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October 28, 2017 12:37 am

Friday Free for All – Jan. 22nd, 2016

Friday, January 22, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

It’s that time of week again, your chance to speak to the issues that mean most to you.

It’s time for the Friday Free for All.

Please be respectful of the rights of others to express their opinion, and while you may disagree, resorting to name calling will not be tolerated.

So, keep the comments brief, and obey the three simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying.


Ohhh goody…. everyones still sleeping…. shhhhhhh

Ha, ha, ha, saying that must have woke me up! Good morning!

Oh, I found out who Healthtech is. The other day they called me telling me that I had won some sort of wine accessories prize. I asked where they were. Coquitlam. I asked who they were, what they did.
Turns out they are a company that sells some sort of indoor air purifiers.
So there you have it for those who were wondering.

The healthtech scammers have been around for a while now. The Filter Queen of today!

I see the price of Oil is over $30. now they are going to use this to push the pump prices.

Although I am not one to hand out too many bouquets I do however feel that the City snow removal people for the most part have done a fine job this year

Good morning Prince George. I will second that proudtobepg. I drive in town all and everyday. I have no complaints this year about snow removal. I think city has an excellent job keeping the road clear and most important keeping the intersections well sanded. Keep up the good work snow removal crews.

Ever since the new council and mayor have been elected there has been I believe a general increase in the openness of the city, taking steps to fix the infrastructure namely roads, sewer and water works and a better accountability of city staff and councillors. There will be those who will never trust the city or concil and that is their choice

Things that have improved IMO is snow clearing and removal, some red tape has been done away with, more willing to listen to the people who elected them to office, city staff appear to be happier and dong away with the stigma of the old boys club to name but a few. Again there are those that will disagree with me and that is their right

That isn’t to say that the new mayor and council haven’t made a few missteps like renaming a certain park without consultation, spending more on a broken garbage system without a concrete fix in place, increasing already perceived high wages for city managers just to name a few.

Overall I give the city a B- they I feel have gone a good distance to improving relations with the tax payers of the city and being more open about how the city runs but work needs to be done about spending and where and how it’s spent.

Y’all realize we have a total of maybe a foot of accumulated snow this year …. not hard to keep up with that


I was going to say the same thing! If you don’t have to snowblow or shovel your driveway more than once every 2 weeks, there’s a good chance that the road maintenance should be ok

You would never guess on my street.. hasn’t been plowed since the beginning of January.

January and Febuary are typically the big snowfall months so that should be the big test but if you remember last winter in January we had some big snowfalls and the city was all over it and was well maintained and I expect much the same this year.

Can’t please everybody though

Ya, what Dearth said, the gang down at city hall seem willing to listen & accept some input which is nice. But it makes me nervous the way they’re spending money. $124K for a web page the kids over at CNC could have done for a monitory contribution to their computer dept. Half a million for a picnic shelter. Our utilities have more than doubled in the last few years.
As for snow removal, two thumbs up! Awesome job.

Maybe the city should be looking to HYPG for fundraising techniques when looking to spend hefty money on picnic shelters.

It should be interesting in the next few weeks what will happen to our streets. This is the first thaw we have experienced since before it really froze up before Christmas.

Last year we had gone thru about 5 freeze thaw cycles which created a lot of heaving issues.

I would predict that there will be a few ice damming issues coming up soon.

They need to patrol foothills again with radar, wet pavement does not give you the right to do 80 and 90 km a hour.

Be thankful you live within city limits if not you would be relying on YRB. There is a perfect example of the road maintenance differences. On Otway the city maintained section is bare and wet and where YRB takes over it is 3-4″ of compacted ice. That is why last year during the Winter Games the city took over the section as far as Otway Ski Trails. Most of the blame has to go to the Government for giving out contracts that are more profitable if you do less work.

I think that the City now has a more comprehensive snow plan in place, plus they have contractors on retainers like they used to do in years gone by. In addition they have a significant increase in the snow budget.

There is now no reason for us not getting good snow removal, and in fact we should now be able to work diligently to see where we might be able to improve snow removal while decreasing costs.

“we should now be able to work diligently to see where we might be able to improve snow removal while decreasing costs.”


Restjet one thing you seem to forget YRB is responsible for a huge network of roads not only within city limits but within the surrounding region they have only so many pieces of equipment per shift and it can take several hours to come back to a certain section of road.

Might want to think about that next time you see a YRB truck on the road but sadly most people think about that it is a massive inconvenience to slow down apparently and drive according to conditions

Be thankful you live within city limits if not you would be relying on YRB. There is a perfect example of the road maintenance differences.


People who live in the boonies should not be expecting the same level of services as those people who live in the City. You pay what? 1/3 as much in property taxes as city dwellers do and you have a heck of a lot more roads to cover.

If you take on the contract get the equipment you need, after 20+ years you should have it figured out. PS out in Miworth the inconveniences are few and far between, roads are terrible today. It is too bad that the Ski Hill wasn’t at the end of Otway.

We used to have property on Island Park Drive which is just beyond the second railway crossing on Otway Rd. In the late 1970s that road was plowed by highways as a regional district road, before YRB, and it was always cleared before the City streets leading up to Otway Rd.

Cevforbc.ca Free money till March 2018 .

So Ataloss if these vehicles are so great why the taxpayer funded incentive? Lower income people giving their taxes to higher income people to buy these.

Hey you got one yet, could plug it into your imaginary solar system.

Ataloss you provided my laugh for the day.

Welcome Message from the New Car Dealers Association of BC
On behalf of the New Car Dealers Assocation of BC (NCDA), I am pleased to inform you that beginning April 1st, 2015, the Clean Energy Vehicle for BC (CEVforBC™) Point of Sale Incentive Program is being renewed.

On March 23, 2015, from the floor of the 95th Vancouver International Auto Show, Minister of Energy and Mines, Bill Bennett, made the announcement that the province of BC is renewing CEVforBC™ with NCDA responsible for administering the program.

B.C. residents, businesses, non-profit organizations and local government organizations who purchase or lease qualifying new vehicles, will be eligible for up to $5,000 off the pre-tax sticker price for qualifying new battery electric, fuel-cell electric, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and up to $6,000 for a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

CEVforBC™ will encourage the adoption of new, clean energy vehicles. Many of the vehicles that qualify for CEVforBC™ were on display at the 2015 Vancouver International Auto Show and were available for test drives through the Green Ride and Drive.

The CEVforBC™ program, along with the incentive program from SCRAP-IT will go a long way in providing British Columbians with more choices to purchase clean energy vehicles. Combined with the new incentive program from SCRAP-IT, purchasers of a new electric vehicle can stack each offer to potentially save up to $8,250.

Please explore the CEVforBC™ website and learn more about qualifying clean energy vehicles.

Yours truly,

Blair Qualey
President and CEO
New Car Dealers Association of BC

Only an idiot would laugh at money . Another great day in the markets today . Nice and green across my whole portfolio today again with a strong close . Makes me smile ,while idiots laugh . You got to love it .

I long suspected you were in the lower income bracket seamutt . Now I understand your solidarity with the non investment class . You have my sympathy but you’ve made your own bed .

Have the actually improved on the making of electric/hybrid cars. Last I read was its more harmful to the environment in making these vehicles than it is to drive a gasoline engine.. anyone hear any different ?

Pval your assertion is absurd . EVs = zero emittion. EVs in BC with bchydro providing the juice it’s a closed loop . Hydro wins , the owners of EVs win ( dirt cheap transport) the communities that they operate in win because all the money spent on gas , lube , and repairs is spent in the community . It’s unstoppable .

Ataloss Since you made the call that Yellen’s piddly rate hike was a bullish sign for the market the Dow is down 2000 points. Today’s rally is more like a dead cat bounce and your bull ended up in a bull ring in Spain. The bears are still on the prowl and there is still a good chance of a further 10-15% correction.
The CEV incentive will not even cover the accelerated depreciation on these vehicles, a Leaf loses half of it’s value in 3 years.

Ataloss you never answer my questions about your imaginary, ev, solar system, stock holding.

You seem to like to dabble in the market, or say you do well if EV’s are so great again I ask why the incentives and why do they get to drive for free on the roads. Sounds like welfare to the well healed to me.

Another thing how come the city and uni are so mum on their EV. Makes one wonder.

Ataloss. I think you got it backwards. Idiots smile while others laugh.

“”Be thankful you live within city limits if not you would be relying on YRB.””

I’m glad we live outside the city as YRB does a far better job of keeping our roads clear than the D&P show I see in the city limits. Good job YRB

Just keep smilin Palopu ;)

Buy more ataloss, buy, buy…….I know I shouldn’t get sucked into a pissing match with a tool. But man, you have serious brain damage. Don’t get help, just walk into the nearest river.

@ the editor of this site.

Wow, you banned my IP address for telling one of the commenters on this site to change his user name to reflect his sympathies. However, apparently,it is okay for dow7501 to engage in personal attacks by referring to another commenter as a brain damaged tool. That really is some quality moderating on your part.

He won’t do that, dow7501. That would pollute a waterway, a no-no for a Greenie.

cred , really ?

That whole Evrett thing is a joke. He should just move on and let by gones be by gones. He must not be able to find such a lush gift now that he doesn’t have the gravy train any longer.

That position was over paid from the get go. It’s paying twice what it paid ten years ago and even in a reduced position at $85,000 is grossly overpaid for a non profit society with a limited budget essentially partnering funds for advertising.

What a tool. He should know they have a limited budget. He should know after spending more than a year on leave for the Canada Winter Games that his position would be filled by then. The guy billed the BC government over $200 an hour as a ‘media advisor’ before being given the position at Northern BC Tourism. He is all hot air and got paid wel for it.

I think he failed PG and its opportunity to be seen by the nation in our best light by his closed monopoly on media during the games. Paying a pay per view network to have monopoly rights to facilities and games in an armature event is just stupid for anyone that promotes the region. It was epic fail when other media couldn’t report from events in the cities biggest event ever, when we should have invited all the national media to report freely from where ever.


Just saw this and was so glad that I am still able to get it in on Friday Free for All!

For those of you that missed Sophie Trudeau’s amazingly bad performance while attempting to hijack a Martin Luther King Day event and make it yet again another “I’m Sophie and its all about Justin and I!” event, here’s a link to her American Idol audition!

Just in case you missed it, haha! It’s a long link, remove the spaces between ht and tp!

ht tp://www.therebel.media/hilarious_sophie_trudeau_sings_smile_back_at_me_during_american_idol_audition

Now how much will Northern BC Tourism dollars be spent on lawyers to defend against this frivolous case by Evrett. He doesn’t care one iota about this region. His actions speak loudly in both what he did with the games as well as since with his lawsuit against the tourism destination marketing society.

This could easily cost them 10% of their budget to defend themselves from his sense of entitlement.

I think Evrett should go back to Saskatchiwen where he is from and use his experience to find someone that is willing to employ someone with his level of affluenza. He should hope any future employer doesn’t have a search engine to come across such a petty lawsuit against a prior employer. It shows his level of ‘genius’ after all…..

Should Evrett win, one assumes he wants two years pay? That’s more than half their budget at NBC Tourism.

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