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October 28, 2017 12:48 am

Fill er’ Up! PG Has Cheapest Gas in BC

Sunday, January 10, 2016 @ 10:42 AM

Prince George, B.C. – If you’re thinking of filling up your gas tank, today wouldn’t be a bad time to do it.

According to gasbuddy.com, Prince George currently has the cheapest gas in the province.20160110_103909-1


Costco is currently charging 85.9 cents a litre at its unleaded pump, that’s more than 20 cents below the provincial average of 107.2.

Where to find the next cheapest gas in Prince George? Canadian Tire and Superstore, where they are charging 90.4.


Thanks Costco…strange how the other gas stations are always5 or 6 cents more.

It is a mere marketing ploy done by retailers known as a “loss leader”. They make a little less profit (margin) to draw customers in.

What Costco is saying is that one of the benefits of being a member to our exclusive club, is paying less for a common consumer items like vehicle fuel. While you here to save money on fuel, you might as well shop for other consumer goods as well.

If I were a retailer, I would do the same thing.

Get rid of the carbon tax scam and lie, gas would be under 80c

I agree, Loki. “Loss leaders” are a very common retailing ploy to create the right psychology that everything the retailer has in the store is going to be cheaper than elsewhere. Wal-Mart, for example, will have around 100 common items that will always be priced cheaper than its competitors. Then other items in the store will be priced higher. All the big-box retailers do this. Another reason for the gas price difference may be the quality of gasoline purchased. There used to be an independent chain of gas stations on Vancouver Island, Payless, that sold gas cheaper than the gas company stations. Garages down there used to do a regular business draining Payless gas out of customers tanks when their car’s engines started running rough and they figured something serious was wrong. The gas had a lot of water in it.

and BC still has the highest gas prices of the 10 provinces.
but it is definitely better in PG than a lot of the rest of the province…
last I checked Vancouver still wasn’t paying 15 cents a liter more than everyone else for their rapid transit..

BCracer, thanks to the carbon tax scam.

B.C.’s carbon tax, implemented in 2008, covers most types of fuel use and carbon emissions. “Revenue-neutral” by law, the policy requires equivalent cuts to other taxes.

The result is that taxpayers are coming out ahead. B.C. now (2014) has the lowest personal income tax rate in Canada.

Posted on Sunday, January 10, 2016 @ 2:11 PM by PrinceGeorge with a score of 1
The result is that taxpayers are coming out ahead. B.C. now (2014) has the lowest personal income tax rate in Canada.
But being taxed up the chute for everything but the air we breath. BC = “BRING CASH”

You want one of the best, if not the best, living standard in the world? You pay for it. You can live in the middle east where gas is cheaper than sand, but I wouldn’t want to have their problems.

bcracer…I was in Vancouver yesterday and the cheapest gas I saw was $1.11…clearly more than the amount of the transit tax compared to .909 here. It was refreshing to see.

“But being taxed up the chute for everything but the air we breath.”

That is the same in every province in Canada. Everybody is complaining about it. The ever more bloated civil service must be founded with ever increasing taxes.

If you drive a more efficient vehicle, if you installed a more efficient gas furnace and if the insulation of your house has been improved together with improved widows you use less fuel and pay less carbon taxes, not to mention the fact that your carbon foot print has been reduced.


Check out gasbuddy.ca and you will find COSTCO is a top tier gas. Then google top tier gas,,,then perhaps you wont inform others with Bulls##t.

“not to mention the fact that your carbon foot print has been reduced.”

Why is that a worry, c02 helps plants grow, is that not a good thing?

Why do I care, read on



Do you understand the meaning of the word “may”? Or are you reading challenged as well as being able to use more than one finger on your keyboard?

Thank you Justin, look how Trudeau is looking after us in PG :)

“Why is that a worry, c02 helps plants grow, is that not a good thing?”

Obviously the plants have not been absorbing as much as mankind has been emitting. The concentration of GHG has more than doubled since the onset of the industrial age, with very undesirable consequences. Perhaps we should ban logging the rainforests for the sake of production of beef and soybeans? The spread of cities and subdivisions usually leads to elimination of plants and green space. Huge areas of land are being paved over every year. Pavement does not absorb CO2, neither do shopping mall parking lots, freeways and skyscrapers.

The cycle you are promoting is incapable of keeping up, even though the oceans and lakes are turning more acidic and the reefs are dying off.

What is your response to that?

Socredible. Does Payless Gas have it’s own refinery to produce lower quality fuel? I could be wrong but I doubt that they do.


You CAN buy gas anywhere you like,,but you MAY only buy gas at COSTCO if you are a member.

I’m actually surprised there aren’t more homeless people. Consumption taxes on every type of fuel. Over use taxes on hydro, which as a one person household I go over every billing period. The cost of groceries is through the roof. But I guess I could get one of those 40k electric cars if I was a good citizen.

PG can you point to any reproducible verifiable science pointing to C02 being a problem? The earths history had c02 many times higher than now and that was mainly when plant life developed. That is why the earth is greening now due to the increased co2, anthropogenic or natural.

Did you know before the somewhat recent rise in c02 it was lowering to the point where plants would be getting stressed because of low c02 levels.

The earths history is warmer, cooler, and for about the last 50 million years the lowest c02 levels.

Gotta say that I’m curious about the Payless gas thing. I grew up on the island and exclusively filled up at the local Payless (small town) as did a lot of other people. Never had any problems. This was not a thing that people were talking about, not even the mechanics I knew. I googled and all I got was a 4 year old comment by socredible making the same claims.

Gas is 50% more outside of PG in places like Mackenzie and Chetwynd where its still hovering around $1.30 a liter. Places that don’t have the benefit of a Costco to keep the prices down.

Lets remember that before PG had a Costco gas bar we were consistently 20% more than Kamloops and often the highest priced in the province. A lot of good Superstore and Canadian Tire were then for the so called ‘loss leader’ principle. They gouged just as bad as the national retailers.

The big difference is that Costco has it as a company principle to only make a 20% margin on anything. Any sale prices are from the manufacture themselves and not Costco. In some cases they may be higher, but in most cases they are lower simply because they do not play the ‘loss leader’ game to draw people in and then rail road them with higher margin items.

PG in principle the BC liberals claim that the carbon tax is revenue neutral, but that is just a propaganda selling point is all.

Most all the income tax cuts went to the highest rate income tax payers. We still have the highest poverty rates in Canada. Carbon tax is a regressive fixed tax that hits lower income individuals harder than it does a higher income person receiving huge tax cuts from a progressive income tax regime. The goal of the BC liberals is to use the regressive carbon tax to lower the top end of the progressive income tax until the income tax is akin to a flat tax like the carbon tax is (ditto for the service charges and provincial fees like MSP) and therefor regressive in that it hits the lower income individuals with a higher tax rate as a percentage of their household income.

The genius of the regressive carbon tax scheme is that it enables tax cuts for the rich, paid for by the poor, and promoted to the naive masses as a left wing policy to protect the environment from catastrophe. The end result is the working poor are left with no political class to represent their economic interest… so they vote for tax cuts, even if they are for the rich.

“The earths history had c02 many times higher than now and that was mainly when plant life developed.”

That was at a time when human beings were not around in the vast numbers that we have now. In order to stay alive we must have food, clean air and clean water. Food production relies on a predictable climate, any extremes interrupt production. One should not ignore the fact that the burning of fossil fuels emits not only CO2 into the biosphere, but also a whole number of other bad things like sulphur compounds and mercury.

Anyways, you have your opinion that the more you burn fossil fuels, the better. And I have my opinion that the observable bad consequences from doing that are warning sign to make change.

As for the carbon tax being a tax rip-off, who knows? Politicians can not be trusted. The tax is here to stay.

Oldcoot:-“Socredible. Does Payless Gas have it’s own refinery to produce lower quality fuel? I could be wrong but I doubt that they do. ”

No, oldcoot, Payless never had their own refinery. They purchased wholesale gasoline in bulk from the major oil companies ~ whoever would give them the lowest price. Then they sold it retail through their own gas stations. For a discount over what the oil company stations were selling gas for. Usually the discount wasn’t very much, but there would occasionally be quite a difference. Payless was eventually acquired by one of the majors, Shell, I believe. When they were in business it was quite common for garages on the Island to get people coming in complaining that their cars, in some cases new cars, weren’t running well. It didn’t take too long to realise the cause ~ water in the gas. Friend of mine operated a garage and car dealership in Courtenay. After several instances of this happening, he asked the complaining customer where he or she had last filled up. Almost invariably it was at Payless, and then the garage could fix their problem by simply draining the gas and refilling with some fresh gas. I’m not saying that Costco buys inferior gas, only that that was one way Payless got the lower priced product they sold to their customers. Obviously it didn’t affect every customer, but more than just a few.

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