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October 28, 2017 12:10 am

Friday Free for All – Feb. 19, 2016

Friday, February 19, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

The week is drawing to a close, and the  comment section is open. 

It is time for the Friday Free for All.

You  pick the topic, but please,   obey the three  simple rules:

Keep  it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying.



Noticing most Tim Hortons around town have removed their garbage and recycling bins from the drive through area. The one on central has been gone for months now but 95 percent of the cups and trash on the side of the road in this area have Timmies logos on them. They should be ashamed of themselves as well as the lazy slobs that throw it out the window.

    I think the fault is more the lazy slobs than Tim Horton’s…
    otherwise all other stores could be said to be responsible for the rest of the garbage that scattered around

      I agree. Its the gross slobs, who throw their garbage on the ground who are at fault. How hard is it to hang onto your cup, until you can put it a garbage bin?

    Most of the slobs throw their garbage into the back of their pickups and simply let it blow away while cruising down the hwy.

I’d just like to thank the kind gent in front of me in the drive thru at Timmies (on the Hart) who bought my coffee.
Thank you sir, you made my day! :)

So illegal dumping is continuing to cost the city a bundle to clean up. I bet someone at the regional district will come to the conclusion the rate for dropping off garbage at the dump needs to increase so they can pay for advertising to encourage people not to dump in the bush. ☻

Hillbilly171: Isn’t it neat, how one small act of kindness can have such a nice effect?
I guess this is what we call the best in civility. If more people only realised the tremendous effect these small acts have on others, we would do them all the time.
Remember, its the little things that can have the greatest effect.

    I really don’t understand this latest trend of paying for the order of the person behind you in the drive through. They can obviously afford to buy their own coffee or they wouldn’t be in the line up would they? Or will they just start begging at the window?

      Latest trend? This has been going on for a lot of years, ever since drive thrus really. And you really must have something against someone doing a good act for a total stranger or else you are a troll just trying to get people commenting negatively.

      A good act? I don’t really care what you do with your money but patting yourself on the back because you paid for a coffee for someone is completely capable of buying their own is rather self-serving.

      That’s what I like about you right wing Cons. You are completely unable to understand the concept of someone just doing something nice. That is why this country gets more and more mean-spirited and vicious every time your ilk gains power.

      I have had the good fortune to have someone pay for my coffee and it made me smile. It is just a nice gesture. I once had someone allow me into line ahead of them in the drive through – so I paid for their lunch.

      What comes around, goes around – trying to doing nice things for other people. It’s fun.

      That I can understand, thanking the person for letting you in front is a nice gesture. Just paying for the people behind you because the internet tells you it’s cool is just plain weird to me.

How about Trudeaus Liberals and the change to the medical service plan for refugees. They slammed the conservatives for removing the MSP for refugees and then we learn that the only portion the the conservative govenerment removed was the dental, eye exams and prescription portion to make it equal to every other Canadian. Now the Liberials reinstated only to the refugees full benefits at a huge price tag.

This Liberial govenerment is getting more out of control with spending by the day. They are talking $30 billion now instead of $10 billion as promised in the election campaign.

    my medical fees just went up
    must be to help pay for it I guess..
    I know my income sure hasn’t gone up

    What has been re-instated is basically emergency dental, plus prescription and eye glasses coverage that is roughly equal to what the Provinces pay for the poor. The Refugees are not covered under our Provincial medical and fair Pharmacare. So what the Liberals have given them is about equal to what everybody has. Not more than.

      Both my kids 25 21 years of age, are in university. They don’t get dental, eye glasses or perscriptions coverd.

      happy13, what do you expect? After all, you’re just a taxpayer! ;-)

If you have Shaw or Telus TV packages, and subscribe to the lowest package, you will be getting a 7% increase starting March 1.

Previously your package would have been PST exempt, as it was the lowest package available, roughly $41/month. But now that the Pick & Pay system is coming online, the smallest package (at Shaw) $25, your $41 package will have PST added to it.

This is for TV packages only, not internet bundles.

    Direct TV is the way to go…

    Shaw is horrible. Telus has far better service and plans.

      Shaw has treated me decently, unlike Telus. I’m still ticked at them from 15 (? can’t even remember) years ago. They can kiss my rosy red!

For all those Conservaw*#@* who got they knickers in a knot,our Premier is the BOTTOM feeder…30% approvel…she should do rite and Resign….NOW!!!

    tliotg, you should give Rachel Notley in Alberta a call! All of us “Conservaw*#@*s have noticed that her her numbers aren’t so good these days!

    She’s NDP in case you didn’t know! ;-)

Don’t forget that the $25 cable package is mandatory for all cable providers which must include standard local and national Canadian channels, some specialty channels and some US channels

As of March first it is mandatory that all cable providers advertise this as well as the pick and pay channels but my understanding while they have to offer the pick and pay within reasonable amounts it could end up costing you more than you might save

you poor Luddites,
Don’t pay for cable.
Have a good internet connection and stream from free websites on your big screen.

If enough subscribers dropped their cable package, the price would drop.

    Genius…oh….except for the fact that the same four companies that provide cable service also control internet access. If enough people cancel cable then they will just get their money back by raising internet access charges through the roof.

    Also, the cost of streaming services will go through the roof when most people start streaming and that is the only choice left.

    But, hey, don’t let those facts get in the way of yoir fantasy that atreaming over the internet will be cheaper than cable tv over the long run.

      Downvoting the truth. LMAO.

    I haven’t had cable for over 6 years and it was better going to the actual channel site and either streaming or downloading the shows that you wanted to watch. A lot of times the shows online came out before they actually were shown on TV and we would be 2 or 3 weeks ahead of people watching TV. Plus you could pick and choose what and when to watch the shows you were interested in. But a trend that is happening more and more now, and this is a direct result of people dropping cable and going to the internet, is you have to login through your shaw account in order to access some channels like history, national geographic, discovery, etc. And you can only access those channels if you have a subscription through shaw to that particular channel. I think this is shaws way of fighting back against all the people who dropped TV in favour of accessing shows online. Luckily most good shows are easy to find other places besides going directly to the channel providing it.

Those super bright bluish white head lights are bad enough on regular vehicles but because of the higher position on big trucks they are blinding and dangerous.
On my way into town the other night met a bunch of logging trucks heading north and they must belong to the same outfit as all had the same blinding lights. Almost impossible to see the road with those lights approaching, very dangerous.

    Look on the bright side . They can see you real good .

    Wait until the new laser lights start showing up on vehicles.

    Seamutt, I agree wholeheartedly!

    I asked an RCMP member why they don’t crack down on these “illegal” headlights and was told that there is no point, as the illegal bulbs get replaced s quickly as they get removed!

    No point? How about the safety of other drivers? How about the fact that the bulbs are illegal? How about a bit more ticket revenue to offset the cost of RCMP members cruising the highways?

    The height of the vehicle has nothing to do with it. They are HID lights and are brighter than normal headlights no matter what they are installed on. Another problem are the dipsticks that drive with their lower bumper(fog) lights on all the time.

Anyone else offended by Rona ( fat actress ) Ambrose constantly insulting our men and woman in uniform by more or less calling them cowards for not fighting enough to satisfy her need for blood . Sick , sick ,sick .

    Can you back up your statement? As far as I can tell she is criticising the liberals for their anti Isis campaign. She is also doing a good job of trying to get pipelines built to help get our economy on track, so new Brunswick can start using Canadian oil instead of Saudi and Venisualan oil.

      Do you watch question period ? She’s an insult to every Canadian in uniform . Her blood lust is palpable.


    Pretty much everything you type offends me.

    In a post below you call her “Fat Actress”. Typical liberal, if you don’t agree with them, the insults fly and your intelligence is questioned.

    On the other hand, if you want to see real blood lust, why don’t you google the latest lovely contribution to the human condition by ISIS types. Just a few days ago, they posted pictures of a 15 year old boy being beheaded in a public square after a kangaroo court held him guilty of the horrible crime of *gasp* listening to western music on his ear buds.

    Go ahead. Look at the picture.

    Now compare that to what Rona said.

    Still want to use that analogy? Blood lust?

      She insults our men and woman in uniform . I insult her . If you can’t handle it too bad . And no I do not feed on daesh propaganda and will not view their video feed . If it helps you to watch horror , have at it . You have my simpathy . Get help !

      Another thing one should consider about fat actress wanting to fight , fight , fight , when are you going to fight ? She probably doesn’t understand that the cf18s are 34 years old and well beyond their best before date . Would you send your child up in one of those ? Remember what happened the the Jordanian pilot that fell into the hands of daesh . Is that what she and you want ? Sounds like it . Armchair warriors both of you .

      Bang on Ataloss….10yrs of her Idjiotoligy and she is still at it.JT is going to need 3 terms to clean up the Conservaw*#@* mess.harper is still pulling her strings…We should fear the JEWS more then this isis…


      You lost what little credibility that you had with that last statement. I don’t see Jews exhorting their followers to mount terrorist attacks against Western countries, unlike the ISIS thugs.

      hahaha..blinkers need adjusting….I can see I bet you think they are not terrorists?? Welfare bums is what they are …take away the funds supplied to them …and they are Mud people..and they should be living in Mudhuts …the choosen my ass….The Jewish Conspiracy!!…425 please…


      The only one with blinders on in this conversation is ypu. To think that the alleged editor of this site banned my IP for calling out a Putin loving Russian sympathizer for what he was, while you can spout nonsense. It’s aggravating.

      The 6:47 post by tliotg reminds me of something that would come out of the mouth of a poor man’s excuse for David Ahenakew.

      Picked yer toes EH! score….ya Goohead…

I am seriously thinking canceling my cable and do on line streaming the programs right onto the TV.

All I would need is the min, internet bundle, and laptop. Some upfront costs on the lap top, but so was the PVR.

High levels of lead were found in 4 Prince Rupert schools and the response from Northern Health: “This is nothing necessarily new or particularly alarming in terms of urgency,” said Raina Fumerton, medical health officer with the health authority.”

There are NO safe levels of lead. According to the Guidance for Safe Drinking Water: Routine monitoring entails taking samples of raw water at the intake, water at the treatment plant or from wells, and treated water in the distribution system at predetermined intervals to verify the quality of the water.Monitoring results should be reported directly to the drinking water authority as well as be available to the public. As mentioned previously, it is imperative for a reporting system to be in place for notifying the public when test results show drinking water presents a potentially serious health risk, or to explain the significance of changes in aesthetic quality.

Why is it that Northern Health is not following these guidelines? Drinking water officers oversee source-to-tap assessment. Have they tested the water at other facilities in Prince Rupert to assure the public that lead is not present in the City drinking water? Kitimat experienced this same issue 4 years ago.

Northern Health has changed the reporting requirements for the City of Prince George. Unlike most other communities, Prince George does not have to produce an Annual Water Quality Report as required under the Drinking Water Protection Act. Why is that? In the interest of openness and transparency, the City, as the Water Supplier, can influence the decision of the drinking water officer – as stated in the Water Act. The water supplier is accountable to the citizens it serves and we have a right to know. Current treated and raw samples should be posted on the website and available to all citizens. The City of PG is not doing this. Why not? They say that the water is of high quality – then show us. What have you got to hide?
Here is an example of the City of Vernon’s website:
http: //www.rdno.ca/index.php/services/engineering/water/greatervernonwater/water-quality/water-quality-summary-reports

On the plus side in PG we got rid of the fluoride.

This is for all you true believers who think all those climate conferences are worthwhile.

“Dr. Patrick Moore, PhD ecologist and President of Ecosense Environmental Inc. has offered a bet of US$100,000 that global CO2 emissions will be higher in the year 2025 than they were in 2015. His offer was made a month ago to his nearly 10,000 followers on Twitter (@EcoSenseNow) and was re-tweeted to tens of thousands more, yet no one has taken the wager.

“The warmists claim that 97 percent of climate scientists believe that human CO2 emissions will cause dangerous climate change,” Dr. Moore stated. “The UN Paris climate summit was hailed as ‘an historic agreement that is our best chance save the planet’. If that is so then surely they believe CO2 emissions will come down during the next ten years, as pledged by all the countries attending the meeting. Yet no one seems willing to put their money where their rhetoric is.””

If 10 years is too long or $100 grand is too small, there’s still a prize of $500,000 waiting for anyone who can prove dangerous anthropogenic global warming using science, you don’t even have to bet, just prove it and it’s yours. If you don’t have the expertise yourself, I’m sure one of those thousands of 97% of climate scientists would be happy to help for a cut, say 40%.

Go for it, how can you lose?

    Strangely, no takers so far.

    Looks like the warmistas don’t really believe in what they preach.

Ataloss, think of it as us having the Canadian version of Sarah Palin!

BC Grog:”In a post below you call her “Fat Actress”. Typical liberal, if you don’t agree with them, the insults fly and your intelligence is questioned.”

I find your accusation of “Typical liberal” as insulting to Liberals in general!

    Strangely I’m not even a liberal . Liberals are way too polite for my liking . The cons are way too whipped by big oil . The Ndp are the NDP . There’s only one party left in the middle . That’s where my donations go .


    What I mean when I type liberal

    liberal ( small L ) = left wing type ideological thinker
    Liberal ( large L ) = Liberal Party ( federal or provincial )

Hey Ataloss how many fat actresses in your family?

    Smutt…yer not the lead dog…Ya like the view though….closer…now can ya smell it!

      FAS or THC affecting you most today?

      Ya pick yer toes too w.a.s….

Comment from Ataloss fan club.

    I think it’s the same guy. One pre-bake, one post-bake. :)

      Thats shake N bake…PP…you don’t get none….

Has anybody else noticed that Ataloss seems just a little bit grumpier today?

I wonder if it has anything to do with the announcement that “Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Ltd. is shutting its wind tower manufacturing plant in Trenton, N.S.

The province has pumped more than $56 million into DSME Trenton Ltd., also known as DSTN, which is majority owned by a South Korean subsidiary of shipping giant Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering.

The company announced Friday it is going into receivership”

OMG, say it isn’t so, haha!

More from the article:

“The plant currently has no customer orders and was operating in a maintenance mode with 19 active employees. It costs about $400,000 per month just to keep the facility open, DTSN said.

And after more than five years in operation, the plant did not make money on any contracts or achieve job targets, which were 300 to 500 when the company arrived in 2010.”

Ataloss, check out the CBC article at the following:

ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/trenton-wind-plant-1.3455147

    HG. I love you asked ataloss to look up the artical. That should keep ataloss busy till next Friday. You know we can only read his post once a week at best. Guess we will have to give ataloss Fridays. Lol

      Actually , Happy13 it’s an old article and not news to me . Perhaps you could give us something to think about other than how you feel about me . Jerk .

    Ontario has the most expensive electricity in North America
    The result of subsidized, over-priced wind power that Ontario doesn’t need.


      Seamutt, you still have not learned how to do research to back up such statements.

      from “Comparison of Electricity Prices in Major North American Cities – Hydro Quebec, April 1, 2015 rates”

      All rates are in Canadian $ for April 1, 2015. They list the following cities of Canada and the USA. None are listed from the other countries which make up North America. Mexico has rates that are quoted as being over 20% higher than typical rates in the USA.

      Here are the cities they list in order of lowest to highest for a constant 1,000kWh consumption, GST and provincial sales tax excluded.

      montreal $71.90
      winnipeg $81.10
      vancouver $102.90
      st john’s $115.50
      edmonton $115.50
      moncton $123.00
      miami $123.10
      houston $123.60
      seattle $124.40
      portland $139.40
      toronto $143.10
      regina $143.70
      nashville $144.50
      ottawa $148.60
      charlottetown $156.20
      halifax $160.30
      chicago $167.90
      detroit $177.70
      san francisco $276.90
      new york city $289.00
      boston $300.30

      Ontario has high rates, but not the highest in Canada and certainly not the highest in the USA and Canada.

      Where did you get your information from?

    Hart guy you are getting silly again . I could point to thousands of wind power success stories . They are happening every day . Msm only goes with the disasters , that’s the way the kochs and their minions like it . I suggest you look at winddaily.com there you will get a real feel for how wind is doing . It’s doing great . There are windmills going up almost every hour world wide . The install rate for solar in the states is one install every 3.5 minutes . Just because it’s not happening in canada doesn’t mean it’s not happening .

      Actually AtaLOST, the article was posted on the CBC today, as in TODAY!

      I not surprised that you would “suggest” that it is an old article! That would be just another feeble attempt to deflect attention away from the obvious! This seems to be what you like to do when the obvious contradicts your strange thought processes!

      Windmills going up every almost every hour world wide? Those wouldn’t be beside the coal fired generating stations opening up every day, would they?

      Ataloss about your solar

      In 2014, the United States generated about 4,093 billion kilowatthours of electricity.1 About 67% of the electricity generated was from fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, and petroleum).

      Major energy sources and percent share of total U.S. electricity generation in 2014:
      • Coal = 39%
      • Natural gas = 27%
      • Nuclear = 19%
      • Hydropower = 6%
      • Other renewables = 7% • Biomass = 1.7%
      • Geothermal = 0.4%
      • Solar = 0.4%
      • Wind = 4.4%

      • Petroleum = 1%
      • Other gases < 1%

      Notice solar.4% and that's when the sun shines,LOL.

      You talk about solar employment 174,000 for .4% of generation.

      Coal 80,000 for 39% of generation, hum which is more cost effective?

      By the way how is your imaginary system doing?

      AtaLOST, according to your winddaily.com:

      “The American Wind Energy Association said the wind energy sector boomed in 2012 as developers raced to take advantage of tax incentives. Policy uncertainty the following year, however, caused a 92 percent reduction in wind energy installations.”

      Hmmm, growth due to tax incentives?

      AtaLOST, aren’t you the windbag condemning the fossil fuel industry for receiving tax incentives?

      The American Wind Energy Association further states:

      “Previous short-term extensions of the wind tax incentives helped spur a near-record of more than 13,250 megawatts of wind capacity currently under construction in the U.S., with an additional 4,100 MW in advanced stages of development,” the organization said. “This year’s multi-year extension is expected to add to that number.

      More expansion as a result of multi-year extensions to tax incentives?


      AtaLOST, why is there a need for tax incentives for something as wonderful and amazing as your windmills?

      Hart guy I’ve been watching this joke of a company for awhile now . For about five years in fact . They make towers . The crap hit the fan last month when their bosses flew in from Korea . As if I’m going to miss anything in Canada’s microscopic market . Have you seen the proliferation of wind driven spray irrigation towers down in the OK lately ?

Anyone want to bet that the CN Supercop has been told to stay off Otway this weekend (Otway Ski Club Event) and will return next week. It happens all the time when big events are on at Otway. Wonder who runs this guy?

    Did you get a ticket?
    You should get to know him, quite an intelligent fellow and very personable.

    WHAT, exactly, are you ‘talking about’?

And now for something completely different (to the few themes present on todays Free For All Friday)
Has this not been one mild winter so far?
Not hard to take, the warm temperatures and minimal precipitation have made my daily duties (chores) much easier, haven’t ploughed snow for weeks.
Getting a little concerned that we may be in for another dry year though.
Anyone care to venture some educated predictions on the spring and summer to come?

Have a nice day, and pay it forward.

    You are absolutely right Metal, what did we get, a few days of -16, you know it’s cold hunting in that weather but nice just the same. Rabbits I think were at their top population last fall ($24.00 at Saveon), but went and got my own, good eating.
    I expect another hot summer, no floods unless Alcan dumps excess.Dump the boat in the water, get some of those big ling in the Stuart, looking forward to a great year.

No I have not got a ticket (Purchased Radar detector) but 2 of 6 houses on our street have and according to Cop and the RCMP it is about slowing people down and saving lives. While I think if that is the case then when we have Future Olympians out at the track enforcement should be increased as these lives seem to be more important then a retired 73 year old living on a fixed pension. Lets save the Olympians.


All university students pay like two hundred a year for medical. Its mandatory. Look at their registration. They probably never told you of it..How can your kids not have it??/

    Oh I understand the medical portion. But it does not cover dental or eyes and persripttions. We have to pay separately for that. We have to pay $71.40 per child eyes and dental and $ 75 per child for MSP per month. In addition we pay $133 for my wife and I, MSP alone. Total out of my bank account for my family each month is $497.24.

I have a friend that just lost their Job and has to start paying medical for the family and it has to come out of the UI payments and their is not a whole lot left to live on , so their is something wrong with the picture when we are paying medical for people from other countries. Its ok if every ones medical is paid for.

Why does BC charge for MSP when no other province does? It would be interesting to know how other provinces pay for medical coverage.

    All provinces pay for health services from tax dollars plus federal transfer funds specific to health, advanced education, etc. The MSP charges are only a small fraction of what the true cost of medical services is.

    I am amazed that the feds have not stopped BC from charging for MSP.

    If you cannot pay for MSP because you are not earning enough, then one can apply to have the payment reduced or stopped altogether.

    They do not seem to promote that access to assistance.

    There is “Regular Premium Assistance” as well as “Temporary Premium Assistance”

    “Temporary Premium Assistance (TPA) is a program offered to residents of British Columbia who are unable to pay Medical Services Plan (MSP) premiums due to a recent* unexpected event causing financial hardship (for example: illness, disability or unemployment due to job loss).”

Seems to be a lot of personal changes on CKPG tv.

    You mean like life changing personal changes ? Or do you mean personnel changes as in new voices ?

      Could be tie colour, change in toothpaste, different car, marriage, Oh God Stop Me……..LMAO.

      I wish Auto Correct would go to he’ll………….

      Ya personnel, spell check changing my words.

“Coal 80,000 for 39% of generation, hum which is more cost effective?”

The mighty dollar rules supreme with far too many folks! What about effects on the environment? We breathe the contaminated air and drink the (often recycled) water – isn’t our health more important than burning the cheapest and dirtiest fossil fuels?

I think of voltaic solar, and solar – such as steam generated from sunlight focused by parabolic mirrors and wind power as clean and renewable. There is hydro, tidal, wave and geothermal clean power available as well.

Why ridicule these?

    Up to date coal generation is very clean and is the cheapest generation for most of the world. Outside of hydro the other sources of power by their very nature will never be main stage.

    Why ridicule those? Because other than hydro, besides being so expensive and except for & geothermal they are erratic and require base-load back-up generation. The also aren’t particularly environmentally friendly and will never be able to replace coal.

    If replacing coal is what you want, look to thorium nuclear or fusion reactors.

Yeah I agree… It does get expensive for families who don’t have Union jobs that pays for all this. Definitely needs a overhaul.
Just read a post that said they now take the premiums out of people’s EI… That’s nuts.

ohh sorry… ahahahhah iT DOESN’T come off Ei, but rather they are on EI and have to pay.. still nuts

Did anyone else see the broken down little red car along the side of the hwy near the west end of Telechick Rd yesterday? The idiot was parked right on the fog line causing trucks to have to cross the center line all day long to avoid hitting it as they passed. Then later on in the day the owners and a friend arrived on scene to get the bomb running and left all their fast food garbage along the side of the hwy as they drove away. Then there was the empty Sands fuel tanker that tail gated me along hwy 16 west that passed me like I was standing still just to get in front of me and slow to 80 kmh for 5 km’s. Then there was the older white Jeep Cherokee that tailgated me along the bottom of the Mud River section of hwy 16 only to pass me in the corner as we were approaching the bridge with oncoming traffic on the bridge. Or how about the idiot driving the red chevy dually with the really high red canopy on it with their bright lights blinding everyone as it was coming down Peden Hill the other morning around 6am. Who are you idiots and why do you insist upon endangering others lives. Were you beaten with a stupid stick fresh from the womb?

    I think they are drunkel….or its the Pharmas…Smoke and Fly ,arrive alive…PPP!

Seamutt stated that Ontario has the highest electricity rates in North America.

Since my reply is near the top of the posts for today, I thought I would repeat it here for those who are still reading today’s posts.

Seamutt, you still have not learned how to do research to back up such statements.

from “Comparison of Electricity Prices in Major North American Cities – Hydro Quebec, April 1, 2015 rates”

All rates are in Canadian $ for April 1, 2015. They list the following cities of Canada and the USA. None are listed from the other countries which make up North America. Mexico has rates that are quoted as being over 20% higher than typical rates in the USA.

Here are the cities they list in order of lowest to highest for a constant 1,000kWh consumption, GST and provincial sales tax excluded.

montreal $71.90
winnipeg $81.10
vancouver $102.90
st john’s $115.50
edmonton $115.50
moncton $123.00
miami $123.10
houston $123.60
seattle $124.40
portland $139.40
toronto $143.10
regina $143.70
nashville $144.50
ottawa $148.60
charlottetown $156.20
halifax $160.30
chicago $167.90
detroit $177.70
san francisco $276.90
new york city $289.00
boston $300.30

Ontario has high rates, but not the highest in Canada and certainly not the highest in the USA and Canada.

Where did you get your information from?

He couldn’t get the Guzzintas strait……Smutt what goes into 13 2wice??

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