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October 28, 2017 12:17 am

Celebrate Prince George Photo Contest – Day 7

Thursday, February 11, 2016 @ 3:45 AM

If you have a  photo that shows why Prince George is a great place to be or why Prince George is special to you,  this is  your opportunity to share it,  and  possibly  win a prize. Grand Prize is $250 dollars.  This is  Day 7 of this contest and submissions  are being accepted  until  5 pm Feb 12th.    Each day we will  feature  the best  of those received,   and  commenters  are encouraged to vote,   only one  vote per commenter will be counted.

Please note the number of the photo  you are  voting for.

Commenters are reminded,  just one vote please,  if you list two  photos in your comment,  only the first number noted will be counted.

#1 Rail Bridge at Sunset



#2 Amanita



#3 Bear Lake Campground



#4 Summer Treat



#5 Firth Lake



#6  Big Stretch



#7  Snow Does



#8 Prince George Car Wash




#9 Frosty River



Remember, only ONE  vote per commenter.   If you  list more than one number, only the first number will be counted.

Submissions will be accepted until 5 p.m Friday Feb. 12th.    Final daily round  of photos will be posted on Saturday,  then Sunday, the top five photos will be  posted for  final judging.

Winners to be named  on Monday Feb. 15th.



7, 6, 8

#7 Snow Does


#4 summer treat

For the whole week now I’ve been waiting for a picture that show why “…Prince George is a great place to be or why Prince George is special to you…” and I’m just not seeing one.

Lots of nice nature shots, the Bridge I’ve seen too many times on Hell Yeah! and the rest are just ho hum.

    Clearly none of the pics shows YOU why pg is a great place to be or why it is special to YOU. But these photos obviously mean something to the people taking them. But agree, too many wildlife, bird, train pics. I am a bit confused about the picking of ONLY the best of the submissions each day, because a blurry cell phone picture from a moving car of the fraser river at dusk qualified as “one of the best” for day six? That really disappoints me this isn’t just a tad bit more realistic in judging.

      They should have asked the photog to give a brief spiel on what it is about their picture that shows why PG is a great place or is special to the photographer.

      The train in Fort George I can understand. The CN bridge, Firth Lake, the Wildlife and that mushroom don’t really speak about PG to me. Where are the pictures of the people? They’re are what make this place great. (Well, most of them…)

      Agreed there should be a clearer protocol set up. Maybe if they do this again it will be a little clearer and maybe an area that actually has some submission guidelines. The first few days never mentioned ONLY the best (which is inherently unfair because it is already started with a person(s) judging before it even gets on the page) of the day will be put up. Is it the best in a given category such as bird, wildlife, bridge, park, etc? I personally know someone who sent in a picture that never made the cut to the page and it definitely would have gotten more votes than a blurry dusk picture from a cellphone, because it was at least in focus.

      Grab your camera and get some shots of what you feel represents PG as that’s the whole purpose of this..Put your dog in the race..

      Looking forward to seeing what you got..


      Telling me to go out and take some photos if I don’t like what I’m seeing is like like telling me to out and write a book because I thought Twilight sucked.

      You want to move me with your art then move me, but if all you got is a photo of a mushroom and some animals don’t get defensive if I’m not impressed.

    I sort of see what you mean axman. While many of the shots are gorgeous, they are not of PG the city or the people. Firth Lake, for example, is an hour and a half up the highway. It’s closer to Mackenzie or McLeod Lake than PG. Similar for the nature shots. Beautiful, yes, but they could have been taken many places in the country.

    When I saw the posts I was hoping to see some pictures that reminded me of home. Some did, like the railway bridge, the train in the park and the Nechako, but others seemed very generic. Here are my suggestions for some “PG themed” photos if anyone has any laying around:

    – Fort George Park during Canada Day celebrations
    – The campus up at UNBC
    – A full CN Centre for a hockey game or event
    – A shot from one of the elevated tee boxes at Aberdeen Glen
    – Candy Cane Lane
    – The CN rail yards
    – People playing soccer at Rotary fields
    – A picture of the trees overhanging the streets in the crescents
    – Moore’s Meadow
    – Mr. PG!!!!!!







For all you whiners and complainers we are not setting foreign policy here just having a little fun photo contest. Pretty simple really, if you see a photo you like vote for it, if you don’t then don’t vote. At the end of the contest, most votes wins, pretty cut and dried to me.

    And what exactly gives you the right to tell us what we can and cannot discuss?

    If you don’t like to see other people have an online discussion, feel free to scroll right on by it.


Let’s show the world how well trained our moose are . :-)

#7 I really think we have to look at the basics , these are the things which make P.G. special to the folks who took the pictures. When you think about it, we have seen incredible wildlife, gorgeous scenery, amazing sunsets, kids on rinks, folks fishing. Thanks so much for sharing these, the photos are a moment in time on places and things so many of us either take for granted, or just don’t “see”.


#8 LOL

trudy– Have to agree with your comment.

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