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October 28, 2017 12:27 am

New Seniors Complex Moves Forward

Monday, February 1, 2016 @ 8:45 PM


Multi million dollar project given green light  to change Official Community Plan

Prince George, B.C. – A $30 million dollar seniors residence project  is a step closer to  reality as Prince George City Council  has   approved a change to the Official Community Plan and  the rezoning of a portion of Ron Brent Park.

The project,  to be located   between Oak and Victoria Streets in Prince George,  required  that 4.6 acres of Ron Brent Park  be  removed  from the OCP and rezoned for  the multi-residential use.  The balance of Ron Brent Park  would remain as a park.

While there were  several  people in the neighbourhood who had sent  written  support for the move,   there was also a petition  which  carried the names of 44 area residents who are not in favour of the project.  Most  who opposed the development, cite  loss of green space,  and security concerns  for  those who would live in the  173 unit development which would be on the fringe of one of the most troubled neighbourhoods in Prince George.  106 of the units would be  offered  for sale, and the balance would be  low rent housing units.

The proceeds from the sale of the parkland would be used to improve  the remaining  portion of Ron Brent Park.

One of those to  make a presentation to Council was Bill Neilson,  who lives on Oak Street.  He wanted to know what impact the traffic would have on the  neighbourhood  and says  the number of speeders on Oak Street  is  very concerning.  “Ron Brent Park was a very viable park until Gateway started”.  Gateway is the seniors assisted living  on the Corner of  Victoria and 20th Avenue. ” Now you are going to destroy what is left there.”   The former construction  worker says he understands the need for the development, but adds “Not at the expense  of  a park.”

Katherine Kendall is the Director of the Connaught Youth  and challenged the  use of  park property for the development, by making several references  to the City’s  Parks policy.  She said neighbourhood has already been  noted as being deficient in parks and  open space.

Anne Hogan, who has produced  reports on seniors housing  before,  spoke in favour of the development,  saying its  location  would  allow for  easy access to  services,  and the remaining green space would offer a positive  viewscape for  residents. “The City as a whole will benefit from this rezoning” says Hogan who also supported using funds from the land sale  be used for  upgrades to  parks in the area.

Councillor Terri McConnachie said while she appreciates those who came forward and expressed their concerns,  this project  “Is an exciting opportunity to  provide housing for our seniors.”

“This is something we critically need in this community” said Councillor Brian Skakun “We are giving up some parkland but the gain  for our community  far  outweighs that.”

Councillor Albert Koehler says he understands those who  made  presentations  to Council “I always look at the greater good for Prince George, I really think this is a good thing to happen.”

Councillor  Murry Krause says he is “Certainly excited by this project” as was Councillor Susan Scott who said  she  hopes it is the first of many.

Mayor Lyn Hall sais he was certainly  going to support the project,  saying the  message from citizens  has been loud and clear that the City needs affordable housing  for seniors.

The  OCP and rezoning changes  have  been unanimously approved by Council




An excellent decision! Who’s impersonating our Council members tonight?

Good positive comment. Who is impersonating Hart Guy tonight?

Official Community Plan? What a farce. They should change the name from OCP to BCP. The Bring Cash Plan. That is the only plan the city councils that run this city adhere to. I’m sure the rest of that “park” will be covered in row houses just as soon as another developer shows up with a load of cash. The only view seniors occupying this new development will see is the back of another row of buildings.

Six out of nine city councillors read the 250 judging by my down votes. lol

The City needs to ensure that park land is kept for that purpose. If they go on record that there will be no development on park land in Prince George, then these developers would quit coming up with ideas to locate in parks.

We have lots of private land that could be developed.

@Palopu the developer that was going to buy the golf course land walked away because the city refused to lower the park land requirement. I wonder if in the back of their mind they had plans to sell it to someone else.

We have tons of city owned land bought using some of my tax dollars and they end up selling parks. Sell the land we are sitting on all around town and lower my tax increases annually. This city hall is a farce and council is just their whipping boy, more now then ever. Hate to say it but maybe Mayor Green wasn’t the worst mayor ever…

Recall em all……

My Dad owned the land in question and was forced to sell it in the l950s as they needed it for the schools. My mom is still alive she should be compensated.

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