  impaired
  • 8 drivers  issued 90 day  license suspensions and their vehicles  impounded for  30 days
  • 1  Immediate  Roadside Prohibition   with a 3 day licence suspension and  vehicle impounded for 7 days
  • 5 people  issued  24 hour  license  suspensions for driving under the influence of drugs
  • 1 person  found to be driving while prohibited.

“We were pretty impressed with the  folks we interacted with” says Sgt. Steinhauser, “It’s encouraging to see people are finally getting the message and opting to  have a designated driver, or  find an alternate means of transportation to ensure   they get home safely and that  others  on the roads won’t fall victim to  a drunk driver.”


It was good to see the increased police presence on the roads over the holiday season. That, and the fact that the penalties for getting caught are harsher makes most people think twice before driving after drinking, I believe.
On the other hand, seeing that 10 people were caught driving while impaired, is approximately 10 too many, I wonder how many were able to avoid the check points?
Re: 5 people handed 24 hour suspensions; I’m afraid that with the inevitable legalization of marijuana we will begin to see even more people driving under the influence of that intoxicant, especially since there is not yet a definitive test for the police to employ. In my opinion, if you are stoned on pot, your alertness and reaction times and judgement are just as impaired as if you are inebriated on alcohol.

Metal, right on. But, the legalization of marijuana is going to take, probably 10 years, due to the International Conventions Canada signed on to years ago, but I believe it will come.

Saw a few road blocks. I was not drinking, when I was drinking, had a designated driver.

Slowly our culture is changing from “don’t get caught drinking and driving” too “don’t drink and drive”

I think it is for the good.

Metal man, what about the study done by the U.S. government that shows drivers under the influence of marijuana are safer than SOBER drivers? And why, with 50% of Canadians already admitting to using marijuana on a regular basis, will the number of stoned drivers go up?

Back in the day if someone was drifting in their lane you could say almost certainly they were high, now they may be just on their cell phone.

Back in the day…lol back in the day the cops would pull you over when hammered and tell you to drive straight home.. back in the day the weed was so weak it was a waste of money.. back in the day the cigarette companies got together and did a huge anti pot campaign..and it worked. back in the day the worst STD you could get was the clap.. back in the day the kids where outside playing.. back in the day every parent wasn’t paranoid of a pervert waiting to take their kids…back in the day kids actually walked to school…

When was the last time anyone heard a parent calling their kids in for supper..

Ah the good old days :)

Pval obviously grew up in either North Kelly or Blackburn…

Nah, gotta be a Telachick kid.

Wrong on both counts kids :)

Griz: agreed, it probably won’t be as easy as Jr. oops I mean Prime Minister Trudeau thought it would be once he gained the P.M. chair therefore will take a bit longer.

strictly: I don’t know anything about that study, my opinion is just that. My opinion. But said opinion is based on personal experience, observation, and caution.
I think that (like everybody else) am a good driver but I would not trust myself behind the wheel after smoking a joint, any more than I would after several beer.

The what I call classic reaction is “I’m okay to drive”
Been there, done that, survived. Never a mishap of any kind while driving under the influence, but probably more due to luck as opposed to skill.

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