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October 28, 2017 12:41 am

Natural Resource Forum Kicks Off this Evening

Tuesday, January 19, 2016 @ 3:59 AM

Prince George, B.C. – It has become the prime event to signal  the new year, and take the pulse of the resource  sector.  It is the Natural Resource Forum  and it officially gets underway this evening with  a celebratory dinner that will feature keynote speaker  Shane Mahoney who  will present a  look at the cumulative impact of  multiple resource developments.Taking advantage of  the influx of  resource representatives, the  BC Chamber of Commerce and the P.G. Chamber  are hosting a day long  Business Development Forum today, in advance of the  two days of  sessions and displays  at the actual Resource Forum .

Today’s lead in Chamber event  will focus on issues  for small  and medium businesses to  assist them  in landing  contracts  with  some of the capital projects planned  for the  north.  That forum is being held at the Coast Inn of the North.

The  Natural Resource Forum  at the Civic Centre,  will  move into  two full days of discussion and  information  sessions on Wednesday.   Although  the official title of the  two day  forum is the “Premier’s Natural Resource Forum”, there is no official announcement,  yet,  that Premier Christy Clark will be attending.    However, it should be noted  the  program for the Forum  does not  reveal  who  the  guest speaker will be on Wednesday,  so, there is an opportunity for  Premier Clark to address the gathering.

Even though  the demand for commodities  has  slipped, and some mining operations have been curtailed, there are 66 exhibitors  for  the event this year,   the same number that set up booths  last year.

Subjects to be addressed  over the course of the two days include:

  • Mining  and mineral exploration
  • resource technology
  • resource diversification
  • Forestry,
  • Energy

More than 800 delegates are expected to attend the two day event



I wonder if our climate and how it relates to natural resources could be part of the topic as well. We know how this relates to things like forestry changes as in the pine beetle and the biomass industry, or how it can give our LNG industry a 25% advantage over other locations in the world.

I wonder also how our northern climate could be related to food production as a resource. From ice wine to cattle, but also potential for winter sublimation in food processing for nitch products that could be unique to our climate conditions?

All we really need are markets. With money enough to re-cover the costs we’ve got to charge in prices. And then some. Not enough around that can be found? Well, we can always sell ‘hype’. For awhile.

NRF….It should be ,How we can suck the north dry!!If not for the Resources of the North..LML’s would be paying Tolls on all there bridges,transit would be $10.00 a ride and Sin taxes would be thru the roof….My quarter cause a nickel ain’t worth S#*#…….

“Well, we can always sell ‘hype’.”

We will do what we have been doing for many decades: In order to have money to import things we do not grow here (coffee and bananas, oranges and dates, coconut oil and avocados, in the winter lettuce and spinach…and so forth) we sell them things that they need and do not have, like coal, copper, nickel, molybdenum, iron ore…..

Hype? Not on the menu!

Energy ? Wind , geothermal and solar to be included ? Or is it gas/coal/oil trifecta only ?

Ataloss your need these resources for your pipe dreams.

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