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October 28, 2017 12:22 am

Celebrate Prince George Photo Contest -Day 2

Saturday, February 6, 2016 @ 3:45 AM

More amazing photos submitted for the 250News Celebrate Prince George Photo contest!  We received so many entries yesterday, we will have to spread them out over the next few days to ensure all  receive the attention they are due.Each photo has been designated a number  and a title.  Please cast  your ballot  by mentioning  the number  ( one vote per commenter  only).

Here are today’s entries

Photo #1 Little Prince



Photo #2 Confluence



Photo#3 Good morning Mr. Moose



Photo #4 Cranes



Photo #5  Fresh Snow Atop Old Tractor



Photo #6 Fraser River



Photo #7 Autumn Cottonwood



Photo #8 Close encounter ( Eskers Park)



Photo #9 Cottonwood Lane


Time to vote.  When you comment,   list the number of the photo and its title.  Those who submitted photos and  don’t see them posted,  don’t worry,  your entry has not been lost,  it will be posted  but we are trying to  keep the entries to a reasonable  number  for viewing each day.   We  will  accept images each day until 5 p.m. Friday Feb. 12th.  Send your image to elaine@250News.com





Photo # 9 Cottonwood Lane gets my vote out of todays lot.

I’m going to comment on some of the others because that’s what I do. The filtering done on number 2 and number 6 ruin the photos, they are no longer realistic. #7 gives me a headache, it’s been rotated 180 degrees.

#8 close encounter

5, fresh snow atop a tractor


Photo #6 Fraser River

Axman I took photo number 6 and I didn’t use any filter. I don’t even know what that is. Lol it was just a bright, beautiful day early fall and I captured the photo with my phone 😊

#4. Sandhill Cranes

#1 little prince

#5Fresh snow atop old tractor

#5 fresh snow atop old tractor
Score is 10. This photo shows our beautiful Prince George winters, and a time often forgotten with historic tractors


#8..great shot!


#5 fresh snow atop old tractor

#1 The Little Prince… Not that I’m biased in the least! ;)

#1 the little prince. Great phtoo, plus it captures the regions history.

#1 The Little Prince

#4 cranes…

Little prince ❤️

#1 the little prince!

#1 Little Prince.

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