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October 28, 2017 12:15 am

Planting an Idea for Valentine’s Day

Saturday, February 13, 2016 @ 3:44 AM

Valentine’s day is tomorrow, February 14. Instead of giving a bouquet of fresh flowers to your special someone, why not give something that lasts longer?

Flowering plants and mixed flowering containers are a great gift idea that will be enjoyed for weeks or longer. A mixed flower container is basically, a decorative container filled with different tropicals, flowering plants, and then made festive by adding twigs, bows, figurines etc. It can be purchased already made up or you can make your own.

Making up your own flowering container is quite easy. The first step is to find the container. It should be at least 30-40 cm in size and 18-20cm tall so that your are able to fit at least 3-4 plants in it. Any type of container can be used, wicker, ceramic, plastic, glass, wood, etc. The container does not need drainage, (especially if it is being placed on furniture). To prevent water damage to furniture, line the inside of the container with plastic, or purchase a large dish that can be placed under the container.

Next comes the plants.

Have an idea of where the planter will be placed, when picking out plant material. Different plants have different light requirements. If the container is going in a lower light area, choose plants that do not require lots of direct light.

You also want to choose plants that have the same growing requirements. Take the container with you when picking out the plants to see if they will fit. Start with the bigger plants and then choose some smaller sized plants to fill in those empty areas.

You can have some or all flowering plants or a mixture of flowering and tropical plants. When fitting the plants in the planter, place the taller plants in the middle or in the back of the planter, depending on whether it will be a table centre or against a wall. You also want to make sure that the top of the pot containing the plant is not deeper than 2 cm below the outside edge of the floral container, so that the plant itself will receive adequate light and air circulation. If its too low, the pot can be raised by placing some rocks in the bottom of the container.

When finally placing the plants into the container, keep them in their pots. This allows each plant to be individually watered as it needs it, and you will also be able to easily exchange a flower that has finished blooming or a plant that has outgrown its space with another plant. After the plants have been placed in the container, hide the pots by spreading some sphagnum moss over the top of the soil and the pots which will make it look like one large container. It is at this point, that you can decorate it with some curly willow branches, add a pick or figurine, or a bow and ribbon.

Other plant ideas for gift giving, include a terrarium, succulent garden, or a single flowering plant done up. For the gardener on your list, how about some exotic seeds, and seed starting supplies.

  • -Jos

Jos Van Hage owns and  operates two Art Knapp Home and Garden  Centres in Prince George

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