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October 28, 2017 12:44 am

CNC Students’ Union Attacks Tuition Increase

Saturday, January 16, 2016 @ 4:02 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The chair of the CNC Students’ Union Executive Committee is criticizing the decision of the College of New Caledonia’s Board of Governors to raise tuitions and fees this August.

At its meeting Friday the board voted in favor of raising tuition and mandatory fees by 2% for courses and programs beginning August 1st, 2016.  This after it noted that the college will have a budget surplus at the end of the 2015/16 fiscal year on March 31, 2016. This surplus is said to be due to greater than anticipated tuition revenues due to an unpredicted increase in enrollment.

However even with the surplus the governors voted for the tuition hike because, they say, the board cannot rely on an expected budget surplus again next year.

Nathan Giede, chair of the students’ union Executive Committee, says “we’re not happy with it.  Obviously we’re very aware that 2% is both the max and, of course, more meant to deal with inflation in the fact that everybody increases their fees by 2%.  But ultimately we disagree with it both in practice and in principle just because the funding model that we have from our government is just not sustainable.  We need a funding model where students actually are properly provided for and their courses and tuition are properly provided for.”

“Increasing the fees on students is not the answer.  Getting more students into programming, expanding the programming and making sure the government does its fair share, that would be the right solution.  But that doesn’t sell at the polling station, so.”

Giede says the 2% increase affects students proportionally.  “If you’re paying ten grand per year for your tuition and you see a 2% increase you’re going to feel that pinch whereas if you’re only taking a couple of courses a semester, it’s not going to be as strenuous.  But again the Student Union and the student union movement is very clear that it’s up to the current BC government and whatever partnership they can find in the federal government, though education is a provincial purview, to make sure that courses and institutions are properly funded as a public service and a social good.”

Giede says “if I was to put my super cynical hat on what I would say is that the government in Victoria has a very good habit and a knack for dialing back the funding for anything and everything and then making sure that they bring in special envelopes for funding that used to be there, and that way they’re able to raise their profile.”

He adds “I highly suspect that it is more chicanery and political gain than it actually has ever really helped the sustainability of any institution.  And it certainly is no good as a way forward when you need to know not just what your funding is going to look like, but again that the institution that you are supposedly using to benefit the public is being properly staffed and properly delivering the programming that is going to make the public better off.”

Final approval of the 2016/17 operating budget is expected at the April CNC board meeting.


The student rep vote for the increase, on the news he said the increase is minuscule compared to other expense increases like books. Why do unions always blame the government? My property taxes are going up more than 2%, why is the government not increasing its funding to the municipality to cover that?

The instructors salaries have gone up have they not? Admin staff salaries have gone up have they not? The cleaning staff gets regular increases as well do they not? Costs have gone up for everything have they not?

The college tried laying off a bunch of redundant, dead wood type positions last year but the union fought tooth and nail to keep them. The money to pay them has to come from somewhere.

Where do students think the money to pay all these costs should come from?

As a society , you get what you pay for . If you want a population of under educated , under paid and an under performing economy then just keep putting a higher paywall in the way of those who would help us all . Oh wait ! It’s working out that way already . Well done canada !

The province of Newfoundland and Labrador recently abolished its student loans program in favour of a grant program – an idea that has piqued the interest of New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant.
Students currently studying at university can accrue tens of thousands of dollars in student debt

considering that cnc is projecting a $1 million surplus , sounds like a money grab.

“the governors voted for the tuition hike because, they say, the board cannot rely on an expected budget surplus again next year”

Where is the surplus of this year going? I am assuming it will be incorporated into next year’s budget. If the budget is balanced, why is a tuition increase required? Increase it by 1% and maybe most will be happy with the compromise.

Sort of reminds me of PG’s snow clearing budget. Snow falls and weather conditions are unpredictable … so are student enrolments. Where is the contingency fund for small variations in program enrolment planning?

Every year the whining starts.. Again my response will be the same.. If you can’t afford to go to post secondary then get a job and save so you can. That’s what I did.. Does a few things that will help in your future life.

1. Will teach you how to budget.
2. Will make you appreciate your job/career you get once you graduate.
3. Will make you realize how much easier life was before a mortgage etc.

“Where is the surplus of this year going?…” Where is the contingency fund for small variations in program enrolment planning?”

Maybe the surplus is already going into that kind of a contingency fund? Just guessing, but that is what I think should be done with! Good fiscal management would make sure that there is always some back up money! On the other hand, perhaps having any extra money on hand will lead to a government funding cutback? Who knows how they think in those Victoria ivory towers!

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