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October 28, 2017 12:23 am

Top 40 Under 40 Named

Thursday, February 4, 2016 @ 7:00 PM

Prince George, B.C.- The Prince George Chamber of Commerce has  released  its final selection of the top 40 difference makers in the community who are  under  the age of 40.  The list  could almost be an ad for the University of Northern B.C.

More than half (25) of the  finalists  are UNBC alumni, current students or staff.

The Top 40 Under 40  are  considered the rising stars in the community and , according to the judging criteria, ” demonstrate leadership, are involved in our community, and have a wealth of experience and professional achievements”

Here are the winners for  2016 and their work affiliation  at the time of nomination:


Each person named is profiled in  the Top 40 under 40  magazine which can be accessed here.  Hard copies ae available at the Prince George Chamber of Commerce.



What will all the UNBC bum-kickers have to say now?

“What will all the UNBC bum-kickers have to say now?”

One thing that is for sure. Many of those on the list were instructed by some tremendous UNBC professors. They are the same professors who have been accused of being “lefties” and other derogatory comments made by 250 news readers.

UNBC BoG members and senior administrators come and go. The UNBC faculty and staff work in the trenches every day teaching our young and doing their research. The students learn from the research opportunities of the faculty.

Those excellent UNBC professors deserve much more respect than what they have received in the news media during the past few months.

Haven’t heard anything about any of them.. Was their names drawn from a hat?

Come on, you have not heard of Jillian? She even posts on here. And you obviously do not follow PG Council.

You might also have read about the proposed new Craft Beer with Bjorn being one of the owners.

Remember, they are under 40.

BTW, how many in the community know you and what you do and/or have done to support the community through your work, your volunteer activities, etc.

You living under a rock?

The real question is how many have we not heard of who may be involved in the community “making a difference” in a much quieter way and thus do not draw attention to themselves?

Why is it important to select people out of a crowd and give them recognition?

How is “making a difference” defined?

Finally, I often wonder whether the Chamber is making a difference in the community. I really do not see them doing anything for this community.

I do follow the council.. But whining about bike lanes and posting here makes you one of the top 40/40 .. Yikes…lol

Have to agree with P Val on this one. I’m not seeing the great things that Jillian has been responsible for on council. But maybe she made the list because she ran a very different campaign to get elected and being a woman under 40 that made it to council is something out of the ordinary.

As for the rest of the report. This is something I’ve seen in other cities. So why not showcase some of our younger bright minds and show a positive story about PG. The more the better in my opinion. PG needs to attract more people to make this a great city!!

These complaints against Jillian show exactly how ignorant you are to her involvement in our community. You choose one issue and grind her on that, and try to discredit her accomplishments?

Maybe instead of complaining, get involved with the community and know what each of these 40 are actually doing for the city of PG. It’s quite a bit more impact than complaining on a 250 news thread. Crazy thought, I know.

Maybe if someone was pushing dope legalization or had walk on cameos in a few Seth Rogan movies some of you would have heard of them?

Congrats to those on the list, I know several of you and you folks work your tails off – way to go!

Woohoo! A popularity contest! How high school of us.


“These complaints against… Maybe instead of complaining, get involved with the community and know what each of these 40 are actually doing for the city of PG. It’s quite a bit more impact than complaining on a 250 news thread”

Exactly! Well said.

Way to go Top 40! I hope you all do great things in your futures.

Also, rather than trying to crap on these individuals and complain assume what they’ve done – read the articles. Jillian’s explains her involvement beyond council.

Super impressed with all the finalists. What a great group of people doing so much for the communtiy. What are tehy doing? Read the writeups on the Chamber of PG site.

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