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October 28, 2017 12:19 am

Mailbox vandalism hits Chief Lake Road area

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 @ 1:01 PM

Prince George, B.C. – It will be at least a couple of weeks before residents in the Green Acres- Discovery road area of Prince George  will have new community mail boxes installed.

Last Thursday night,  the community mail boxes on Green Acres Road, were knocked over.  Two days later,  someone  had  dragged those mail boxes over to Discovery Road, dumping them in the middle of the road.

RCMP  were called to the scene early Sunday morning, and stayed with the mailboxes  until a tow truck  could arrive and   move the damaged  boxes to  Canada Post.

The good news is,  none of the individual  mail boxes had actually been opened,  so any mail that was in them,  has been safely retrieved by Canada Post.

The  not so good news is, those  who normally received their mail at the  Green Acres  community mail boxes will have to go to the  Canada Post   location at the corner of  15th and Nicholson  to  get their mail until  new community boxes can be installed.

It will take about  two  weeks for the new mailboxes to be installed at the Green Acres site.

Canada Post says the new  version of mail boxes will be anchored to the site,  and in the spring,  will be cemented into place.

This is the 18th incident  of  a community mail box in Prince George being vandalized since Christmas.

Canada Post advises  residents impacted by this  case of vandalism  can  go to the 15th and Nicholson  location  Monday to Friday  from 7:30 to 3:30 to retrieve mail.   You must have proper identification in order to get mail from that site.

Once the new mailboxes have been installed,   new keys will be available at the main post office  on 5th Avenue.





so much for the post office saying how good the community mail boxes are…
at least in this case there was no entry or access to the mail… or so they say

    Where I live we have always had community mail boxes, they used to be just put in place, kids would knock them over. 15 years ago they put a cement pad down and bolted them in place. Never had a problem just the odd bit of spray paint. Community mailbox is still safer then on my door step, because I can receive larger parcels and go away for a couple days without my absence being shouted to any one who was to look at the mailbox on the wall.

    Rural areas never had door to door delivery.

Nowadays, video surveillance systems are cheap. Maybe Canada Post should look into this for their mailboxes

Canada post should go back to door to door delivery.

I imagine Canada Post is counting on people renting a box in one of their outlets.

They make alot of money off of those boxes.

or maybe I’m being silly .

Chief Lake has never had door to door service

Set up Video surveillance. Catch the pukes. Make them deliver the mail for the next 12 months door to door.

Why is the responsibility always up to general public protect themselves from criminal acts? I believe the time has come where the judges, the justice system and our government gets some balls and reintroduce corporate punishment. We have proven that placing convicted criminals in prisons (that are more like rooming houses) has no benefits, with a high rate to reoffend when released. Corporate punishment may be barbaric to many, but it works. In school we were taught how to solve problems. When the result is effective it is accepted as solving the problem. Why can’t our leaders understand a simple solution? If it works use it.

Never heard of Corporate punishment. Schoolteachers are not permitted to touch a child or speak harshly to them. The government feels it may damage their self image. As for the mailboxes, S. Happens. Not that often that it requires us to panic.

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