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October 28, 2017 12:35 am

Matt Pearce Remembered

Sunday, January 24, 2016 @ 4:30 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Tributes to Matt Pearce, well known Prince George teacher, community volunteer and ex-CFLer have been flowing in since his untimely death yesterday at the age of 48.

Richard Giroday, president of the Prince George District Teachers Association (PGDTA), couldn’t believe his ears when he first found out.

“I was just absolutely in shock, disbelief, almost numb, and extremely upset. I’m emotional about it because Matt was just such a wonderful person.” OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

He credits Pearce for helping him obtain his current role with the PGDTA. “Over a period of time Matt said to me, ‘have you ever thought of running for office?’ and he encouraged me and I did and that was when I first became first V-P and have moved on to become president.”

Giroday adds news of his death has hit the education community hard.

“He’s had an influence that permeated through so much of the educational community, whether it be from coaching or as a mentor, a colleague, through the PGDTA executive, his school and his students. He meant so much to the community.”

Labour activist Sussanne Skidmore sat on the North Central Labour Council with Pearce when he was the president of the PGDTA.

“He was a giant among men. I don’t mean that about his stature, it was just about his presence,” she says. “When he walked into a room, he garnered respect from everyone in that room and he deserved it, he earned it.”

Ron Gallo, who has long been involved in the sports community, says he first met Matt years ago when he went to school with his brother.

“I kind of watched him go through the football process, I didn’t think it was ever possible for somebody from Prince George to make it to the CFL,” he says “I got to watch him have the success that he did and still remain tied to the community that he grew up in and came back to when he retired.”

Gallo says his community contribution was equally impressive following his retirement from professional football – be it in teaching, labour activism, or coaching.

He says it’s made his death, seemingly in the prime of his life, a tough pill to swallow.

“To find out a young man at the age of 48, who was very athletic is gone, is just mind boggling really.”


My condolences to his family and everyone that knew Matt.

I have to wonder though if he died of a blood clot? It seems to be an epidemic lately of big strong mid forties otherwise healthy males that don’t do drugs or anything like that, suddenly dieing from blood clot issues. I have to wonder if there is some sort of underlying cause for this that effects big people more so than others? I know of three others in the last year that fit the same profile in age, health, and size that just suddenly died on the spot and it turned out to be a simple blood clot or aneurism that got them.

Matt made a difference in our community, thanks to his family for sharing him with us. I will miss him

Despite Matt.s size, he was a man that people listened to because he spoke from the heart. He seemed to always be thinking of others. He was so proud of his wife and family. It is so sad to have such a young strong man take away at such an early age. He did so much for the community that I think Prince George will miss his presence!

It was my pleasure to have met and work with Matt a few times well employed at SD57 for 15 years, then again when involved with the PGTA. Being the same age myself makes one remember the important things in life family, adventures, doing good deeds for their community. My condolence to his family and friends losing a person of such hero status is very sad.

Shocking news. Matt seemed to be in such great shape; he was so active and energetic .
Very sad. Condolences to Matt’s family and his friends.

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