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October 28, 2017 12:47 am

City Wants Feedback From Community on Website Redesign

Monday, January 11, 2016 @ 2:20 PM

Prince George, B.C. – The City of Prince George wants your feedback into the development of a new, improved, and redesigned City website.

Topics included in the City’s website redesign survey range from what you think the primary purpose of the site should be to what method and what time of day is best for you to interact with the City.

In 2015, Council identified a new website as a “must do” project in line with Council’s focus on actively communicating and engaging with employees, citizens, local organizations and key constituencies.

A company based in Waterloo Ontario, eSolutions Group, has been awarded the job of redesigning the site. eSolutions has done similar work for more than 250 other municipalities across the country.

The project has a budget of $124,000 and is expected to be launched in mid 2017.

Funding for the project was approved as part of the City’s capital expenditure plan for 2016.

You have from now until January 25 to fill out the survey. You can access it by clicking here.


Yeah been there and it Sucks big time….

Did you read the article, tliotg? Now’s your chance to make is suck less. It’s called participating and enjoying the democratic freedom we enjoy in Canada. Or you could just keep hitting the “insert myopic negative comment here” button on your keyboard. That’s helpful.

For that ridiculous amount of money, I would expect the development team to know what the city needs, as they have robbed other municipalities for huge sums of money as well. There shouldn’t even be a need for much input, the city site is there to relay information to the people.

The city didn’t ask me if I wanted to pay for the winter games, they just taxed me anyways. So now they want input on a 124k project? Our opinions suddenly matter? lol

I hope this service provider isn’t associated with the last road line painting contractor we had rape us.

If e solutions has done 250 other municipalities, should they not have a reasonable idea of what is needed? Too much money and time spent on this! Mid 2017? This is really stretching it.

Was this contract put out to tender? If so, when?

A voter comment section that is tied to the local voters registry. A user can use the local voter registry to register a pseudonym of their choosing and then vote and comment on city related topics. If they live in the regional district or in the city proper would be separate voter classifications.

If we live in a democracy then why do we always need gatekeepers interpreting public opinion when we have technology to hear from voters themselves. The city could look at it as an investment that could be copyright controlled code for export and resale to other jurisdictions that also want to have some democracy as well.

They probably should have asked before awarding the contract. Any changes are now going to end up costing us even more now.

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