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October 28, 2017 12:18 am

For the Love of Cottonwood Island Park

Wednesday, February 10, 2016 @ 3:59 AM


Valentine tree in Cottonwood Island Park – photo250News

Prince George,  B.C. -Somebody  has  gone through a lot of work to  decorate a tree in Cottonwood Island Park.

The tree  is  adorned with  fabric roses, ribbons, hearts on a string, and   hearts of all sizes,  to  celebrate Valentine’s Day.

This is not the first  time  atree in that park has been decorated.   Every Christmas,  there are a number of  trees that  are  decorated for the holidays.valetinetree2

( at right, close up of one of the roses)

The mystery is,  who is responsible?

Park goers say the latest  artwork  must have  been done either  very late Monday night,  or  super early Tuesday morning.

In either case,  the  work is being enjoyed by  those who  go to Cottonwood Island Park and they offer their thanks for  making this Valentine’s Day  extra special.



I love the Cottonwood tree decorator. I’m guessing it’s the same person that does the tree at Christmas.

I think it’s vandalism and littering.

Where is the Yukon MP with the funny name when you need him.

Present Yukon MP Larry Bagnell
Past Yukon MP Ryan Leef

Past/Past Yukon MP Erik Neilson or Yukon Erik,. (Passed away)

I’m guessing that the **funny name** is Leef??

Thanks Palopu, that’s the one. MP Ryan Leef. So he is unemployed right now?

The guy was hilarious with his antics. How can anyone forget his hiding out in the bush to ambush the vandal for his election signs last November. LOL turns out the conservative MP was a former mixed martial arts fighter. Him and his campaign manager chasing down the lady vandal with masks on in the dark, and hand cuffed her making a citizens arrest.

Her quote to the media was that she thought she was going to get raped, until she realized it was her MP for parliament.

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