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October 28, 2017 12:39 am

Premier Pumps Up the North

Wednesday, January 20, 2016 @ 1:16 PM


Premier addresses Natural Resource Forum –  photo 250News

Prince George BC -Premier Christy Clark says BC  will have a surplus this year and the Province is poised to be number one in growth in Canada this year and next, just two notes  from her address  which  celebrated the resource sector  at  the Natural Resource ForumSaying  resources are the backbone of B.C. ,  Premier Clark says she sees her role as  more of one of support  which includes  recent talks with the Federal Government to ensure the softwood lumber agreement  is  dealt with.

She said she  knows there are  lower prices for LNG  and that   might make it  harder to make it happen but  she won’t give up ”  BC was not founded by quitters,  W.A.C. Bennett was not a quitter”  she said people elected  her government to lead “You didn’t elect  a government  to quit”.

She said as natural gas  prices continue to recover,  BC  will be ready  ” Natural gas is the transition fuel from things like coal” said Clark.

She  praised the  diversity of natural  resource development in B.C.  saying  we need only look to  Alberta to see what can happen  when all  the eggs are placed in  one basket.

Although  commodity  prices are low,  she says mining will come back, and  her team is doing what it can  to ensure those jobs are there when  commodity prices  come back .

Premier Clark says “According  to  Resource  Works,   a ten percent increase in  natural resource output in B.C. would add $4.5 billion dollars to the Country’s GDP.”

“I am prepared to stand up for the resource sector”said Premier Clark, ”   We should never ever forget the fundamental bedrock  of  British Columbia”.

She closed  in saying said, “now is the time to keep our eyes on the ball and focus on the fundamentals that drive British Columbia.”



Last paragraph from credbc.ca …. On the whole, the sectors most responsible for creating jobs, funding social programs and contributing to the wealth of British Columbians are finance, real estate, manufacturing, construction, retail trade and tourism. Any big development project should take into consideration its impact on these sectors – positive or negative – before it gets approved.

Forestry is such a small component that it has to be included with agriculture and fishing or it wouldn’t make a percentage point . Christy and crew don’t do their home work . It shows everytime her lips move . Or maybe she is just being disingenuous .

That makes sense, but if we would not have all the resources she mentioned we would have to import them. So let’s give them the priority they deserve.

U.S. News and World Reports rated Canada today #2 in the list of best countries in the world. Germany was rated #1. We are indeed in a very enviable position in B.C. and in all of Canada!

My brother works in Fort St John for a rig support company called Sanjel they have been very busy helping open wells through the oil downturn when oil pumping jack stations slowed down sour gas wells picked up the slack keeping him busy delivering cement and foam to these well jobs all over north eastern BC.

People are very quick to point out negative things but despite the negativity people love to promote not only is my brother still employed but business is picking up in the northern part of the province to the point that they are starting to hire again. To me it seems that is a good sign of growth but let’s see how the negative types view it.

Dearth, I’m headed up Saturday to put in a multiwell pad for arc resources. I’m just happy I have work. Would be nice if a pipeline or two or three got approved though. We nee d one to the east coast and the west coast.

Google Fort McMurray and see what comes up. Don’t look so good too me.

Oldman1 whens the last time you were in ft Mac? Yeah its bad now but thing will pick up.

Christy Bush

Question Oldman1

What part of Fort Mccmurray is in BC last I checked it was in Alberta and did not as far as I know influence northern BC?

Dearth–read what I said again. Did I say anything about where it is located.

I thought I smelled sumthin…..crusty came to town…she bout as good as used T-paper….if only Kelowna had Ballz to recall this thing..

“… W.A.C. Bennett was not a quitter”…”

No he was not..he was a leader and a visionary. Something you are NOT!

To paraphrase Senator Lloyd Bentsen’s response to Senator Dan Quayle during the 1988 VP debate…Christy Clark you’re no “Cece” Bennett.

I was not a Socred supporter but I had/have a lot of respect for W.A.C.

Christy says blah blah blah.

Christy wants a Dam named after her. C stands for Christy Clark.

tliotg, where your mom and dad brother and sister?

There’s that deer in the headlights look again.

Dearth – thats pretty normal, guys like your brother are adapting and being creative to earn a living and drive the economy when the going gets tough, while the loopy lefties (I wont name the obvious ones posting) are happy to sit and wait for their taxpayer funded paychecks while complaining about the current government.
We know which one actually adds value to our province.

I just love how some of you love to take pot shots at Premier Christy Clark! As bad as you might think that she and her Government are doing, be thankful that we don’t have an NDP Government.

Don’t think so? Have a look at the worsening mess in Alberta under the Notley NDP Government! Absolutely nothing, nothing, I repeat NOTHING good happening there under her regime!

What good is happening here under Clark? Oh I know 1600 new taxpayer funded nurses. You just gotta be losing sleep over that.

I think it is a bit unfair to blame Notley and the NDP for the mess Alberta is in! A government of any ideology would struggle with the circumstances which affect Alberta, Canada and other countries all at the same time.

Alberta had a Conservative government for more than half a century and it did not see fit to set aside some of the wealth at its disposal for rainy times. Spend, spend, spend and run deficits and accumulate a large debt – not something which to be proud of! How on earth conservative governments can bravely call themselves conservative is a joke, and a bad one for sure!

What worsening mess you talkin about? Do you mean the worlds oil glut that has caused a mess everywhere? Yeah that’s what you’re talkin about. Nice try blaming Albertas govt though.

Lots of protests in Alberta over the imposition of Bill 6!

Lots of concern about the NDP’s proposed royalty review, at a time when the industry is already suffering immensely. Nothing like kicking them while they are down, so to speak! Sure doesn’t attrack investment to Alberta.

Talk to some Albertans and ask them how they are doing! Public sector workers, not so bad, private sector, not so much!

While having a look at the mess in Alberta, one must also take a look at the disaster that is the Kathleen Wynne Ontario Liberal Government! They have debt problems almost on par with Greece!

And you guys want to kick Christy Clark around, haha!

Hart guy, you give the NDP to much credit.. Do you think they really have so much power they caused the drop in oil.. That’s the reason Alberta is hurting.. The price of oil. But I do love how you hate the liberals..but now you love them..lol

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